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I’ve mentioned before that I have plans this year to improve my health by exercising, eating right, and quitting smoking. Well, I haven’t been doing well on those three things at all. That big photography contest I organised in February kept me busy starting in January, and then in March I was just exhausted from that project, so I had to put my health plans on the backburner. I hadn’t really thought about getting in shape for a long time, but then I saw one of my acquaintances share her experiences with her personal trainer a few weeks ago, and that started to turn some wheels in my head. Seeing her working out with good results encouraged me to start a new fitness plan.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

I decided to contact the same personal trainer my acquaintance uses. In the past I’ve tried exercising alone and with a buddy, but it didn’t last very long. Plus, it doesn’t help that I actually hate exercising. I’m hoping by working with a trainer, I can get the guidance I need and learn the right routine. I also want to ensure I’m doing everything safely — having a trainer will definitely help with that aspect. I’m going to meet my trainer once a week, and because I’m only meeting him once a week, I’ve requested that he teaches me no-equipment exercises I can do at home the rest of the week. I met my trainer last week for a consultation, and I’m liking him so far. He’s a super nice guy, and I look forward to working with him.

Signing up at Body & Seoul

While I was considering a trainer, I also looked into Body & Seoul, conveniently in my neighbourhood, and I asked for a quote on their personal trainers. The quote they gave me was way out of my budget, and I’d mentioned that to the owner. She recommended to me that I try FightFit. Basically it is a group exercise class where they do different routines every class, and they do multiple different exercises in bursts. In the past I’ve not enjoyed the group exercises I took with yoga and pilates because as a beginner, jumping into a mixed level class was a super bad idea, so I had no idea what I was doing there and the terminologies they used didn’t help. But FightFit looks like it will be different and won’t require me to study ahead to learn the terms and such. I also do like the idea that the routines will be different because exercising the same way over and over again is boring!

Third Step: Taking It Slowly

For my first month, I’m taking it slowly — I don’t want to start off by doing too much at once. My exercise regime will start on April 22, and that’s when I will start with my trainer. My first FightFit class will be on April 25. I’ll do my major workouts on Mondays and Fridays, and the other days I will do the exercises my trainer teaches me. After the first month, I plan to incorporate one more class into my routine — either another FightFit, Yogilates, or Pilates class. We’ll see how my first month goes first!

Have you ever hired a personal trainer? Would you like to one day? Are you into group exercises or solo exercises? What exercises do you enjoy?


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Having a trainer also makes you accountable, I find involving money is usually a good motivator.. granted I don’t have a trainer or have joined a gym :P

    Good luck with it!

    • Money is definitely a motivator — don’t wanna let that go to waste, you know! XD

  2. That’s actually a very good plan and I must say that I’ve never hired a personal trainer because I also hate doing excercise. I’m more comfortable doing exercise without realizing I’m doing it like dance class or pilates. I must recommend pilates which is a very good type of exercise for all the body. :D Good luck!

    • I tried pilates, but it was large class, so I didn’t feel like I was getting attention I needed as a VERY BEGINNER. I may give it a try again or take yogilates.

  3. Yay! Good for you, Tara. :D

    For me, I never bothered to hire a personal trainer because with my background I know enough to not require a trainer. (Being a physical therapist student and all). However, I do see the value in having a personal trainer.

    I’m into solo exercise, but I don’t mind working with a couple of other people to work-out. I used to work out with my best gal pals and it was fun when it lasted.

    For workouts, I love high-intensity intervals. I definitely try to incorporate a lot of strength/resistance training in my regimen.

    • Yeah, I think if I knew more about physical fitness and all, I couldn’t need a trainer, but nope! I know nothing, so I feel it’s best to start off with a trainer XD

      I’ll be trying out the high-intensity intervals thing with FightFit — I can how see that’s beneficial!

  4. I failed my giving-up chocolate resolution for the second time. Apparently, if you can do two weeks without something, then you’ve successfully quit it, but that’s not the case for me. Forever addicted to chocolate!

    It’s great that you’ve got a personal trainer. I keep saying I’m going to exercise more, but I have hardly any free time, so I always do something else instead. Hopefully the trainer manages to keep you on track. Doing something on a regular basis can be so hard!

    I enjoy dancing, as far as exercise goes. I feel a bit weird just doing it at home by myself though, and I don’t know if I want to commit time to a class. Maybe someday!

