Timeless Thoughts: Senior Year of High School

Timeless Thoughts

It’s the first Saturday of May. Therefore, it’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up run by Georgie and me. This month’s entry is hosted by me, so if you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you find unforgettable from your past or present! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

School (Photo from Unsplash.com)

I miss my senior year of high school. More specifically, I miss my second semester of my senior year. I consider myself lucky in that I actually had a really easy schedule that semester. See, by my senior year I’d only needed one year of English and half a year of government in order to graduate. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to just come to school for those two classes, so I had to take all these extra classes to have a full schedule. My first semester schedule was this:

  • Concert Band
  • Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)
  • Visual Basics 1 (Online)
  • CSS (Some computer class that I cannot remember the full name)
  • Cisco Networking 2
  • AP US Government
  • English 12
  • Seminar (Study hall period)

In my second semester, I chose not to continue with CWE, CSS, and AP Government because the classes didn’t interest me or because they were just too darn difficult. My schedule became this:

  • Concert Band
  • Intermediate Band (As a teacher’s aide)
  • Visual Basics 2 (Online)
  • English 12
  • Cisco Networking 2
  • String Ensemble (As a teacher’s aide)
  • Java (Online)
  • Seminar (Study hall period)

To summarise, my second semester consisted of one core class (English), one study hall, three computer classes, and three “music” classes. Thinking back now, I really did luck out with an awesome schedule. I was super happy back then to not take any maths or science courses since they weren’t my best subjects. I was also real pleased to get out of AP Government because I’m totally pants at politics. But I chose to take AP US Government because I like the teacher, and I’d rather at least try and learn some things from him rather than the regular US Government teacher who only gave you worksheets and didn’t teach you anything. Back then, they’d allow me (and one of my friends who I suggested the idea to) to just take half a year of AP US Government and still get that mandatory credit, but I think that’s not allowed now . . .

Anyway, I took a lot of computer courses my junior and senior year; I’d heavily considered going into the IT fields, but that didn’t happen. I have to say I remember nothing about Visual Basics or Java, and I never did quite understood networking, so that was two years wasted for me when I took Cisco Networking, haha! However, by taking two online courses in my senior year, that has prepared me for all the online classes I’d take later on for my undergrad and postgrad studies. I learned then that I was quite proficient at keeping up with an online class.

Academically, my last year of high school didn’t really prepare me for college, but it led me to become a regular volunteer for my band teacher post-high school, whom I adored in every possible way. She was one person I always wanted to help because she always showed me her gratitude and wanted me around to help her. In fact, she had three extra teacher’s aides in String Ensemble, but the others would go into the practice room to do whatever they wanted. I never did that. I always stayed out in the main section of the band room and waited to see what I could do. I didn’t think my band teacher would notice that, but she did. She gifted me a crystal teddy bear statue. I’ve never forgotten that unexpected gesture, and I’d continue to volunteer for her for the next several years.

How was your senior year of high school? Did you have a heavy course load? Or did you have an easier load? Share me your experience in the comments!

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  1. I think I took a pretty heavy load for my senior year since I loved all of my classes and JROTC activities. I don’t remember all of my classes, but math was my favorite subject in high school, so you bet I took all and any extra level of calculus I could get. Although I didn’t do track and field my senior year because I got too lazy to run…

    That’s great that your band teacher noticed your extra consideration.

    And I’m finally doing a Timeless Thought…although it might be an overkill of a post…I wrote it last week and it took me several days to finish. XD

    • Glad you joined in on Timeless Thoughts!

      I’d have jumped off the Han River if I had to take calculus! Algebra and Geometry were enough for me, haha!

  2. That is quite interesting. How did you get to a point where you only had to do 2 subjects to graduate? Maybe it’s confusing to me because I just sort of cruised through school, hoping for the best. I also didn’t consider we had the option of finishing things up early.. I definitely would have had more motivation if that had been an option :P

    It’s also interesting to see that, although we are similar ages, that you had a lot more variety in the subjects you could do. For computer classes in high school we had a general IT class and one that was a bit higher level but mostly theory. Anything more complex (networking for example) we had to wait until Uni/tafe to get a chance to do.

