Recent Realities Vol. 2

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Things have been so crazy for me since my first volume of Recent Realities. I’ve been in this transitional stage with work, so I’ve been keeping myself busy with various tasks to prepare for my new job mentioned in the last volume of this column. The potential job change has become reality. I feel like I’ve gone through a huge whirlwind of changes from that news. I’ve also experienced some negative incidents; however, for this post, I’ll focus on the positives because I need more of that in my life. Looking back, things have been hopping for me. I find myself wanting a little vacation now, haha!

Future Solo Trips

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided to book a two-night return trip to Sokcho in November and stay at the same place from my previous trip. I decided to keep this trip short because the four nights I stayed last time did feel a bit long. But I really want to see the East Sea again and I want to just unwind and relax. Things had been difficult while I transitioned out from my old job, and I’ll definitely be experiencing more stress while I acclimate to my new job, so this mini-trip is something I can look forward to and keep my sanity together. I just hope my trip won’t be rained on like it did last time!

Along with Sokcho, I also booked my flight to Hakodate, Japan! Hakodate is on the southern tip of Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a place I’ve been wanting to visit, and I chose Hakodate because of Goryokaku, a fortress-turned-park with a historical significance, and one that was featured in the otome game and anime, Hakuouki. The more I looked into Hakodate, the more I wanted to see and experience there. Ergo, I booked my flight for April 2017 — I can’t wait!

Last Day at Work

August 19 was my last day of work. It felt quite bittersweet saying goodbye to the place I’d been at for over four years. I wanted to make a quiet escape, but I found out that nothing stays a secret in my organisation! I spent most of the my last day running around trying to get last minute tasks done. Then I went to the farewell party in my honour. Fourteen of us gathered at one of my favourite restaurants (who also allowed me to make a reservation), and we all had a blast. I was presented a plaque and a card signed by my co-workers. This is a great team, and I will truly miss them. I start my new job tomorrow, so I hope this new change will be a good one. The next few topics are merchandises I bought to sort of prepare myself for this new job . . . XD

Kate Spade Purse

Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Candace Purse Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Candace Purse Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Candace Purse

I decided the time came for me to get a luxury purse because I wanted one that will last me for a long time. I’d been eyeing some of the Coach and Michael Kors bag for a while, but nothing had caught my fancy. Then I happened to look on the Kate Spade website, and I discovered the Cameron Street Small Candace purse, and it was love at first sight. Actually, I first saw the larger version of the purse, but I decided to get this smaller version because the larger one would have been way too big for me. I managed to find a seller who sold this bag for $258 instead of $358, and I applied some of my reward points and bought it for $200. However there was some major shipping issues, so shipping alone cost me $55.10 . . . oh, well! I still managed to save $100 on that purse, haha!

I really am loving this purse. It’s not perfect, but it’s good for what I need. The size is actually great, and it fits enough of my essentials (minus my small umbrella) for me to carry around. The strap isn’t long enough for it to be a comfortable cross-body, so I’ve been using it as a shoulder bag. This is a real classy bag, and I’ve received some great compliments! Heck, even my male boss who’s not into fashion noticed my bag, haha!

New Birkenstock

Birkenstock Florida with Birko Flor Leather

I’ve been wanting a Birkenstock for a while, and I finally found one I wanted for 70,000 won, down from 100,000 won! I chose the Florida Birko Flo sandals in blue. I was surprised that I fit into a 230 (US women size 6) instead of my usual 240 or 245! Either or, I look forward to wearing these. My friend, who was with me, also bought a pair of Birkenstock herself!

Crocs Loafers

Crocs Women’s Marin ColorLite Loafer

I needed a nicer looking pair of shoes, but I also wanted something comfortable. I turned to Crocs to see their selections, and I found the Women’s Marin ColorLite Loafer in black. Thankfully, it was on sale and was marked down 30%, so these cost me 59,430 won. I think I’m good on shoes for a while now!


  1. Congratulations on your new job! Hope it’ll be a great place to grow and gain a lot of experience!

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures while going out to Sokcho and Hakodate! It’s cool how you’re out adventuring on your own. You make the rules and go at your own pace ;). Your coworkers are sweet for giving you a plaque! Your hard work is being recognized :)!

    I love how classy your Kate Spade purse is! It’s decently sized to fit enough goodies without being too big/small. Glad to see that it’s worth the purchase ;).

    Oooohooo these are the Birkenstock’s you were talking about! They’re cute! I’m a size 6 XD.

    • Yes, I can’t wait until I go to those places. I’ll be really needing that time to unwind!

  2. I hope it goes really well with the new job, it would be a big change and hope that you can settle into the new routine soon. It’s great that you did make plans to have a vacation, I think it’s important to be able to have that time for yourself.

    I love the new bag! :D

    • Yes, all these changes are quite draining. I’ll definitely look forward to it!

  3. BAG ENVY! Very classy! I’m yet to own a bag from them but I do have some Michael Kors, and I think they have the similar aesthetic. I’ve heard great things about the quality, too.