    • If you like dancing, you should look into Zumba! I, er, am not into dancing, so that’s not for me, but for people who love dancing, they seem to love Zumba! :D

  5. I am happy to hear that you’re trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle! With hard work and dedication, you’ll get some pleasing results~

    I hate exercising too, and having a personal trainer gives you that motivation to keep on going. The thing I like about getting a personal trainer is the perks that comes with it, such as the expertise on what you are supposed to do, and what you can’t do. (Eg. walk a mile in heels XD). Hopefully the sessions at Body & Seoul will be enjoyable! Remember, it’s all worth it at the end~

    I tried a session with a personal trainer recently. I ended up being sore for 3 days! Though, as long as I can listen to music, I’m fine with being on the elliptical/treadmill for an hour. The exercises I enjoy doing are the ones in martial arts class XD.

    • Even with music, I hated getting on the elliptical. I don’t know why. I can do some repetitive things, but exercise doesn’t seem to cut it for me LOL

      And martial arts is a good way to get your exercise and gain new skills! You should keep that up XD

  6. I’ve no doubt mentioned this in our conversations but I did have a couple of free PT lessons at my old workplace. It was honestly not something I felt I needed. Not many people admit it, but most people go to a PT because it gives them motivation and makes them exercise when they have someone giving them a little push. It’s not difficult, but it also seems like some trainers push really really hard, well out of your comfort zone, which can really suck for a beginner. I enjoyed working my way up slowly and independently and working at my own pace until I felt like pushing myself a bit more.

    I prefer exercising alone or with a friend. I am not a big fan of group classes, I know our workplace offers two free PT sessions a week but I haven’t gone for one yet because I’m not really one for group sessions.

    • I wanted a PT to start off with so I can learn the routine and the proper way to do things! Half of those stupid machines in the gym I don’t even know I’m using them right, so it’d be good to have a trainer show me if we do go that route :D

      But it’s good you don’t need a trainer and can do it without! You know what you need to do, so that’s good! ^^

  7. I had a free session with a personal trainer and it was the best workout ever. It was the most productive and intense one hour workout ever, and I got exposure to using the weights and non-cardio exercise machine that I find too intimidating to use by myself. (Otherwise I’m the type of person who is only comfortable with the treadmill…) If they have one within my budget, I would definitely do it.

    My old gym had free Zumba classes throughout the week and my instructor was wonderful. I admit, it was hard learning the dance moves initially, but she was so encouraging by saying not to worry about getting the moves right as long as you keep moving. This was my most enjoyable form of exercise because I had so much fun basically dancing to your favorite songs, and you can request a song be made into a routine. The toning sessions where we workout with weights were my favorite part.

    Yes, I definitely recommend taking it slowly. It’s very important to give your body enough time to recover between workout sessions to avoid hurting yourself. (I’m typing this as I’m recovering from a running injury…XD)

    Anyways, I’m super excited for you! I hope it goes well, and any progress is better than none!

    • Ouch! I hope you recover fast without any complications! I will definitely take things slowly! Part of my reason to hire a trainer is to avoid exercise-related injuries! With a trainer, I can at least do things the right way and not, I dunno, break my neck or something, haha!

      And I, too, find all those machines intimidating and unsure of how to actually use them. The instructions on the machines do jack, haha! I need someone to show me and ensure I’m doing them right!

      I might be more interested in Zumba if they were done in songs I like! I may be more partial to do it then XD

  8. Yay! Good for you, Tara! I’ve been trying to do the same all this year, and it wasn’t until the last month or so that I really built the habit to work out. I’ve just been so busy these past few months, that all I really had time for were walks/jogs during my breaks at work. But, I guess, for me the takeaway is that as long as we’re consistent in our efforts, there will be results! Slowly, but surely! :)

    • Yeah, I have to remind myself that not everything gives me fast results, and losing weight is one of them LOL I gotta remember consistency is the key! :D

  9. Getting started is the toughest part of working out. :) I also couldn’t motivate myself enough when it was just me or even with a buddy (’cause when you’re both in bed thinking, “man, I don’t feel like getting up today” then who’s there to kick you out of bed…?) I had a personal trainer for a while, and the only reason I no longer have one is because I’ve moved too far away from her, but I really loved her. It was a sense of accountability; like, I could say “not today” to my friend, but I couldn’t to a trainer.

    Starting slow is a really good idea, work up to it! Too many people feel the need to go from zero to nothing, and that’s how so many people “fail” at working out or go a week and stop, because they’re not used to everything that’s happening and it turns out to be way too hard.

    Good luck!

    • Yeah, I feel the same with a trainer. It’s like having a teacher, and if I don’t do what they assign me, I’d feel guilty, so it’s something I’ll really try to do LOL And definitely with you on starting slow. It’s tempting to get into all fast and rough . . . but I’ll take a different approach!

