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Blogger Dossiers

With June already almost coming to a close, it’s time to do another Blogger Dossiers post! I asked Thao if she’d like to be featured when Thao visited a few weeks ago! Thao and I also go way back. She actually used to be a former hostee on my domain. We’ve been blog buddies since around 2008, which is a super long time on the Internet. It was a pleasure to meet her in person, and I’m happy to feature her for this month’s Blogger Dossiers. Get to know Thao better with this post, and do follow her on Instagram!

Thao of Tiny Tau

Hello! My name is Thao and I live in California. A salary woman by day, and everything else by night. Like many readers here, I started blogging at around age 12 and have continued to do so since. My other long-term hobby is running. I’ve recently completed my first marathon in San Diego, and I loved it! Also, this may sound odd, but I really love personal development, goal-setting, and planning. I love reading about other people’s habits, routines, and personal goals. (Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography was such a gold mine.) I love filling up my planners with goals for myself each week. However, I’m still working on the execution part . . . something about Internet and fat cats and endless time sink . . .

Personifying Photographs

Thao's Personifying Photo Thao's Personifying Photo Thao's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

Kid Thao: Dad, can you drop me off at the capitol building in downtown tomorrow morning at 6am?
Dad: What?! Why?
Kid Thao: I need to run a race. And you need to sign this waiver.

I had my first official race when I was in 4th grade (9 years old, but my memories are all based on what grade I was in). It was the first Sunday in December, and the California International Marathon was taking place. But the only race I cared about was their “Mara-fun-run” for kids, which was only 2.62 miles. After “practicing my mile time” (as kid Thao called it) each week in school, and even on the weekends on my own, I felt like I was ready to conquer this next milestone. I was also running it with my teacher and a couple of classmates who were dedicated/crazy enough to wake up early on a Sunday morning to go run. I don’t remember much of the race, but I do remember crossing the finish line, and hearing cheering and congratulations from strangers. Then I went off into the crowd to find my dad, who was waiting for me with a camera in his hands. I also loved this memory because this was the first time a family member was a part of my running hobby.

Musical Moment

I can’t think of an all-time favorite, but summer usually has me listening to “West Coast” by Coconut Records since my boyfriend and I are usually apart during this time due to internship/job.

Coffee Break Conversation

If you could create a brand new ice cream flavour, what would it be and why?
Hmm . . . I feel like I haven’t tried enough ice cream flavor to know what’s not out there. I usually get vanilla because I know I’ll like it. But this summer, my goal is to be brave and try some new ice cream flavors!

Back to the question, I’m thinking if they can take the mint mojito iced coffee from Philz Coffee and turn it into an ice cream flavor, then that would be delicious! The iced coffee is slightly minty, sweet, and creamy. It’s my favorite iced coffee to get, and I would be thrilled to have it as an ice cream flavor!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Good question. I’m still trying to figure that one out. Before, it was a very linear path for me: high school, college, job. Now that I’m there, the career track is just so massive and non-linear. While I may not know where I will be in five years, I do know that I want to be more confident and comfortable with myself. I want to be able to greet my thirties with more wisdom and grace, and know that I’ve grown as a person. Hopefully, I’ll have a better understanding of myself and what I want to do with my life by then. As for now, I’ll have to be mindful of what direction I’m stirring my life to and not be passive if I want to change something.

What is one thing you miss about university and why?
I miss being a student where I’m surrounded by passionate friends and faculty, and the primary goal is to improve yourself. It’s a time when you get to be selfish and work on yourself entirely. Your full-time job is to learn. From homework to exams, it’s all to your benefit. It’s not about a company or other people’s goals. It’s about what you want to learn and how you want to grow.

If you had the skills to do so, which mountain would you try to tackle and why?
Physical mountain: Mount Everest. If I had the skills, why not go for the highest!

Metaphorical mountain: climate change. This is such a difficult issue to tackle and requires a combination of international political agreement and enforcement, consumer changes, technological innovation, and scientific advances. The longer we fail to act together as one global community, the larger the problem becomes. Unfortunately, the solution does not rely on just one person.

What is one thing you wish could be invented right now and why?
Since I’ve started all of my traveling this past month, I would really like some kind of quantum teleportation device (like the one on Star Trek). Initially, flying was a lot of fun and I didn’t mind it so much, but now that I have to regularly fly twice a week for work, it’s starting to wear me down.


  1. Wow, that is awesome that you do those runs. I wish I could motivate myself to run again. I remember in Jr. High I was able to run a little over 2 miles without stopping but then I broke my ankle and got lazy. Ha! I’m so lame. I really like your pictures, they are very aesthetically pleasing. :)

    • Yeah, I think it’s awesome she does all that running. I can’t stand running myself, so I give her kudos for doing it XD

  2. Your blogger dossier posts are always so interesting to read! It’s nice to read more about the person behind each blog. I also like how the questions differ depending on who you’re talking to.

    I also agree climate change is a mountain we should all try to tackle. We only get one Earth after all!

    • Aw! Thanks! I’m glad you like them! I tried to make it more interesting than doing a typical blogger of the month type post XD

      And yes, climate change is definitely a mountain that needs to be tackled. As you put it eloquently — we only get one Earth!

  3. Wow, that’s awesome how Thao completed a marathon and that her race was way back in 4th grade. I love running, but I don’t think I’ll ever do that kind of distance! I also totally agree on the climate change. It’s unfortunate that some people don’t see it as an issue, which is part of the problem. And, I want a teleportation device as well!

    Congrats on the domain move by the way!

    • Yes, it’s a shame people don’t realise that climate change is a huge issue :/

      I want a teleportation device, too. That’d save so much time on travelling!

  4. I want to be a salary woman by day some day! #goals

    It’s pretty cool how Thao uses her planner to add goals and such to it. It’s a pretty good idea!

    It’s amazing to be dedicated in running. No only does it give fit results, it helps with pushing yourself to the next level. Coffee ice cream is delicious!

    I agree with the fact that homework, exams, and projects are meant to help you learn and grow. You gain skills from doing them, such as planning, organizing, and maybe even teamwork.

    Good luck with the Mount Everest hike some day ;). It’s a hard thing to tackle, but it’s possible!

    • Yes, college is definitely a time for us to dedicate ourselves to learn and become better individuals. I never looked it at that way before, but it does make sense!

      I wish her luck on Mt Everest, too! Not something I’ll ever do, but I’m all for supporting those who want to XD

  5. This was so great to read and learn more about Thao! :D

  6. Oh, hello, Thao! You’re from San Diego, too? Nice to [virtually] meet you! :D

    • :D Hope you two will get to meet one day, too ^^

    • Hello! I’m actually from northern California. I only visited San Diego for the marathon and see my friends. But nice to “meet” you too!

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