My Favourite Things: September 2016

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It’s September! The weather’s been cooling down a lot lately, and I’m super happy about not having to deal with the horrendous summer heat and humidity. It’s almost autumn, and I can’t wait until I can start wearing my hoodies again :D Apparently autumn also means it’s time to change up my skincare regime. For that, I’m participating in Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. My favourites this month feature nothing but new skincare products as I prepare my skin for the upcoming cooler season!

Nature Republic’s Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil

Nature Republic's Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil

Eddy recommended me this oil cleanser and kindly gave me half a bottle of what he had. I like this one a lot better than the Skinfood one. This one has a much better scent, and I feel it emulsifies a lot better. I look forward to washing my face in the evening now because of this oil cleanser, haha!

Missha’s Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

I managed to buy this essence for when it was on a huge sale for 50% when I went to Myeong-dong with Shayne. Not bad for 18,900 won ($17 USD). I am liking this essence quite a bit, but I will only be getting this if I can get it on sale, haha! Don’t mind me, I like discounts :) But I do feel this essence is doing a good job on my skin, and I know now that essences are important in my skincare regime!

Missha’s Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule

Missha’s Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule

I snagged this ampoule with a 30% discount for 26,460 won ($25 USD). I use this at night because it is too heavy to use during the day for my skin. It’s okay, though, since I can sleep with this doing magical things to my skin overnight! Again, like the essence, I like it, but I’ll only nab it on sale!

Lush’s Enchanted Eye Cream

Lush's Enchanted Eye Cream

Shayne took the time to get this eye cream in a Lush store near her. This eye cream is super expensive in the Korean Lush stores, but pretty reasonable in the US ones. I’m discovering that a little goes a long way with this cream, and this one bottle will last me a while. I like how it feels on my eye areas and hope it will help in the long run :)

Nature Republic’s Bee Venom Emulsion

Nature Republic's Bee Venom Emulsion

This emulsion/moisturiser was also bought on sale for 20%, which came out to 9,600 won ($8.50 USD). I was debating between this and another emulsion, but I went with this because the scent’s better and weaker. This is also supposed to help with acne. So far it seems to be working well, but I hope it will be moisturising enough in the deep winter!

TonyMoly’s Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

TonyMoly’s Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack

Shayne tried this and raved about it, so I decided to give it a try. I have to say I like this sleeping pack a lot better than the Nature Republic’s sleeping pack I’ve been using. This one has a much better scent, and it doesn’t feel as thick and goopy. I still want to try Laneige’s sleeping pack, but I’ll stick this one for now. Plus, the Panda’s too bloody cute!

Innisfree’s No-sebum Mineral Powder

Innisfree's No-sebum Mineral Powder

After I bought this powder for my best friend and hearing her rave about it, I decided to try this. I’m really liking this powder. This makes my face look less shiny, so that’s a huge plus. I’m also fond of its light scent. Also, this powder can be used as dry shampoo! How convenient :D

Nature Republic’s Fresh Deodorant Stick (Floral)

Nature Republic's Fresh Deodorant Stick (Floral)

Finally, I bought this deodorant on sale for 20% off. I’ve been wanting to try an aluminum-free deodorant, and I started with this. The floral one has a nice scent that appeals to me, and I like how it’s gel instead of the usual white solid deodorants.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? Do any of them interest you? What are some of your favourite skincare products recently?


  1. Chansoriya on

    Since I went to Seoul with a particular interest in skincare products I think this post just made me realize I have a lot more to learn, a lot more trial and errors to make! Particularly moisturizer.

    • Yeah, it does involve quite a bit of trial and error! I’m still trying to find the right products. And while there are things that have close to being my permanent item, I’m still curious about all the other choices available, so I can’t help but want to try them out XD

  2. A Lush store recently opened here in Puerto Rico and I’ve been interested in that eye cream. Nice to know that a little goes a long way because it’s nice to know that you’re not spending money for something that won’t last you a while.

    The Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Pack packaging looks adorable!

