A Day in the Life: June 2016 ~ A Spirited Saturday

A Day in the Life

I decided to participate in Georgie’s “A Day in the Life” linkup since June 18, 2016 proved to be a crazy Saturday. I tend to do a lot more on the weekend than during the week, but this particular Saturday kept me hopping more than usual. In fact, I was pretty much out and about for twelve hours. It was a day full of food, dentist, coffee, haircut, kids, more food, and so forth so on! I didn’t take photos, though. I was too busy, and the thoughts of taking photos just never hit me ^^;;

A Spirited Saturday

Brunch and Dentist

My friend, Chibitoaster, and I had scheduled a dentist appointment together. We met at the Hamilton Hotel’s Paris Baguette, and I grabbed their iced latte and discovered that their coffee wasn’t that bad at all! We decided to have some food before our appointment, and because of the stinkin’ hot weather, I suggested we have some naengmyeon at Donga Naengmyeon; this cold noodle dish was perfect for the hot weather! We made it to the dentist, and I suffered through the scaling process. Next week, I have to come back to fix my cavities — boo! Then again, two cavities after not seeing the dentist for seven years? That’s not too bad, haha!

Guesthouse, Haircut, Photo, and Kebabs

After the dentist, we stopped by Chibitoaster’s guesthouse to drop her bags off. We took a cab to my area, and we stopped by my regular hair salon. My fringe and hair needed major trimming. I hadn’t cut my hair for a year, so I was definitely overdue for a cut! The process didn’t take too long, and we headed back to back to Itaewon for Chibitoaster to get her photo taken for her new ID. That thankfully was done in fifteen minutes! The place in my area told us to come back Monday . . . uh, nope! Afterwards, we went downstairs to have some kebabs in Ankara Picnic, which is also my favourite kebab place in Itaewon. I had the chicken one, and it was so good!

Coffee Shop and Chromebook

We decided that we had enough running around, so we made our way for Magnolia Design Cafe located behind the Yongsan-gu Office. We both had an iced latte, and we talked and chilled for a while. Chibitoaster sketched away, while I did my online tasks on my Chromebook. Chibitoaster left soon to check into her guest-house, and I stayed in the cafe for another hour and a half catching up on blog-related tasks. In between that, I ordered a grapefruit ade.

Kid-sitting Adventures

A couple of weeks ago, I’d offered to watch one of my friend’s two kids. Today was my friend’s wedding anniverary, so I gave them a date night as a present. The kids and I were dropped off at Dragon Hill Lodge, the hotel on base. There we had dinner at Pizza Hut, and then they had a wild and crazy time in the play park. We all cooled off with some ice cream, and then I sent them out to play again. When it was time to go, we took a cab to their place. I could tell they were pretty tired, but they didn’t want to sleep yet, so I had them get into their pyjamas and we did Mad Libs and played Candy Land before they crashed and knocked themselves out. I guess the play park tired them out! The parents were so shocked to hear that they’d gone to bed with no issues. I must have a magic touch! XD

Late Dinner and Drinks

Finally, we’re almost near the end of my long day! Chibitoaster and I met up again, and we went to Noxa Oriental to have some late dinner and drinks. I had some Thai shrimp fried rice and one cocktail called Shanghai Tang, which is a passion fruit mojito. After a long week of work and a long day today, I figured I deserved a drink, haha! It was a nice way to end the day. Good food, drinks, and conversation — that’s all I need to be happy when I’m out and about. Thus ends my long, crazy Saturday. I had a great day, but it was also exhausting! I’m thankful for today being my bum day!


  1. !!!! You guys have a Paris Baguette too!!!!! I’ve been to the one in my area once and it was pretty good (italian sodas are my fave). Good that you’re keeping yourself cool with the cool foods ;). Two cavities is not bad at all!

    It sounds like you got a lot of errands done in a short time XD. I wish I can sit around and be productive while being in a coffee shop. Usually, I’d complain about how slow or dropping the wifi is ;~;.

    It’s sweet of you to watch your friend’s kids while they have a date night. A drink is definitely deserved when you have some tasks accomplished ;).

    • I try to be productive in a coffee shop, but that’s not always the case, HAHAHA! I tend to be on social media too much xD;

  2. Paris Baguette is THE BEST. I always get their green tea latte and it’s SUCH a treat (i.e. really sugary!) and REALLY good. And hey, cavities suck, but 2 in 7 years isn’t just really good – it’s extremely good! Especially given that you haven’t seen the dentist at all! Some people see the dentist diligently every 6 months and get way more than 2 cavities every 7 years… you have good teeth!

    Wow, what a busy day! I feel tired just reading your entry! But also a really satisfying day. :D

    • I love green tea latte, but I discovered non-coffee lattes sometimes affect me negatively, no thanks to my being slightly lactose intolerant!

      And yeah, I am glad my teeth are decent. Though I’d rather not have any cavities, thanks! XD

  3. It sounds like you had a super busy day. But aren’t busy days just the best?! I love getting so much done.

    Seven years? I had a breakdown because I left it a year between dentist appointments and I was convinced my teeth were going to all fall out. I wish I could leave it longer because it’s so damn expensive!