    • For our graduation requirement we needed 4 credits of English, 3 credits of maths, 3 credits of science, and et cetera. I’d taken the qualifying maths and science courses my 9th, 10th, and 11th year, so by the time my 12th year rolled around, I’d fulfilled the requirements except for the final credit of English and US government . . . so a lot of us had “extra” credits when we graduated. None of us could finish early, though, because of that 4-year English requirement and the US government class.

      That’s a shame you didn’t have a lot of choices for computer courses, but I guess it’s better to take the “basics” in high school and then focus on the advanced courses in college :)

  3. My senior year of high school was terrible. I try not to remember it any more. I’m moved on from it, but I’m glad you had a good experience.

  4. I’m sorry you had to take a full course load, but at least it looks like you got to fill it with some awesome classes! My first semester of my senior year I only had two classes because seniors were allowed to have half days if they didn’t need the credits. We were block schedule so the two classes were about 2 hours long each, but they were drama and my last English credit I needed (I finished all of my math and science classes in 10th and 11th grade because 8th and 9th grade me was a ridiculous overachiever, senior me was very appreciative of that). My AP English class I spent most of the time helping the teacher grade paperwork for lower classes, and in drama I spent most of my time doing stuff for yearbook because the drama teacher was in charge of yearbook and the yearbook computer lab was in his room, so my first semester was definitely easy. My second semester I didn’t have anymore requirements for graduation BUT I had to be there for half a day, so I was a TA for my German teacher and took a college English course at the local state college. I still left early but by the time I got to the college, completed my class, and got home it was like a full day. My senior year was probably my favorite year because I was able to really relax and just hang out with friends, but at the same time being on a college campus, albeit a small one, helped me get a feel for real college. I was still rather gobsmacked when I got to university as a freshman, but I was kind of ready for it.

    • We did block scheduling, too. I liked it. It’s good you were able to do half-days at school and then spent the rest at a local college campus. That’s a good early start!

  5. It’s so awesome how your high school offered some rich computer-related classes! Especially with the Cisco networking, I think that’s a really handy knowledge to have because their networking switches can be pretty complicated! It looks like you had it fairly easy your senior year with a bunch of electives. I wish I had an awesome schedule like that during my senior year ;).

    The IT field is always growing, so it’s never too late to join ;). Even though you weren’t academically prepared in your last year, at least you had time to relax and make a future path for your relations with the music program as an alumni!

    My senior year of high school was probably the easiest I had, but I didn’t really have electives ;~;. It’s academic one way or another XD. On the other hand, senior year of college is probably easier than HS XD.

    • Unfortunately nothing in networking stuck with me LOL

      I don’t think I want to do IT, though, and it’s really not my best subject. X_X;

      I feel that my senior year of HS was easier than my senior year of college XD But I wasn’t working then, so that’s probably why . . .

  6. It’s weird to read how other people’s high school were already like college because that’s not how it was with ours. We didn’t get to choose except for one elective. Other than that, all of us had the same course load. What I missed about being senior in high school was heading up the events since we were the old kids. Also, the stress of which university I’ll go. Hahaha!

    • Huh, it’s interesting that the education systems are different in some countries! I can see why some would prefer the same course load for the students, but at the same time I’m thankful I had the choice to choose what I wanted to take!

  7. Gosh, it sounds like you had a really fun load of classes to do, though it does seem jam packed! Cisco Networking sounds like it would have been really interesting. I’m very envious that you got to do so music music. I wish I’d have done more music in school. It’s lovely that your teacher appreciated all the extra assistance you gave her too! I took too many maths and sciene subjects in my last year and hated it!

    • Awww! Yeah, I wanted my senior year to be EASY, so I opted to not take any more maths and science courses because I knew they’d have made me miserable! Especially since the only maths and science options I had were like Calculus and Physics. Just, NOOOOOO!

  8. Your subjects were interesting. Our school doesn’t even offer java class, visual basic or css, just plain computer subject where they discuss internet history bleh it’s boring lol

    It’s interesting to see bands in your subject I mean how cool is that. Never thought there will be a subject like that.

    Anyway Im glad you liked all your subjects and schedule. I remember hating AP because there are lot of dates to memorize lol

    What I miss in my senior high school year were the competitions we joined at and bragging those awards we worked hard for. Those were the best times!

    • I never did any competitions — wasn’t motivated enough, haha! I don’t regret it, though. I was happier with my more laid-back approach then.

