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Ahhh, what a crazy month! I felt like I was always busy with something, and then there was that week where I was sick something fierce to where I had to call out for two consecutive days. That wasn’t fun, but I didn’t forget this month’s Blogger Dossiers post! I asked Shayne if she’d like to be featured. Shayne hails from Alaska, and she blogs about all sorts of meaningful posts. I love her wit and she has a fantastic sense of humour. Get to know Shayne better with this post, and do follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Shayne of Shayne Blogs

I’m Shayne, I actually find introductions quite awkward and I don’t like giving people a set criteria that defines who I am. I like to think we are all eternally growing and changing as we go through life! But right now, I’m a blogger, an office girl, wannabe global citizen, and a person with a never-ending list of impractical hopes and dreams. I like to believe that I think outside of the box. Ironically, that’s kept me in the same place most times, but it’s also helped lead me to experiences that I couldn’t have imagined.

Personifying Photographs

Shayne's Personifying Photos Shayne's Personifying Photos Shayne's Personifying Photos

Remarkable Recollection

It’s difficult to pinpoint just one memory, but what always stands out to me was the night my family left our hometown in the Philippines. We emigrated when I was fairly young. Both sides of my family have relatives all over the world, so I always knew I wouldn’t call the Philippines home for all of my life. My grandmother was the most heartbroken to see another branch of her family tree part ways. I remember her holding me tight, my face pressed against her neck, feeling her sob, telling me to never forget her. It’s a bit of a sad memory, but that’s my earliest memory of feeling really loved and cared for. To this day, when we visit the Philippines, it’s the hardest for me to say goodbye to her.

Musical Moment

I love Coldplay and “Paradise” is my favorite song of theirs. The lyrics are quite general and can be applied to a lot of people, I think. However, I’ve always felt connected to the song, like it was written just for me.

Coffee Break Conversation

If you met a genie who grants you three wishes, what are they? Why?
My first wish would be for everyone in my family to lead a life where they are educated, secure, and content with where they end up. Their well-being is really important to me. I tend to be the nurturing type (read: sort of in everyone’s business), but I do want the best for them always. My second wish would be that in my next life, or soon enough within this life, I’d be able to live abroad at least once for an extended period. As a piggy-back to my second wish, I’d want everyone important to me to live abroad as well.

What is one quirky habit of yours?
I count by twos when I’m chewing my food or when I’m exercising. When I’m running or walking, I count my steps and make sure that I land on an even number in the end. I’ve always been certain that this “quirk” has to do with my OCD.

If you could attend any college, free of charge, what college would that be and what major would you pursue? Why?
I’d probably attend Tokyo International University. My mom always had this notion that I’d be the one to study or eventually live in Japan. In her youth, she’d been active in Japanese-Filipino community rebuilding activities in the Philippines and always thought I’d follow suit. I’d probably work towards a Master’s Degree in International Relations, because I find globalization so fascinating and increasingly important to understand.

What are three things you think will become obsolete in ten years?
With the invention of back-up and even side-view cameras, I think car mirrors will become a think of the past. I also think plastic credit/debit cards and cable TV are heading towards their final days.

What fantasy would you like to live out? Why?
I come from a family of artists and performers, I’d like to experience performing in front of thousands of people at least once. Whether I’m the center of attention or in charge of the tambourine, I’d like to feel the energy of a crowd. I don’t think that’s anywhere in my cards, but it’s a fantasy nonetheless!


  1. It wasn’t good that you had felt so sick, but hopefully everything is good now? :D

    This was a great insight into Shayne. :D

  2. I swear I’d already commented on this! Thanks again for including me in this series! I really liked the questions you gave me. They were so different and interesting. They really made me take a step back for a second to figure out exactly what I think about each one.

    • Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed doing this, and I’m thrilled you like the questions! Believe it or not, I struggle with coming up with these questions X_X So that made me feel better, haha!

      Thank you again for participating ^^

  3. Aww, hope you’re feeling better! I was sick this month too, so I know how yucky that feels. x_x

    Shanyne sounds rather interesting! =3

  4. Great great way to know more about bloggers. I’m really enjoying these, Tara :D

  5. Hi, Shayne!

    You sound amazing – I’m off to check out your blog now :D Thanks for featuring her, T! x

    • Aww! Thanks, Chynna! Hope to see you around the blog! I saw that you also followed me on Twitter ^.^

    • Thank you for checking her out and reading this post! <3

  6. I loved her last two answers! Very insightful and Shayne sounds like a really awesome chick. 😄

    • Thanks, Georgie! That last answer was kind of out there. But if the opportunity every presented itself, I have a tambourine! =D

    • Shayne is brilliant! :D I adore her a lot ^^

  7. You can really see throughout her answers how much her family really means to her. I love that. I can’t imagine how hard it would be every time to leave the Philippines!

    I’ve never visited Shayne’s blog until now, but I couldn’t get it to load so I will have to visit later! She sounds very down-to-earth!

    • Oh, I hope you got the site to load! She’s very down-to-earth and easy to talk to ^^

    • Oh no! I didn’t know that it was broken? It’s been really flaky these past few days. I wonder what’s up.

  8. How cool! Alaska is one of the places that I really want to visit. I think Shayne’s memory and answers show how much she cares about her family, which is great. I loved the answer to the three wishes. I actually haven’t been to Shayne’s blog before, so I’m going to check it out!

    • Yes! I want to visit Alaska or even move there, too! But just in Anchorage area. I’m not too keen on Fairbanks area LOL

    • Thanks, Cat! I do love my family. I hope you got a chance to look through my blog. :)

  9. It’s cool how Shayne is from Alaska! I am loving the pictures of the palm trees and ocean. I can imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to the people we love, especially when we don’t see them often.

    It’s good to want others to live a healthy and good life. That’s how we all progress together :). It’s interesting to hear the schools that people would choose if it’s up to them- especially when it’s not one of the Ivy League’s! Car companies are starting to develop autonomous driving. Maybe we won’t be driving in the nearby future and will reply on bots to do it for us!

    • I’d definitely choose one of the more “famous” schools like Oxford and Cambridge XD So yeah, it was neat to read what her choice would be :D

      And huh . . . bots for driving. I could roll with that, since driving is not a strength of mine! XD

  10. I’ve never visited Shayne’s blog before, but I’m definitely going to. I’d love to go to college in Tokyo too. That would be so amazing!

    I think credit cards will become obsolete too, eventually. It’s so weird to think that they only became a thing in the last few decades, and they’re already being replaced. Technology moves so quickly!

    I love this series. It’s great to find out about loads of different bloggers!

    • Yes, I enjoy doing this series, too! :D It allows me to get to know bloggers better for sure!

  11. Such awesome pictures and stories. The one with her grandma just hits me home. I’m going to have to check her blog out.

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