  10. Aww, I hope this turns out well for you. I’ve actually been pretty lazy with working out and keeping healthy, but also (and actually, mostly) because of my tight schedule with university. What helped me before (when I was obsessed with keeping fit) was having a friend come with me, having someone keep fit with was much more fun. I guess, a PT will help with this for sure so I’m all positivity with that!

    I hope this all goes well for you though Tara, I’m rooting for you! Keep on going, I can’t wait to hear about the outcomes!

    • Thanks! I’ll post a one-month later post about my regime :D

      And yeah, when I was in uni, I had NO TIME TO EXERCISE. School took precedent in my life then!

  11. I hear good things about having a personal trainer! It probably helps a lot to have someone to motivate you and figure out a routine that works well for you. The FightFit class sounds great too. I hope all of that goes well!

    I’ve never hired a personal trainer, but now that I have a treadmill, I’ve been running or walking almost every day. I think it helps that I watch Anime while I do it, so I’m not bored, haha. I’m definitely more of a solo exercise type of person!

    • Maybe if I can watch a show I want to watch like an anime or something, I’d be more compelled to go on an elliptical or treadmill. But the treadmill in our house is in the living room, and that’s my mum’s domain, and she will NOT let me touch her TV, so that’s probably not going to happen LOL

  12. Ahh I think it’s great that you hired a personal trainer! So much of our lives are sedentary that we need the kind of commitment that actually pushes us into improving our physical health! Telling myself I’ll exercise never works, which is why I made the decision to not move out of my current apartment – it is about a 1 mile walk from everywhere I need to go to.

    I also encourage you to quit smoking though you didn’t write about it. :) Definitely think about that while you are on your exercise regime. :)

    • Quitting smoking is not going well. I’ll try that once my exercise stuff is all good and dandy LOL One step at a time!

      And that’s a good idea to purposely live farther out so you can get your walking in :) Smart and cheap!

  13. Every single time I think about how overweight I am, I try this thing called dieting which is a failed attempt as soon as I start. It’s something about food that I absolutely love! UGH. I hate myself for it every single time.

    I’m a person, if I don’t see results IMMEDIATELY, then I quit.

    • Yeah, I want immediate results, too, but that’s not the case with losing weight. Ahhhh! Must not let that deter me!

  14. Ugh, I hate exercising too! I always fell myself that I should start getting fit and taking care of my body (desk jobs aren’t good for the health!) but I just don’t know where to start :( Plus I have a heart problem so I can’t just attempt any exercise regimen, I need something that’s suitable and fit for my capabilities.

    It’s a good idea that you hired a personal trainer! I feel like when you put in money on fitness and health, it makes you more accountable and conscious because you wouldn’t want your money to go to waste! Lol! Good luck with your fitness goals ;)

    • Perhaps a trainer would benefit you since you have a particular health issue. Either that, look online for some ideas on what type of exercise you can do :)

  15. That is so great that you want to make some healthier choices for yourself. Since I have been doing this, I have been feeling different.

    Having a personal trainer is such an awesome idea. I am sure that they will be able to help with tips and motivation to really keep on track. :D

    It also sounds like a really cool idea to be part of a group that has a focus on exercise. I hope FightFit works out really well and you don’t have to know a lot of terms before you go.

    Taking it slow is really a key thing. In the past I have tried to do everything too fast and given up. Now I am just pacing myself and making it a lifestyle change, not just a ‘diet’ or short-term goal.

    I have never had a personal trainer. If I lived in a city, it might be something I would consider, but I am reserved so it might be awkward (same for group exercise). I like walking, and mainly anything that isn’t too extreme. xD

    Good luck with this. I know you can do it. :D

    I found it was easier to stop drinking soda then smoking. I still haven’t managed to quit yet…… Oops.

    • Thank you, Kya! <3

      I agree that it’s way easier to stop drinking soda. I don’t crave soda, so it’s not something I drink often. I do have it once in a while, but it’s not something I drink a lot of ^^

  16. Cheering you on! I’ve never had a personal trainer (still not considering) but I very well know how challenging it is to commit to ANY fitness regimen. But as hard it is to motivate myself, signing up for gym or working out with other people just aren’t options for me. Working out is my me-time and I try to squeeze in as much as I can, even if it’s just a twice-a-month run and once-a-week yoga!

    • Thanks, girl!

      Everyone has their preferences with working out, and it’s important to do it the way you want to :D And it’s good you try to get some exercise into your schedule!

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