Timeless Thoughts: Summer Vacations

Timeless Thoughts

Holy cow, it’s already July! 2016 is now halfway over. Time is flying, but it’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up run by Georgie and me. This month’s entry is hosted by me, so if you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you find unforgettable from your past or present! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

Vacation (Original image from Unsplash.com)

Summer vacations — I really miss them, and I’ve been missing them a lot lately. From preschool to my last year of undergrad, I’ve always had a summer vacation. In college, I subbed at the secondary school, so I was also guaranteed break from work and school. There’s nothing better than having at least a month of vacation time with no obligations and tasks. I really miss those days.

In elementary school, I spent most of my summers attending Camp Adventure. When not at camp, I spent my time reading and playing like any other kid. I would visit my grandmother in the Korean countryside every summer for a couple of weeks. I can’t say I enjoyed the countryside, but I did enjoy my grandmother. Summer as a kid meant I had plenty of time to read and watch TV. Those were also the days where I’d spend a lot of time with my Korean cousins, and we’d do sleepovers at each other’s places.

In high school and college, summer vacations meant sleeping in. I’m notoriously known for needing at least ten hours of sleep a day, so being able to sleep in every day was a joy. Along with my daily snoozing, summer vacations was when I could really focus on my hobbies. Primarily, what I miss are those glorious days of doing video game marathons. All those JRPGs like Suikoden and Final Fantasy? I spent days playing them non-stop. Anime marathons were also a thing for me. Blogging, along with coding and maintaining multiple websites, also took up a lot of time. Reading books and fanfics? Heck, yeah! I did it all because I had all the time back then.

But my summer vacations ended when I finished college in December 2007. I had to stop subbing, and I joined the “regular” workforce where I wasn’t guaranteed summer vacations unless I requested them. Since 2007, I’ve not taken an actual summer vacation. I generally take my vacation in autumn, winter, or spring because summer is our busiest season in my workplace. I plan to take a few days off this month, but my leave is still pending. I hope I can get some of those days off!

Looking back now, I must say that my summer vacations weren’t as productive as some people’s. I could have interned or worked somewhere or taken classes to further my education and skills, but I didn’t. Past high school, I worked hard for nine months, so I figured I deserved a couple of months of fun. After all, it’s better to work hard and play hard. I wanted to strike some sort of a balance between the two, and I believe I did it well. Those summer vacations were for me. It was my time to do what I wanted.

Are you able to still have summer vacations? What do you miss about your summer breaks? Share with me your experience in the comments!

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  1. I really miss summer holidays! I miss going to visit my grandparents, and going camping with my family. All the kids on my street used to go down to the wasteland at the bottom of the road and play football or cricket almost every day, and I miss that most of all. We were so carefree!

    It sounds like you had really fun, productive time off! Video game marathons were always great. Camp Adventure looks brilliant too. There was nothing like that where I lived, but we did have a weekly Chess Club that ran a few miles away during the holidays.

    Me and Matt can’t usually get time off in summer because of work, but we’ve started trying to take two weeks out at the start of September for a holiday. Being freelance, we’re never guaranteed work – so I’d like to take what I can, and if I get a month off when the work dries up, I’ll have saved enough to enjoy that! (hopefully….)

    • I think it’s a good idea to take vacations when you can! That’s what I try to do. I gauge my work environment and timing to determine the best time to request leave, and so far it’s been working out.

      That sounds like fun — going down to the wasteland and playing games with your neighbourhood friends! I didn’t have that kind of experience, unfortunately XD

  2. I miss them too. Not just the summer holidays though but all year round. How nice would it be to have a few weeks off every 2 months or so and then a long break over summer (In Australia the summer holidays only last 6 weeks) to enjoy Christmas, New Years and whatever else.

    I wasn’t productive at all on mine. For the most part I stayed up late and woke up late, I didn’t work and barely saw anyone. It was great :D

    I had a few days off last year between christmas and new years but I rarely take time off over the summer preferring to do it when everyone else is back at work and school.

    This year I’m taking my longest time off that I can remember since working full time and that is 2 and a half weeks in November to go over to New Zealand! It feels like forever away but at least I know it is now something I can do.

    • Yes, the breaks year-long were nice. We’d have two weeks for winter, one week for spring, and two and a half months in the summer. Those were the day.

      I’m so jealous of you going to NZ! I hope you’ll have a blast then :D Two weeks of NZ sounds like heaven!

  3. I miss summer vacations so much that it’s depressing. I’m the only one working while the rest of my cousins (all 9 of them) are still students and they live next door. So I see them all playing while I’m off to work, haha! My summer vacations before weren’t productive as well. I’m pretty sure I just slept most of them off! Haha.

    • Oh, my! To have everyone else be on vacation and you having to work — that does sound depressing ^^;; Still, though, maybe you can get a break here and there to make up for it?

  4. It’s great to read your reflections on those holidays. Sometimes you do just have to do your own thing and take the time to enjoy the time, especially when you are younger and learning and growing.

    I hope you can have some time off over summer and have some time for yourself. <3

    • Thanks! I hope to get some time to myself, too XD I need those time to recover my sanity, haha!

  5. I miss having summer holidays! I loved summer because my mom enrolled me in different performing arts classes, all of which I enjoyed tremendously. Those are things I don’t get to do a lot anymore as an adult.

