My Favourite Things: August 2016

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It’s August! There’s only four more months left of 2016 . . . amazing how time flies. Time never stops, so it’s that time of the month to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. I discovered a couple of new big things in July, and one of these new discoveries have changed my routine up a bit. Sort of. You’ll see what I mean. Another new thing I’ve discovered also have changed things for me technologically. I didn’t have too many new favourites this month, but these two things are enough for me!

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video

I decided to renew my Amazon Prime membership, and this time I have access to their videos. Oh. My. Gods. Keep in mind, I’m not a television series person. I generally don’t watch them, but I think that’s going to change now that I have Amazon Prime! I’m interested in quite a few series on Amazon Prime, including a whole bunch of World War II documentaries. I’ll be set for watching television shows and mini-series for a while! I’ve been trying to catch up on Sex and the City, and I’ve started on the fourth season. I also want to watch The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Lark Rise to Candleford, Under the Dome, Mozart in the Jungle, The Man in the High Castle, and the rest of Downton Abbey . . . I’ve got quite a list here! Seriously, though, Amazon Prime Instant Video has opened a huge door for me!

Mechanical Keyboard

CMStorm Quick Fire Rapid Mechanical Keyboard

I’ll be posting a more in-depth post about this new toy of mine later, but let me say for now that this keyboard is bloody awesome! Holy cow! Typing on this thing really feels different! It feels way smoother, feels like I’m on an old typewriter. It makes a lot of clickety-clackety noise, but I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I find the sound soothing. I don’t think I can ever go back to non-mechanical keyboards! My old Pucca membrane keyboard was ticking me off, and I’d been wanting a mechanical keyboard since last year, so I figure now was the time to get one. Even better that this (and a wrist rest that’s still enroute) only cost me $23 after I applied all my reward points discount!

Do you have Amazon Prime? What are some of your favourite shows? Do you have or have tried a mechanical keyboard? Would you ever consider getting one? Share in the comments!


  1. I don’t have amazon prime but the keyboard looks nice though.
    It reminds me of a normal desktop computer keyboard though :-/
    I don’t see what the ddifference is though. I’m confused

    I don’t wwatch TV not like I used to though.
    My definite favorite is the vampire diaries
    Damon <3

    • This will explain it better than I would. It’s more clicky and they’re more durable than the membrane keyboards. The difference lies in how it feels and types, not in its appearance.

      And I don’t know that show, but I’m not really into vampires, so I’ll pass on it ^^;;

  2. The keyboard sounds cool. I used to love playing with our old type writer. Kinda wanna try one now.

    Don’t have amazon prime, but seems like you’re set for shows for a good while!

    • If you ever encounter one in a store, I’d definitely give a mechanical keyboard a try :D

  3. On-demand streaming is awesome! We have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant. Plenty of shows to watch, and still much cheaper than cable. :D

    I recently purchased a wireless keyboard, but a few of my gaming friends have mechanical keyboards. I can sometimes hear the clickity sounds they make when we’re playing, and it feels oddly relaxing. XD

    • Yes, I find the sound of the mechanical keyboard quite soothing :D I used to have a wireless keyboard, but I went back to using a wired one XD;

      And huh. I didn’t realise that these on-demand streaming would be cheaper than cable! Definitely something to keep in mind :D

  4. Jessica on

    I don’t have Amazon Prime – I only have access to Netflix/Hulu because my friend lets my Mom and I use her account. As for the keyboard, I wonder if it will help me when working on my novel…my Mom jokes that I did my best writing when I had a typewriter – so maybe I need to get one. :)

    • Who knows! I say give it a try if you ever encounter one. I didn’t get to try them out, but I went with my gut instincts in purchasing this, and now I love it!

  5. Amazon Prime is amazing. A lot of the special diet foods can be bought in bulk via Amazon, and come out to cheaper prices individually and are Prime shipping perks-applicable. :D So much easier and cheaper than shopping at a health food store (or a store in general).

    I had to buy a mechanical keyboard for my laptop, because my laptop keyboard keys kept breaking off. I meant to post some kind of review on it, but never did. I wish it was completely silent, though, because it’s a major sensory contribution I could totally do without. Does yours light up?

