Symphonic Selections: Final Fantasy Prelude & Main Theme

Symphonic Selections

For this month’s Symphonic Selections, I felt like I needed a majestic song to showcase my move from to When I started the move on Saturday night, I encountered some issues. Importing all 1180 entries to proved to be a pain, and in the end, the ever awesome DreamHost had to intervene and help me. They had to give me permission to execute the process, which was taking up a lot of resources. It was a breeze after that, and their suggestion of this plugin also saved my soul; this special plugin instantly changed all my URLs, including image links, from to with one-click and it was done instantly. I’d dreaded this move since last year, but thankfully it went a lot better than I’d expected! So here’s an amazing arrangement of the “Main Theme” with “Prelude” from Final Fantasy!

When I first discovered this arrangement back in February, I just about nearly fell off my chair. I mean, seriously. Just how bloody cool is it to have the JSDF Band, USMC III MEF Band, and the US Army Pacific Ocean Band come together and perform a video game theme?! Just, whoah. Yes, the “Prelude” theme at the beginning is neat, but when those bands start playing the “Main Theme” . . . it left me with a ton of goosepimples and it sent shivers down my back. Holy crap. If I were to start up a country, this song would be one of my national anthems.

I also just love the fact that both Japanese and American bands came together to perform this. Not to mention, they’re military bands, and coming from a military background and environment, I have mad respect for this performance. Video game music — bringing people together since the 1980s or so, haha! Please give this a listen and feel the majesticness of this piece!


  1. Sheesh, I can’t imagine moving everything over to a new site. I’m glad that the problems that you did encounter were able to be fixed and that you got the help you needed!

    Haha! That would be a great national anthem song! (P.S. It makes me laugh you call them “goosepimples.” We’ve always called them “goosebumps” in our region.) It is really cool that both military bands came together to play it. Video games make some of the best music!

    • Goosepimples is the UK English term for it XD I find that term amusing, suffice to say XD

  2. The move is so exciting! I love the new domain name! :D

    I’m glad that the move was smoother than expected despite the mini-problem you had initially. It’s nice of your host to help you out, I know I love my host (Kya) for being reliable and sweet 24/7 ;)

    I LOVE arrangement of it! Wow, and to think that it’s from FINAL FANTASY and the military backgrounds! Who would’ve known! Hah, amazing!

    • I’m glad you like the new domain name! I love it, too :D It doesn’t surprise me that Kya’s a wonderful host. ^^

  3. 1180 entries?????!!! Holy moly! Glad it went smoothly in the end, though. I can’t even imagine! Loving the new domain name, by the way. These newfangled .me domains are so cool (lol I feel like such an old person right now, don’t you? – back in OUR day all we had were .com etc etc)

    Oh whew, this song! Amazing. Gives me chills!

    • Yes! I’d have never guessed they’d have so many new domain extensions back in the day ^^ I really like the .me :D I do feel old, though, haha!

  4. How awesome! This brings back memories of my JROTC days when I was on the color guard and rifle team. I’m totally digging their moves. And yes! That’s really neat that both the US and Japanese military bands came together for THIS! Too cool.

    • Yes! I love watching those moves. They look so cool doing it all together :D

  5. I’m glad you were able to move all of your posts over! That’s great that there was a plugin to change all of your links. That would have been a huge pain otherwise, haha.

    That’s very cool that these military bands came together to perform a Final Fantasy song! I remember loving the Prelude and Main Theme a long time ago, and it sounds awesome here. It’s definitely very majestic!

    • Yus, it would have been a huge pain to go back and manually change all the links! Thank goodness for that plugin :D

  6. I love this <3 Final Fantasy rocks! Glad you were able to get a new domain that encourages you to grow.

  7. I’m glad that your site transfer was a success. It turned out to be easier than expected too ;)! It’s good to expect the worst, when the outcome is actually good instead!~

    This song IS majestic indeed! For these three bands coming together and playing the main theme of Final Fantasy is amazing!! Usually, I would expect some Beethoven’s classic, but this is super cool! Though, it shouldn’t surprise me because I’ve seen military bands playing Star Wars theme too XD.

    • Hee! Yes, I can see them playing the Star Wars theme! It’s always neat when military/classical band/orchestra plays soundtrack pieces ^^

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