    Excited for your Japan trip! We’re going there as well, but this November and to Fukuoka. Would love to see what Hakodate is about!

    • Oooh! Have fun in Fukuoka! I haven’t been there, but I may check it out in the future XD

  4. Good luck with your new job! I’ve never been on vacation alone but recently my friend went to Portugal by herself and she had such a relaxing trip. I’d love to go to Japan one day, too. I’ve been watching this girl’s vlogs on youtube (she’s living in Japan her channel is and when she’s walking around Tokyo I always end up admiring the city and the whole feel of it. I wish flight tickets were more affordable, though..

    The purse looks really classy you have great taste! And I also got myself some Birkenstocks some time ago off amazon and they are SO comfortable. Definitely a good choice. I’ve been struggeling with finding some nice plateau shoes lately! I tried all the brands; Superga, H&M, Asos, no name stuff etc. and they were either too heavy, too big, too small or too uncomfortable. The struggle is real…………..

    • I hope you find something soon! Finding the right shoe is definitely a struggle!

      Japan is awesome. I do highly recommend travelling there one day :D

  5. Good luck at your new workpalce Tara! And yay for your trip!! Can’t wait to see your photos of the castle! #HakuoukiFansUnite WHO IS YOUR FAV IN THE GAME??? /kicked

    Your new bag is very pretty! I think this beats any Coach or MK bag, tbh I’ve never been too fond of their bags… maybe because too many people seem to have them? I’m not fond of their logos as well.

    I went to a Birkenstock shop the other day because my friend wanted a new pair and while I didn’t really like their shoes at first, the more I look at them, the more I think it wouldn’t be bad to own a pair somehow hahaha they look really confortable to wear!

    AND CROCS MAKE OTHER SHOES THAN MULES??? Seriously, I didn’t know that XD

    • WOOT! Another Hakuouki fan? My fave is Saitou! I also love Souji and Heisuke. And I’m still miffed that Shinpachi wasn’t given a route ~_~; Gahhh! I might have to re-play the whole game again on my PSP, haha!

      Crocs definitely makes shoes other than mules now XD They make some nice sandals and such!

  6. Good luck with your new job! I saw your tweet about it. I hope the adjustment isn’t too rough!

    I looove your purse! I’ve been thinking of buying one from Kate Spade too since I really like looking at their stuff.:D

    • Kate Spade has a lot of lovely stuff. It’s tempting to buy another bag from them, haha!

  7. Well done on the new job! Sorry to hear it has ben stressful. You deserve to splurge on things, I know you don’t go around spending your money without consideration, so that bag was a good investment, in my opinion. You made sure you liked it before buying it, and even scored it for a great price. :)

    I have to admit the shoes are not shoes that I would buy myself, as they are not really my style. It’s good they are comfortable, though!

    I actually want to go to Hokkaido but I think I will be leaving that trip for a little later on. Nick hasn’t visited Japan at all and we will be starting with Tokyo and Kyoto. There is so much more of Japan that I want to see.

    • I actually can spend a lot when I want to, but I just try my best to reign it in XD;

      Do visit Hokkaido when you can :D I think next time I may check out Sapporo.

  8. That’s nice that you have a trip to look forward to in November! I remember reading about your previous Sokcho trip. Like you said, I hope it won’t rain on you this time! That’s also exciting that you’re going to Hokkaido! I would still really like to go there, maybe in the winter. I tried to fit Sapporo into my recent trip, but it just didn’t work out.

    Also love your new purse! I really like how it’s simple and classy, and it looks very versatile too :)

    That was sweet of your coworkers to give you a plaque and card. I hope the new job is going well! I know it can be rough to transition into something new, but I hope it smooths out soon!

    • I am considering Sapporo one day :D Hope you’ll make it up there on your next trip!

      The transition is rough, but I’ll hang in there XD

  9. Congratulations and good luck with your new job! Your teammates from your former job are so sweet and it’s great that you got to hang out and have fun before you started your new job :)

    Your upcoming trips sound exciting! Everyone needs a vacation to manage stress, and I’m glad that you’re not forgetting your need to relax as well :) I’m so excited for you!

    • Yes, I will definitely need the upcoming vacations to keep my sanity! I can’t wait until November already!

  10. Were those the same Crocs we looked at in Itaewon? Birkenstocks are really comfortable and I wish I’d brought mine with me when I went to Seoul. I think I told you this while I was there haha! I thought it’d be weird waking around in sandals/slippers, but then I saw a bunch of people wearing Birkenstocks while I was there hahaha! Your purse is really pretty and even with the shipping, I think it was a steal! Handbags are really addicting. I’m a recovering over-spender hahaha. It’s been about 4-5 months since my last handbag purchase. XP

    • Yeah, the loafers one XD My Birkenstock isn’t as comfortable as I thought they’d be . . . maybe I need to break them in more.

  11. Congrats and good luck on the new job! And I love your new bag! Eyeing one just like it – but really, I just like Kate Spade bags. Maybe I’ll get myself one if I get promoted in work, haha. Like how it looks so classy.

    Stoked for your Japan trip!

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