  3. I’m keeping the panda when I run out of the sleeping pack hahaha! I’m glad that you like it!

    It’s my first time getting the full sized Time Revolution Essence. I found out today that Target carries Missha, but the prices in Myeong-dong still can’t be beat!

    • The panda’s so cute! :D Not practical for travel, though ~_~;

      Yep, the prices in Korea cannot be beat! I think we were lucky to nab those essence for 50% off. They must have had that sale because now there’s an upgraded version of the essence. Ours had “intensive” on the bottle, but the new one has “intensive moist” on it XD

  4. I use SK-II’s facial treatment essence but sometimes I don’t bother with it… I have good skin so I feel like I should continue to take care of it instead of skimping on my regime haha. :X

    Funny that it’s called a sleeping pack – is it just like a night moisturiser? I tend to use thicker moisturisers at night so my skin can absorb it all in. And I wear lighter more water-based moisturiser during the day. :) I am a fan of gel-like moisturisers as opposed to the really oily and heavy kind. It evaporates quickly too!

    • I would start taking care of your skin now :) It doesn’t hurt to start early!

      It’s like a night moisturiser, I suppose? It’s supposed to go on your face on your last step of your regime and then you sleep XD

      Gel-based moisturisers are definitely better for me. I find those to suit my skin better!

  5. I am loving this Favorite Things post!! I need to check out Nature’s Republic. Seems like they have pretty good stuff in there :). Sale is awesome! For the essence being $17, it’s a good deal! It’s good to try out different brands to see how they work. If they work well, it’s a plus! It makes me seem weird for sticking to one brand XD.

    Oooh Shayne is sweet for getting you a Lush eye cream for you! The sleeping pack looks adorable!!! At first, I thought it was a panda-shaped EOS lip balm XD. I bought a kitten-shaped one from EOS recently :).

    Ahh, I should try out other deodorant brands. I think this product interests me the most. I’ve been using Clinique products for my skin and it works pretty well (and it’s pretty expensive at the same time D:).

    • Let me know what you think of Nature Republic if you ever use it!

      Yeah, I wanted to try deodorant with new aluminum, so I’m glad to have found the NR one XD

  6. I really, really, really want to guy Korean skincare products but it’s such a pain to ship it over here. *searches for cheap plane ticket to SK* They have started selling some products here, can’t lie, but I have yet to venture out and explore what they are.

    Lush is so amazing. It’s so expensive, so I only buy stuff when on sale or if someone asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas, ha. The panda is so cute! I’ve never tried a sleep pack before, looks like something I may need to invest in.

    Recently I’ve been using Simple facial scrub, which feels amazing on my skin. I also use tea tree foam wash. I also swear by micellar water. That shit is the bomb~ I also discovered this own brand Vitamin E moisturiser which has SPF 15 in it as well, and that is amazinggggggg.

    • Yes, girl, come to SK and go skincare shopping all you want! :D Just bring a huge suitcase XD

      Lush is pricey, I agree X_X That’s why I just buy what I need and thankfully they last me a long time!

      Facial scrubs are awesome! They leave my face feeling so soft!

  7. I wish the weather would cool down a lot in germany too but unfortunately it’s still 30° everyday.. I’m melting.

    I think I’m going to buy the Nature Republic’s Bee Venom Emulsion soon since my friend is also using it and likes it a lot. I have to wait for my pay check first though, haha.

    What were one of your favourite dramas when you were younger? :D

    Have a nice day!~

    • Ugh, that weather needs to cool down! I hope it will soon!

      Let me know how you like the emulsion when you get it :D

      The dramas I liked were:

      Miniseries “M”
      Jang Hui Bin
      Autumn in My Heart
      Winter Sonata
      Stairway to Heaven
      I’m Sorry, I Love You

  8. That’s great the weather is starting to cool down! I heard that it was really hot. I love sweater weather!

    And so many great products! Just looking at them makes we want to buy all of them, haha.