      And oh, man, if I didn’t have band as a class option, I’d have been so mad. Band was my one consistent class from 7th to 12th grade, so if they’d taken that option away, I’d have been super pissed!

  9. Sounds like an awesome last year! Sounds like that teacher really appreciated you! =3 Its always nice when stuff like that happens!

    • Yes :) I adore my band teacher, and I’m grateful to her for everything!

  10. It’s pretty different over here (England), but I remember the last year of high school being pretty hectic. We take around 9-11 subjects and can pick about half of them, so at least there’s lots of variety :)

    • That’s a lot of subjects! We had 7 subjects + study hall, so to consider 2 to 4 more classes? That’s a bit much for me! LOL

  11. It’s funny how everyone’s senior year is so different. I enjoyed most of my senior year, but my second semester was so much better. My first semester I took 6 AP/college credit courses, so it was really rough. I was doing a LOT of studying and homework. But I really enjoyed all of my classes except for one – which I ended up dropping for the second semester because the teacher was just awful.

    My second semester I took a lot of blow off classes, like introduction to photography and a reading class (which was AMAZING.) And of course, the excitement of graduation and getting out of high school!

    I thought my senior year prepared me well for college, but I was also in a ton of advanced classes, so I was used to the heavy and difficult course load. I think students that took the regular classes would not have been prepared but I dunno.

    • When I said my senior year didn’t prepare me academically, I meant it didn’t prepare me maths-wise LOL I should have been clearer on that. I did good in my uni years and graduated with a high GPA. By the time I was in college, I had better study skills and took my courses seriously. I don’t regret taking it easy my senior year :) Your AP course load sounds like a nightmare to me, so I’m glad you had an easier second semester!

  12. I miss my senior year, as well, which I think equates to sixth form over here? I might be wrong, but either way yeah. I miss that period in my life. It was so much simpler, lulz.

    Your band teacher sounds awesome! That’s so sweet that she you gifted you a crystal teddy bear statue.

    I kind of messed up my senior year, I can’t lie, and nearly didn’t get into university because of it. I made it in the end, but those last few months were tough. I wasn’t a very academic person, so I never really tried. I guess that’s one of the things I regret but at the same time, I am where I am because what I’ve done and I’m pretty happy where I am now :) The thing I really miss about school are my friends. That’s what drove me to go to school because I would get to see my friends and best friend every day!

    My course load wasn’t heavy at all. It’s different over here, I think. You pick 3 subjects, maximum of 5 (I think? UK peeps, if you see this correct me if I’m wrong!) and study for those to get into university. Kind of glad I’m done with school, although I am looking to do a Masters, ha!

    • Senior year for us is the final year before we graduate secondary school and then go off to college or whatever XD

      Yike, I’m glad you were able to pull through and still go to uni! Even though you regret it, you’re right that it has shaped you for who you are ^^

      Good luck with your masters if you choose to go for it!

  13. Those classes sound really fun! It’s great that you had so much variety.

    We don’t have senior year over here (UK) so I’m not sure what the equivalent is, but I really loved being in 6th form (ages 16-18). We had really relaxed classes and I used to love getting up to spend the day doing drama and dance. I wish I could go back sometimes!

    • Yeah, I think it’s equivalent to sixth form :) I’m glad you enjoyed your sixth form and have good memories. I wish to go back then, too! I miss the simpler life we had XD

  14. That was interesting getting an insight into your last year of school. And I am not surprised you studied music! I studied music too – we had to have a total of ten units of subjects in our last year (most subjects were just two units), but we could do up to 12 or 13, because our scores would be taken from the highest 10 units, and if you wanted to have some kind of backup, you were totally allowed.

    I had music, advanced English, mathematics (there was an option to choose general mathematics which was easier, or to do three or four units of mathematics), biology, physics and general science. As you can see, I was on my path to doing that whole geology dream thing… :P That said, I wasn’t very good at mathematics. And because of all the science subjects I did, and because I did music, I would often end up with two exams per subject. I think I had the most exams every exam period. Some people were lucky to only have 5 (because they only did five subjects), but I had 11. Hahahaha.

