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Blogger Dossiers

I feel like I say this every month, but August has been crazy, but not so crazy to the point I’d forget about the monthly Blogger Dossiers post! I asked Becca if she’d like to be featured. Becca is a recent college grad who has been blogging for several years. I didn’t really get to know her until last year or so, but I’m glad I started following her blog. Not only is Becca a voracious reader, but she shares about her adventures with her husband, Andrew, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her for the past year! Get to know Becca better with this post, and do follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Becca of

Hello! My name is Rebecca, but everyone calls me Becca. I am a 22-year-old girl from the Midwestern United States and am one-year happily married to my best friend. I think experiences are more valuable than things, so I travel as often as I can! My nose is usually stuck in a book, but I also really like to cook, go running, play video games, and most of all eat. I’ve been blogging since I was 13, and my blog is where I like to share my life and experiences with others.

Personifying Photographs

Becca's Personifying Photo Becca's Personifying Photo Becca's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

One of my favourite memories is taking a road-trip to Ohio with Andrew right after we were engaged. We visited King’s Island and Cedar Point, two of the best amusement parks in the country. It was so much fun getting there even though we got lost, and we got to eat all of our favourite amusement park junk food. We spent two days at each park, so we had plenty of time to ride all of the roller coasters at least once, and we rode our favourites again and again. It was such a fun, carefree roadtrip and I got to do it with my best friend. :)

Musical Moment

This song has always been one of my favourites by The Killers. It’s a mix of faerie tale and romance, but also combines the pain of losing someone you deeply love and the reality of life. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a song that has a string accompaniment!

Coffee Break Conversation

Where is your next travel destination and why did you choose that place?
My parents are planning a family cruise next summer to the southern Caribbean, so right now that is the next place on the books! I love the ocean and the sand and the sun, so even though I didn’t necessarily pick the destination, my mother knew she had my unspoken agreement, haha. I’m sure that Andrew and I will be planning our own vacation sometime, but we don’t have anything scheduled yet so the Caribbean is next!

What is one tradition you and your family follow?
My family has a ton of traditions, but I think my favourite is baking Christmas cookies every year. During the holiday season, we always have so many friends and family visiting, even in addition to the get-togethers and parties we throw. So we pick a weekend and bake all of our favourite cookies together. We make hundreds of cookies, which is so much fun because I love baking, but I also just get to hang out with my mom. And we have some great memories of when my mom didn’t bake, like when my dad tried to make chocolate turtles (which don’t require baking) and managed to get chocolate on the ceiling. :P

What is one thing you’d recommend people to see in Missouri and why?
ME! Haha, only kidding. I would recommend people to come visit St. Louis! I know that it has had a bit of bad media lately, but there is so much to do and see. You can catch a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium downtown, visit the Arch — which is the tallest man-made monument in the western hemisphere, hit Forest Park or the Zoo — both of which are free. There are so many good restaurants and free things to do that you won’t be hungry or bored.

Where is your favourite place to read and do you add anything to your routine (ie: having a cup of tea, some cookies)?
My favorite place to read is probably in bed. It’s distraction-free, comfortable, and I love being able to cuddle under the covers. Since I’m in bed I usually don’t eat anything — plus I’m messy so I don’t like to eat and read at the same time. But I love to bring in my puppy and cuddle with her while I read!

Who is your all-time favourite book character and why?
Oh my goodness, this question is just as hard as the “what’s your favourite book?” question! I would have to pick Sirius Black. His animagus is a dog, which would totally be mine. He is hilarious in his marauding days, but also very noble and good, despite the wrongful accusations he faced. A great mentor and all-around bad-ass character, Sirius is easily one of the best characters in the Harry Potter series.

Plus, he says one of my favourite quotes in The Goblet of Fire: “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”


  1. I love Becca’s blog! Definitely one of the loveliest people on the Internet and it was great finding out more about her.

    It’s so cool that her family make loads of cookies every year – I’d love to do something like that! It must take ages! And it’s so funny that her dad got chocolate on the ceiling. I once opened a pot of custard and it splattered all over the ceiling. Don’t think my mum was too happy…

    I love that Goblet of Fire quote too. So true.

    • LOL! Thanks for sharing your custard story XD I’d been pretty peeved if that were to happen to me!

  2. Thanks again, Tara, for featuring me! It has been great getting to know you better over the last year as a blogger and as a friend. :)

  3. Awesome. :D I love reading her blog and it was cool to have a little more insight into Becca. :D

    • I always enjoy doing these since I get to learn more about the bloggers, too. ^_^

  4. Becca is awesome! I love how hardworking and lovely she is :). The wedding dress picture is beautiful!! She’s one of the few people who makes road tripping seem fun xD.

    The Southern Caribbean sounds like a stunning place! I need to get myself to places at some point. Continuing family traditions is good for the soul and festivities :).

    AAHAhhhhh, free zoo admission? Count me in XD. We had to pay ~$40 per person to get into the San Diego Zoo D:.

    • She does make road tripping sounds fun! I am not really into it, but reading about her adventures makes me want to one day :D

      That’s a lot for the zoo! I hope it’s worth the price!

  5. I would go to Missouri just to see Becca, LOL. I am sure she would show me all the magnificent sights. I just like the idea of being shown a city, by someone who has lived there for some time, and knows the less-touristy things, or the good touristy bits that aren’t a rip-off.

    Interesting choice for the favourite character – I guess we all love a super memorable character :) I haven’t read Harry Potter, but I can say for sure that not many people’s favourite character would actually be Sirius. You can tell Becca reads a lot and can appreciate all that goes into a character ;)

    • Yeah, I agree with you about seeing the area as a local would see it! I don’t mind the touristy sights, too, but I’d like the local sights, too!

      When I was younger, I liked Sirius, but as I grow older, I find him to be more of a jerk ^^;; I much prefer Luna or Neville myself!

  6. Glad to see Becca make it to this month’s Blogger Dossier :) It was really fun knowing more about her ^_^ I love the many traditions she has with her family! :D They sound so fun and makes me want to have just as many traditions ;)

  7. Yay, it’s great to know more about Becca! I love her and her blog! I remember reading about her trip to Cedar Point, and going to the southern Caribbean sounds so fun. I also like that her family has a tradition to bake cookies. Traditions that involve food are always good!

    • Yes! I agree with traditions involving food always being good :D I know we have a few of those in my family, and the consistency is always a thing I look forward to.

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