    Also, where did you get those adorable chibi characters? :o I keep seeing them in lots of photos, but have zero clue where people are getting them. :|

    • I meant to comment on the video part. :| Under the Dome was pretty cool. I’ve not watched the last season of the series, but it got really weird and confusing. :x I haven’t actually tried Amazon Video yet, but I watch series on Netflix.

      • Thanks for the heads up about Under the Dome. I hope it won’t be too weird and confusing for me!

    • Amazon Prime is definitely handy :D I also like the free two-day shipping I can use to send gifts to friends in the US!

      My keyboard doesn’t light up. I opted to not get that since I don’t need the light . . . and if the light started going out, it would no longer look uniform, and that’d drive me nuts!

  6. I used to have an Amazon Prime subscription but ended it because I didn’t use it that much in the end :’) I subscribed to Netflix lately but I wonder about the different series between the 2 platforms! I’m not too much of a tv series person either but I’ve been watching Marco Polo recently and I think it’s a good show !

    • I don’t know that show, but it reminds me of the water game and the real Marco Polo, haha!

      I think I’ll stick to Amazon videos right now. I have a ton of shows to watch, and I really don’t want to make my backlog any larger than it is with Netflix!

  7. Can’t wait to read your in depth post about your new keyboard! I actually hadn’t even known that there were specific types of keyboards available.

    I don’t have an Amazon Prime account but I do have a Netflix account. The US Netflix has a lot of different options compared to SK though but Amazon Prime looks amazing! Watching older shows that aren’t airing anymore is one of the best parts about online streaming.

    • I hope you’ll find the keyboard post useful! ^_^

      SK Netflix selection SUCKS. I was not impressed when I went through one of my friend’s account.

      I agree with you on the older TV shows comment :3

  8. Amazon Prime is a blessing!!!! My millennial soul loves the 2-day shipping (same day if I’m balling). They have lots of awesome stuff at great prices. I haven’t tried out their video feature yet, but it sounds like something to check out!

    I tried out a mechanical keyboard before, only for a bit. Definitely let us know how it turns out! I’m almost in the market for a new keyboard annnnnd I’ll take this into consideration ;).

    • Two-day shipping is definitely something I’d prefer, too! We millennials sure love instant gratification, haha! Do check out their videos when you can :D

      Seriously, once I’ve gone mechanical, I can’t go back to a non-mechanical keyboard. They’re just way better!

  9. Adrianne on

    I have Amazon Prime for the last… oh…. 6 years? But, it’s my parents who are mostly on Amazon Prime Instant Video because I don’t really watch that much TV or movies even (only except when I do have the time). I do take advantage of Prime Music and Kindle Unlimited (even though I had to pay a little extra) because I do read eBooks and listening to music at the same time, so why not take advantage?

    My parents also has Netflix (Dad’s account), so both of them have a huge variety of choices to watch any types of movies or TV shows just to kill their extra time (they’re both retired, so it’s chillaxin’ for them in front of the TV LOL).

    My very first PC that my dad bought us (me and siblings) had a mechanical keyboard. Then again, that was back in the early-mid 90s, so every PC had a mechanical keyboard LOL. In fact, I was stuck with machines that had clack-clack-clack sounds on them until 2 years ago when I had to replace my dead laptop with a new desktop all-in-one. I’m a very fast typist (as of a few months ago, I can type 95 wpm), and sometimes just hearing the clack-clack-clack whenever I type can be annoying, so I’m sticking with the “quiet” keyboards now. Besides, the “new” keyboards were more comfortable for my fingers than the mechanical keyboards. ^^

    • I haven’t really tried Prime Music much. I should look into that one of these days :) I read a lot on my Kindle, but I find the selection through Kindle Unlimited tend to not be what I want ^^;

      That’s good you discovered your keyboard preferences :) Mechanical keyboard are certainly not for everyone!

  10. Mechanical keyboards are SO nice – I have two of them (no joke – one’s from the 90s, back in the day when that was ALL you could get! probably my first blog ever was typed on that thing!). They make them all sorts of ways these days so you can pick your clackity sound – some are soft, some are loud, some are sharp, some are muted. It’s kind of crazy how many options there are.