    And ooooh floral scented deodorant! Is it weird and gross I don’t actually put any on LOL

    • Korea has so many options that it’s ridiculous! XD

      And no, it’s not weird! Some people just don’t need deodorant or just prefer not to use them :3 I just don’t want to be stinky, so that’s why I use them, haha!

  9. I don’t have the best skin and I breakout in strange ways because it’s not actually acne but then whatever this is scabs over and leaves terrible post-inflammatory scars that take very long to fade. Of course my skin heals and I pick up on better skin days as soon as I get a proper regimen together. That, however, is terribly difficult when you’re living where I do haha.

    Most products that I wanna try or that are excellent for my skin aren’t available and when they are, they’re like triple the price because everything is imported. We rarely ever have sales on cosmetics too. So I tend to stock up when I get the chance (I.e. if anyone is leaving the country I ask them to get me stuff) but that is hardly often enough. The struggle is real haha.

    • Oh, man, the struggle sounds real! I’m sorry you don’t have easy access to skincare products that aren’t expensive :( It makes sense to stock up on what you can, though! I’d do the same if I were you!

  10. I hope they all work really well. It’s great that you were able to get many of them on sale. :D

    OMG, that panda one is so cute. :D

  11. people who get to experience seasons are so lucky! i wish i can live my days in autumn and winter time. i hate summer and heat lol

    ah, classic cleansing oil. the best i’ve tried is probably shu uemura’s but that is hella expensive. the big one lasted years for me though since i don’t wear makeup every single day. ever since i ran out of it and due to the trend of micellar water, i use waterproof makeup remover + micellar water instead. i guess i just dislike emulsifying and prefer using cotton pad to remove my makeup better xD

    Lush!! cute packaging!! dang, i really wanna try Lush products. eye creams are expensive aren’t they haha and i never really tried others other than body shop one… :(
    the panda sleeping pack from tonymoly has caught my attention recently. it’s such a cute packaging! how would you score it? it’s really weird because i’m not that interested in korean skincare products??? i find them cute but that’s it??? maybe because so far, none of them really work wonders on me (etude house, for instance, ugh no) the tonymoly egg foam mask is a good one though :D

    some of my favorite products recently include the body shop’s blue corn mask, clean n clear’s daily pore cleanser and foaming facial wash :D

    i’m glad they all work for you! :D
    it’s really annoying when you splurge on products and they don’t work at all :(

    • I just use the oil cleanser since I use sunscreen :) I find them pretty reasonable and they last a long time for me.

      I don’t really score things because what may work for me will not work for someone else. But compare to the other sleeping pack I used, I prefer the panda one a lot.

  12. The weather has started to cool down here in England too! Well, with that said, it’s usually always cold (so it’s handy to bring a jacket everywhere you go!) but over the past few weeks, the weather has been gorgeous – almost similar to the weather in Spain! :-) Although I love sunny weather, I can’t wait to start wearing my hoodies too!

    I really need to get my night routine going! :( I heard that products work really well over night because the magicial powers they have xD

    The panda packaging is way too cute! I love anything with cute packaging even if the inside is bad, I have to admit :P

    I tried a Lush product a few weeks ago at a friends house and I really didn’t like it :( I don’t know why Lush gives me weird patches of dryness and redness everytime I use it! :(

    • Oh, that sucks about Lush :( Which product was it? Guess some products will not be compatible with everyone, unfortunately.

  13. Waii so many skincare products! I still have the Benton box you gave me. It really does last. @_@ TonyMoly’s sleepin gpack looks sooo cute! I might try it.

  14. Ahh I absolutely love the two Missha Time Revolution products!! I bought one of their gift set boxes when I was in Seoul with you and I’ve been loving it since. It’s one of the few products where I saw a noticeable difference the next day. They’re definitely worth it. I need to come back and stock up on them some more! XD

    • Yes! I remember you buying them! I’m glad they’re working out for you. The essence, especially, works like wonder. Do come back here one day! :D

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