    • I don’t mind busy days, but I think that Saturday in particular was super busy for me, haha!

      Yes, dental works are expensive T_T.

  4. Man that is a long and eventful day! x_x But it sounded fun for the most part!

    Lucky you with the dentist, I hadn’t gone for years myself (didn’t have the coverage then, but now I do) and after I went had maaaaany cavities. XD Though dentist trips are never fun anyway.

    • I abhor dental visits. That’s one reason why I haven’t gone in seven years. Lame excuse, but ugh. I hate dental works!

  5. oh wow, what a busy day you had! unlike you, mine was spent in my room 24/7 only to procrastinate and game all day. paris baguette sounds yummy, ugh. then again, all boulangeries sound tasty. for some reason, i wish there’s a paris baguette franchise here… like, if we have tous les jours here, why not paris baguette!? LOL i know it doesn’t make sense but …yeah, idk… i mean tous les jours is a korean brand and it’s available here so in a weird way, if paris baguette is in korea, i wish it’s here too.

    oh man, i’m not making sense :))

    • It’s odd that there are no Paris Baguettes there, but you guys have a Tous les Jours. PB is the more popular one, so it’s a bit odd! I hope you’ll get one there soon!

  6. I find it really cute you went to the dentists together! I remember going with my boyfriend (forcing him to come get his checked too) and it was seriously fun for me for some reason xD

    Wow, sounds really busy! I’m like you – I always have busy weekends than weekdays! You really did deserve that drink at the end of it ;) I hope you had fun though and like your new hair! :D Busy days are my favourite, more doing and thinking and feeling alive for me ;)

    • LOL! Well, it’s easier to go together so then we can just hang out together afterwards.

      I don’t mind busy days, but I’m lazy, so I much prefer to be a bum in my flat LOL

  7. That’s a really eventful day! That’s nice to get several things done in a day. Though, I hate going to the dentist! It’s always so weird to me to have people poking around my mouth. At least that was earlier in the day, and you could do more fun things afterwards :)

    That was nice of you to watch your friend’s kids, so they could enjoy their anniversary! I bet they really appreciated it! I’m glad you had a great end to your day too. Drinks and food are always a good way to tie up a long day ;)

    • I don’t like people poking around my mouth, nose, eyes, and ears X_X; I really can’t stand that, so I start tensing up and I’m so stressed out then! Ugh. But it’s necessary, so I’ll suck it up.

  8. That was a great idea to visit the dentist together. :D Only two cavities is really awesome. Hopefully it won’t be too much drama to have them fixed. :)

    Haha, that is great you were able to get the kids to bed with no issues. They must have had a great time and been so tired they needed sleep. :D

    Glad you had a nice ending to a busy day. <3

    • I hope it won’t be dramatic, either X_X I already dread them!

      Yes, I think they were super knackered LOL

  9. I read through all of this and forgot that this was all done in one day! My word! I can’t imagine being so busy in one day.

    I think it was really sweet of you to take the kids for your friend for a while and it seems as if you’re a child whisperer, LOL! When I babysit, getting the kids to sleep is the most challenging part.

    Your day was packed but it seemed productive and full of fine =)

    • YUS. It was all in a day, and I was so tired by the end of it! It was fun, but HOMG. I needed a day off the next day. If I had to do that two days in a row, I’d cry!

  10. Two cavities is amazing! I am far too scared to go to the dentist, I haven’t been since I got my brace taken off about ten years ago! I do need to go back to get my four front teeth fixed but I’m terrified =p
    You’ll definitely be the babysitter of choice now! It sounds like you had a really nice time, I’m still a big Pizza Hut fan even though I’m 24 – I might go over the weekend.
    A passion fruit mojito sounds delicious!!

    • I can’t say I’m a Pizza Hut fan, but the kids still liked it! :D

      Ugh, I hope when you go back to the dentist, it goes smoothly!

  11. Adrianne on

    I think Paris Baguette is a Korean bakery cafe though, right? (we have one too in my area ^^) It’s one of my favorite bakery cafes I’ve ever been. We got other “competitors” here also (we have a Tous Les Jours and an 85 Degree Bakery Cafe too).

    I really miss having weekends on the actual weekends. I work on the weekends, and even though I have Monday and Tuesday off, I really don’t get to do much because most of my friends are at work LOL.

    • Yes, it’s a Korean bakery chain. I don’t think I’m familiar with the 85 Degree one, haha XD

      I used to work at a place where I had to work Saturdays most often, so I’d have Sunday and another day in the week off. That was okay, but like you said, I missed having a regular weekend!

  12. Babysitting for a date night! What a thoughtful and useful present! I’m glad you had the magic touch and had no issues with getting them to bed.

    For comment above, 85C is a Taiwanese chain. I personally prefer them over Paris Baguette, so it’s a definitely a must-try if you ever get the chance!

    • Okay, thanks for the heads up on 85C! If I ever see them, I’ll definitely check them out :D

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