    Also Amazon Prime is awesome. I find their selection smaller but better than Netflix? Maybe that’s just me.

    • Yes, it’s great they have so many options for mechanical keyboards. I actually hovered over the brown or blue switches, but I went with the latter because it was cheaper than the former. I think it’s cool you most likely typed your first blog on one!

      I haven’t really went through the US Netflix to compare with Amazon, but I’m quite happy with Amazon’s selection ^^

  11. I share Matt’s Amazon Prime account, and though in general I don’t buy things from Amazon – I do love their TV service! I’ve been watching Downton Abbey and absolutely loving it! I wish they would bring back Grey’s Anatomy though.
    I love the sound of mechanical keyboards! I have a rainbow backlit one, it makes me so happy! Enjoy your new keyboard with the lovely clicky sounds =]

    • Ooooh, if they ever bring Grey’s Anatomy, I’d definitely like to check that out. ^^

      Now that I think about it, I think your post about your keyboard is what introduced me to them! Mine’s not backlit at all, but it’s all good :D

  12. Wow, I think my mom has Amazon Prime AND OMG THERE ARE AMAZONE PRIME VIDEOS? Is that like Netflix? I am definitely gonna check things out! I sometimes use Amazon and purchase things (books mostly) and I’m planning on getting a microphone set and start doing some voiceover work (Try Everything so goes the song). Will definitely check if I can watch the videos even if I’m in Asia.

    • I don’t think Amazon Prime Video works everywhere :/ They’re probably geo-blocked. Don’t get me started on the evilness of geo-blocking X_X Hope it works for you!

  13. I am still flabbergasted at how fast this year is going! It’s pretty much the end of summer, omg.

    Downton Abbey is the best~ It’s so very typically English! I still need to watch Sex and the City – I’ve been meaning to finish it for a while.

    I just remembered you mentioned what someone said about the mechanical keyboard, and now I can’t stop laughing. Anyway, I’m not here to shade anyone in the comments *angel face* $23 is a really good price!

    I don’t have Amazon Prime, no. I’m more of a Netflix gal myself :) I have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many favourite shows. My all time favourite ever ever and always be until the day I die is Doctor Who. Another is Firefly, and Jane the Virgin. HMU if you ever need a new show to watch, I’ll definitely find something for you!

    I’ve never used or tried a mechanical keyboard. I’ve got a Macbook Pro, so I don’t really see the point in having an external keyboard. I hope you’re enjoying yours, though!

    Btw, I never did congratulate you on your new domain, I don’t think. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!~

    • Girl, I need someone to fangirl Downton Abbey with! I shall with you now that I know you’re a fan XD

      Yes, $23 is a great price XD Thank goodness for reward points, haha!

      Doctor Who! For some reason I’ve never got around to watching them. I must remedy that one day . . . And I’ll definitely hit you up if I need TV show recs! ^^

      You’re right that there is no point in needing an external keyboard if you’re already on a laptop :D

      Thanks for the congrats, girl! <3

  14. I love Amazon Prime! I have it and I find it very useful. I don’t use instant video all that much, mainly because there are plenty of shows to watch on Netflix.

    I love typing on different keyboards. It’s really fun to just see how they feel.

    • Yes, it’s fun testing out keyboards :D I didn’t get a chance to test this one out prior to purchasing, but I’m glad I took the chance to buy it :3

  15. mechanical keyboard is the best ermageeehd. it takes such an effort to clean it up though. the other day i tried to clean mine and it was so frustrating i stopped. i had to take off ALL the keypads and ugh no, i could have sworn my nails were so close to breaking.

    where’s your mechanical keyboard from? as in, what brand? which mechanical switch does it have? i love green switch since it gives that loud clicky typing sound so much :))

    • That sounds frustrating to clean it all up! O_O

      I wrote a more detailed post about my keyboard here :D

  16. I love the clickety-clackety noise of the keyboard especially when I type fast! People usually stare at me coz I type loudly. Haha! This is also the reason why I kinda miss the old cell phones with the real keypad. :)

    • I’ve never mastered typing fast on the keypads of a phone XD So I’m envious of that skills!

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