A Day in the Life: April 2016 ~ A Whirling Wednesday

A Day in the Life

It’s been a while, but it’s time to participate in Georgie’s “A Day in the Life” linkup since April 6, 2016 proved to be a super busy Wednesday. Normally my Wednesdays have me at work doing the same ol’ thing. This Wednesday decided to be a bit different. I actually took the day off for my bi-annual hospital torture session, and I also planned to meet my friend Piokun. Those two simple plans kept me on my toes! Read on, and you’ll see what I mean . . .

A Whirling Wednesday (Photo from Unsplash.com)

Hospital Humpday (aka A Craptastic and Expensive Torture Session)

I took a cab Yonsei Severance Hospital, checked myself into the International Health Care Centre, and watched them take my money for the medical tests scheduled today. T_T Next came the vampiric process of blood drawing, which gave me a lovely bruise. Then came the pissingly uncomfortable procedure involving the toilet, bodily fluid, and a cup. With the tests done, I had two hours to kill while my bodily fluids were sent off to the magical computers for analysis. Since I had to starve and dehydrate myself for the aforementioned tests, my first agenda was to get some comestibles. I went to Pho Bay and had their grilled chicken rice, and I had some iced vanilla latte at Tea Oreum while I spent my time Kakao Talking with friends and writing in my letterbook.

Finally, I met my doctor for a five whopping minutes. She went over my test results and showed that my numbers are decent, but a couple of them went up more than my last test, so I need to be a bit more conscious with my diet and try to exercise more. Easier said than done. I did ask my doctor if I could have cheaper medicines, so she allowed it, and that saved me about 180,000 won ($160 USD). That meant I had to charge more money on my poor credit card. I picked up two of my meds in the hospital, but one of my meds had to be ordered at an outside pharmacy. I escaped from the dreaded purgatory and made my way to the pharmacy where more money had to be charged :( Thankfully, I finally left that side of Seoul and took a bus to my neighbourhood :D

Dinner and Dessert Divertissement

I wasn’t about to meet Piokun with my huge stash of meds, so I made a quick stop at my house. Piokun and I decided to eat dinner at Zweiter Stock, which is kind of a German restaurant . . . with other European-based dishes. Neither of us were really wanting German food, oddly enough; Piokun had the lamb shepherd’s pie, and I ordered the chicken and capers pasta. Yum! We were quite content and satisfied with our meal. But then my sweet tooth had to kick in, and we both went to Eclair by Garuharu for some dessert. Piokun chose the salted caramel cake, and I demolished an Earl Grey milk eclair. Nommmmms. Here are the photos of our dinner and dessert!

Chicken and Capers Pasta Lamb Shepherd's Pie Eclairs and Cakes Earl Grey Milk Eclair and Salted Caramel Cake

Shopping for Sustenance

Before we parted, Piokun accompanied me to the Well-Being Mart, a supermarket that’s so cramped, crowded, and chaotic. I hate going there, but it has the best prices in the area. My mum requested me to get her the following:

  • Korean-style noodles (칼국수 = kalguksu)
  • Zucchini (호박 = hobak)
  • Clams (바지락 = bajirak)
  • Uncurdled Tofu (순두부 = soondubu)
  • Cinnamon Candies

After making my way out of there as fast as I could, Piokun and I headed to The Bakers Table — bread for him, and an apple tart and cinnamon roll for my parents. We parted, and I came home all happy knowing that I don’t have work tomorrow. Whoo hoo! Huzzah for a day off, which I’ll definitely enjoy, because it ended up being a super crazy day!


  1. FIRST!!!! (Hopefully)

    Hahaha, that part about the hospital taking your money. I think I’m more scared of the bill than whatever I’m feeling when I go to the hospital. And that’s with health insurance, so I cannot even fathom the stress if I was uninsured.

    The eclairs look so perfect! And the topping on that caramel cake looks amazing! I’m always stunned by how cute Asian pastries look. Or maybe I’m just surrounded by ugly (but still delicious) pastries.

    • You are, indeed, first LOL

      Yeah, if I had to go to the hospital without insurance . . . I’d be pretty unhappy, more so than I am with insurance! I’m thankful for it, but when I compare it to Korean health care . . . WHYYYYY.

      I love pastries that look so cute and neat! Of course, that’s not guaranteed it will taste good, but at least it will look delicious!

  2. Oh, word! I hate going to the doctor’s office so I feel your agony, dear one 😞. And it has always bothered me that you have to spend so much money just to feel violated, LOL! But it’s life, I suppose.