    I attended a university that followed a trimestral system, so that meant shorter summer breaks for me. Now that I’m working I don’t get to go out as much anymore, but I really use my vacation leaves to travel or take a break when I can :)

    • That’s good you use your vacation times to do travelling and taking breaks :3

      I was not into performing arts, so those were never an option for me. I was just not interested in taking extra classes as a kid LOL

  6. Chantelle on

    I don’t really care about summer vacation. In college, I tried to study overseas during my summers and in high school, I volunteered and such a bit. I also had “adventures” with friends in HS, which was great. Now, I just want a vacation (kind of). I haven’t seen my mother! in 4 years (omg~) But I honestly do NOT like just relaxing and doing nothing. To me, vacations are for doing different things, but not for relaxing.

    • I think if I were to take a month off, I’d use half of that to relax and the other half to do something productive. If I had to do something productive that entire month, I don’t think I’d be too happy LOL Still, kudos to you for wanting to do something on your vacations :)

  7. I think about this all the time too! As adults, it is definitely harder to get a solid summer vacation. My sister is a high school teacher, and she actually gets paid over the summer, even though she isn’t teaching! Although she’s still working, but potentially, she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to, haha.

    Really, the only thing I miss would be sleeping in!

    • It’s harder, yes, but I guess with enough planning and leave hours, it can happen. Though I think two months would be a bit too long for me now. I think a month would be nice!

  8. I’m jealous every time I see students taking breaks, like spring break, summer vacation, and winter break. I want all of those days off too! I think it’s ok to not be productive during summer vacation. It’s there as a break between school years and comes after the stressful finals period. We all deserve a relaxing break! I took classes two or three times and interned one year, but the rest of the time, I just relaxed or took vacation with my parents.

    On the plus side, I do like being able to take vacation in a different time of year now. Summer is always hot and crowded in most places. It’s nice that I can take off time in autumn instead and enjoy the off period :)

    • YES. I don’t really enjoy taking time off during the summer for those reasons you listed. I also like to take breaks in autumn. The fact that it’s not peak season also helps because I get better deal and it will not be crowded!

  9. I usually take 2 weeks off in the summer, but its not really the same. I miss sitting there and playing games for hours or watching anime for hours too. It just was so fun!

    • Two weeks isn’t long enough. I think 3-4 weeks would be way better XD I do miss those days of just doing marathons of whatever I wanted. Those were definitely the days.

  10. This year is going by pretty quick! Last I checked, I thought we were still in March X’D.

    Even though I just graduated, I still feel like I am going through summer vacation…. It’s great to be away from school and not have any strict responsibilities XD. Oh man, I wish I could sleep for 10 hours a day back then! I usually cap myself at 8 @___@….

    Hope your requests for your leave gets approved! There’s nothing wrong with taking it easy and chilling during summer vacation. If I didn’t want money, I would be bumming around at home too X’D. With the awesome grades you got, you definitely deserved a break.

    If you get back to me in a few years, I might be able to tell you what I miss about summer breaks XD…. Though, I didn’t like being stuck at home- that’s for sure!

    • Being stuck at home all the time is the pits. That’s why as an adult I enjoy my breaks because I can choose to go out and do things. Whereas, it was kind of limiting as a kid! But then again that’s probably why I did all those gaming and anime marathons XD

  11. I too miss summer vacation. Even though I always went to summer school or did internships or worked in the lab, summer felt a lot more free and relaxing. I still had extra free time to just have fun and the pace was a lot slower. I just miss that free feeling the most. Now they’re just regular vacations and if I sit around doing nothing, then I feel like I’m wasting my vacation hours.

    • I totally get you about not wanting to waste your vacation hours, but I’m pretty bad about just doing nothing, unless you count reading books and fanfics LOL

  12. Aww, I love summer vacations. I always forget how they aren’t so flexible (3 months wise) when I start working. I’m going to keep appreciating my summers – I have 3 left xD

    I traditionally didn’t do anything for the summer – literally just play video games (now I just work) but it was fun, looking back at it now I used to think at the time I was just wasting time but it was so precious and so short especially when I grow up into the working world.

    • Yes! Our time back then were precious and it’s something we will miss when we join the working world X___X I know I wished I’d appreciate those breaks back then!

  13. Summer vacations are the best! Aside from Christmas break, their some of my favorite times of the year. I have a flexible schedule with my work so I’m able to still enjoy summer at the moment. In fact, I just went on a trip with my family so that was exciting. But now that you mentioned it, I too am sad how I will eventually need to work at a 9 to 5 job. That would mean no more summer vacations. :(

    My summers as a student weren’t productive either. It was my chance to sleep in (I’m a night owl so having mornings off are heaven-sent), go online and manage my websites, go on family trips, make art, and hang out. Though when I was in highschool, I did have to take summer classes to make up for my grades in Math, which was a bummer. Other than that, I’ve made the best memories as a kid during summer.

    • I was (and still am) a night owl back then, so I really appreciated being able to sleep in, too! Having no obligations in the morning was an awesome thing :D

  14. I remember talking to someone recently about becoming a teacher because you get paid fairly well and get a lot of holidays. It’s true! Sis weeks around Christmas and New Year in Australia. I don’t know if I miss it, though – I enjoy working and earning money. Sometimes I wish it was easy to take a long break without taking up so much leave, but we get four weeks a year which isn’t half bad. In some countries they get two…

    • Four weeks is definitely better than two! Though Six weeks is nice, too :D I’m sure I’d miss work and such if I were constantly taking long breaks like that, but like right now? I want that LOL

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