    I don’t think I miss the actual work I did, not very much anyway. It was a good experience nonetheless :)

    • 11?! ACCCCCK! That’s an intense load! Good on you for managing that! I’d have totally not survived with such a load back then. Maybe now as an adult, but definitely not my teenage self!

      And yes, it’s not surprising I took music classes, right? XD Band was definitely my favourite subject!

  15. Sigh, high school huh… or even school days in general… everyone around me always say that they miss their school days. i, on the other hand, glad that i did not finish my senior year high school and skipped to enter college instead. after i completed the cambridge IGCSE O level, i did not pursue high school further and went for a 1-year foundation college program. so basically, after year 10, i insta-jumped to college and did not participate year 11 and 12…if that makes sense at all, LOL. confusing, i know. in here, naturally it’s 3 yrs of junior high school and 3 years of senior high school but yea, i didn’t complete my senior high school (year 10-12).

    ANYWAY, school was never a place for me. i’ve always have interest in science and i was a science major in high school but i’ve always felt like i was out of place and a whole lot stupider than the others because that’s how my physics teacher made me feel. it was embarrassing to say the least. so yeap, school was never a place for me and i’d rather study again in universities rather than be in schools, you know. BUT, to answer your post, in high school I took biology, physics, chemistry and business for my specific main courses while I also had to take chinese, english and other general classes such as music, physical education, math, I.T, etc. My favorite? definitely chemistry, english and I.T because they’re the classes that made me feel good and not a stupid loser :P and I excelled in them so yeah.

    I remember carrying a looot of textbooks and having to carry those thick books while climbing stairs. my school had lift but they purposely shut the lift off so students won’t use it. the reason? so we, students, won’t be lazy. it’s stupid, isn’t it LOL we didn’t get any lockers too and we’re not allowed to leave our thick books underneath our table. gahd, my school was dumb.

    I’m glad that you had good memories of school days though. I honestly have none. Honestly, I don’t miss my high school friends lmao I prefer my college friends more since they’re more mature and stuff.

    • If it makes you feel better, I had to lug my alto saxophone between home and school since 7th grade LOL I loved band, but I didn’t quite enjoy lugging that thing often! That combined with heavy textbooks? Not fun. But I’m surprised by the lack of lockers. We had them at least . . . O_O

      It’s interesting that you insta-jumped to college. Sometimes I wished I’d have done that, too, but I’m happy with what had happened.

  16. Sounds like you had an awesome last year in high school! It was also great for me. I was involved in a handful of extracurriculars. My school had an ACE curriculum, and all the schools following that held a national student convention every year. I competed in four events, and placed first in two! Those were some great memories. :D

    I also had my first boyfriend in senior year hahaha. :’D It was great at the time! My best memory though was graduating valedictorian. :D I did just okay in college though. I feel the same way in that I don’t think high school prepped very well me for college, but I went to high school in the Philippines and college in the US, so it was very different to begin with.

    • Woot for the ACE curriculum! I’m glad you liked that. Congrats on placing first in two events! That’s fantastic :D And whoah! You graduated valedictorian? That’s brilliant!

      I can definitely see some people feeling unprepared for a US college if they graduated from a foreign high school, and vice versa. But you survived it and did well, so that’s all it matters ^^

  17. It was interesting to read about your experience. It’s weird how some classes at the time seem relevant and later are not interesting or something that becomes a main focus in your life.

    I completed my high school via distance education. We didn’t use the internet much in those times and would post work back via the mail and have some phone conferences. I took a ‘pathways’ option, where I took longer to complete my certificate and spread the classes out. So it wasn’t that much to do at once. Thankfully I didn’t have to do maths because I was so terrible at it. >.< My main subjects that I liked were, Visual Arts and Information Technology.

    • Oh, wow, I knew of those old-style distance education, but I didn’t experience that at all. Thank you for sharing your experience on that system. I am not sure if I’d like the mail option much, personally, because I’m the type to want to get things done fast, hahaha!

      Maths is the evulz. I really struggled through those in high school and college.

  18. My Seniosryear of high school really didn’t have an impact in my life either. It was more my junior year. I had a creative writing class, and it solidified my desire and interests of being a writer. If only I wrote as much as I would like to, heh.

    • Oh, I loved my creative writing class, but I took it in college XD But still, it’s great when a class ignites your passion :D In a way, that was me with band!

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