    Your chicken and capers pasta looks so good! And that eclair! *drool*

    I’m glad you have a day off! Enjoy it!

    • Just to feel violated — you’re right about that X_X The thing-that-must-not-be-named . . . I know several procedures that I wouldn’t want to go through again!

  3. Hahahhaa, “I watched them take my money…” Medical expenses are the worst — even with health insurance!

    Those desserts look so good!!!

    • Yes! It’s ungodly expensive! :( Dunno how Americans can afford anything for their health!

  4. The hospital sounds like a pain. Bet you’re glad it’s over now – that’s got to be really stressful. I hate going to any sort of medical appointment. I get too nervous, even if it’s just to sort out tablets or something.

    Wow, that food looks so lovely! I want that eclair. It’s so pretty!

    Glad you had a fun day!

    • I’m glad it’s over, but I return every six months :( So I’ll be doing this all over again in September or October! Yayyyyy, NOT!

  5. The desserts look so pretty!

    It’s always nice when doctors are willing to give less expensive meds. :D

  6. I love eclairs! Those look so delicious! Medical expenses are crazy but I’m glad your doctor was able to save you some money on your prescriptions.

    • Yes, I’m glad to have saved some moola! :) Eclairs aren’t my favourite, but I don’t mind them every once in a while ^^

  7. It’s always a pain paying for medicines and tests and whatnot but I always try to think of it in a positive light because at least you’re aware of your health. But ouch, that poor card. BUT BUT it’s good for you!! That’s life I guess :(

    I’m glad it was a better day at the end, the food looks great! I always try find cheaper prices for food even though it’s always in the weird place of town. Gah >_<

    • Yes, my poor card took a beating! I’m currently waiting for my paycheque so I can pay off that card!

      Cheaper places for food is always good, but that sucks it’s in a weird place O_o

  8. Your description of being at the hospital is exactly how I feel. It’s a bit ironic since my husband is a nurse and loves everything medical sciencey, but good gracious get me out of there! Too bad it took forever, but at least she approved the cheaper medicine so that saved you some cash! Medicine can be so expensive. 0.0

    Those eclairs look to die for! Eclairs are probably one of my favorite desserts, but they are really hard to find in my area unless you buy them frozen at the grocery store which are not very good.

    What a crazy day! Enjoy your day off, girl!

    • Yeah, I wish meds were cheaper. It’d certainly help my budget a lot!

      Frozen eclairs are definitely not as good as fresh ones! I hope you can find some good pastry shops in your area in the future :D

  9. Even though you had to endure all of the wait from the doctor’s office, at least the results didn’t come out too bad! Changing your diet and needing to exercise is definitely more doable than anything worse :).

    The food you both had looks majorly yummy!! I am also digging the dessert fork that you used XD. I wonder how cinnamon candies are like, besides cinnamony XD.

    • Yeah, definitely doable, but at the same time, it’s tough!

      The cinnamon candy taste like cinnamon, but it’s not “spicy” like the Red Hots candies XD It’s mild, but it’s not a candy I’m fond of, but my mum loves it!

  10. U;m sorry you had a rough day at the hospital. Healthcare expenses are the worst, but getting yourself checked is so important. I wish the medical insurance industry didn’t have to capitalize on that. :(

    At least the food afterwards was good!

    • Yeah, it’d be nice if they didn’t capitalise on it much! X_X It’s ridiculous considering how much the Koreans pay for their meds and treatments!

  11. Ahh, that would have been really hectic at the hospital. I am not a fan of blood tests. >.< Whoa, thankfully you were able to save that much money. That is so expensive!!! Also glad that everything was good. Hopefully with diet and exercise changes they might go down. :)

    Yum. That food looks delicious and omg the desserts look so beautiful. *dribble*

    It’s annoying when supermarkets are so crowded. :(

    Hopefully not as busy next time. xD

    • Blood tests are quite painful when you have someone stabbing your arms to hunt down a cooperating vein! I also don’t like the bruises that come with the procedure :(

      The supermarket is always crowded X_X I try to go at a time I think it’s not busy, yet it still is! Bad timing on my part, haha XD

  12. Ugh, I never did like hospitals, and getting your blood drawn is the worse. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my fear of needles D:

    The food looks delicious though, so hopefully that made up for your not so pleasant time at the hospital!

    • I’m not a fan of needles, either X____X I can tolerate them, but ouuuuuuuuch. Given the choice, I’d rather not have point things being stuck into me, thanks! XD

      And yes, the food aftermath made up for the shitty hospital experience XD

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