My Favourite Things: April 2016

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First Tuesday of the month means it’s time to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. Like February, March had me trying out several new beauty products! I’m especially obsessed with one of them and cannot stop using it! I also learned something about oil cleansers this month, too, and experienced some breakouts, but I quickly figured out the issue on that. I learn new things all the time, apparently. With that said, here are my favourites!

Missha’s Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch

Missha's Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch

I’ve been wanting to try under-eye patches for a while. Eddy and I stopped by Missha because he was going to buy something, and I saw that these were 50% off! I bought two packs of 10 for 10,000 won ($9.00 USD), and I’ve tried them three times now, and so far they seem to be decent. I like how they’re easy to stick on; they don’t slide off, so yay for that! I hope to see some improvement with regular usage. They do make me look like a raccoon, though!

Skinfood’s Argan Oil Silk+ Hair Mask Pack

Skinfood's Argan Oil Silk+ Hair Mask Pack

I was talking to Eddy about how I don’t really like to use conditioner in my hair because every time I rinse it off, it always feels greasy, as if the conditioner isn’t rinsing out no matter what I do. He suggested to try this hair mask pack for 9,000 won ($8.00 USD), which is like a conditioner, but better. I love how it leaves my hair silky and soft. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, and when I rinse it off, it doesn’t feel like greasy like the conditioner! I’ve been using this about once a week so far, and my hair seems far healthier than before.

Skinfood’s Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil

Skinfood's Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil

Since Innisfree decided to be typical and discontinue my favourite gel cleanser that I use to double-cleanse, I decided to try an oil cleanser to clean my face at night, to remove all the sunscreen and grime that I’ve accumulated on my face. I bought Skinfood’s oil cleanser when it was on sale for 30%. It normally costs 16,000 won ($15.00 USD), but I bought it for 11,200 won ($10.50 USD). This smells exactly like the brand’s black sugar mask. The one thing I learnt about using the oil cleanser is that I cannot combine it with the cleanser below . . .

Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin

Lush's Angels on Bare Skin

I love this cleanser, though it is pricey at 22,000 won ($21.00 USD), but it’s not meant to be combined with the oil cleanser above! I started breaking out! The oil residue wasn’t being washed away with this clay-based cleanser, hence the breakouts. Instead, I’ve switched up my routine to use this in the morning when I don’t use the oil cleanser, and that’s been working out a lot better. I really do like this cleanser — it has no surfactants and preservatives, and its lavender scent is amazing. Plus, it leaves my face feeling nice and soft!

Lush’s Dirty Body Spray

Lush's Dirty Body Spray

Lastly, this body spray is my life! It’s priced at a whopping 41,500 won ($40.00 USD), but it’s worth it for me. I haven’t been crazy about body spray in a long time, but this scent completely owns me. Eddy wears it regularly, and he told me that the scent is unisexual. I tried it once and never looked back. It’s minty and has a spicy undertone that I just love. Seriously, I cannot stop using it. I truly wish for an endless supply of this spray!

Have you tried any of the products I listed above? Do you double-cleanse with an oil cleanser? Have you tried a clay-base cleanser like Angels on Bare Skin? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


  1. Unfortunately no :( I don’t try beauty products but I am interested. I do have an acne problem. Blah, it sucks. I wonder what would work good and not be too pricey? Would you recommend something to me? I’m unfortunately not too knowledgeable in this area.

    • I’ve heard good things about Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner for acne. In fact, I have Benton products that I will start using and will share my experience later. Also, using tea tree oil spot treatment from Skinfood is good on your acne, too. Lush’s Herbalism facial cleanser is said to be good with blemish-prone skin, too.

  2. I am liking this skincare post! I can imagine all of the good eye parches can do, especially when you have dark bags that needs remedy.

    My mom used to use the sugar cones to shower with, and they make your skin really smooth! Lush makes amazing products where you can feel the awesome texture of whatever you’re using. Would you try the garlic-based cleanser? XD.

    That body spray is expensive!!! I’m glad that it is doing its magic on you ;).

    I haven’t tried any products above, but I’m using Cetaphil as my facial wash. I’m going to switch to Clinique’s acne solution tonight though ;).

    • Garlic-based cleanser? As long as I don’t smell like garlic afterwards, yeah I’d try it!!! :D

      I hope Cliniques acne solution work out for you!

  3. That hair mask sounds really interesting! I’m going to add that to my next Korean cosmetic and skin care shopping list. I really need a good hair mask as I don’t do anything with my hair at the moment. I feel that it’s really really drying out at the ends.

    • I hope you’ll like the hair mask if you get it. It’s a great product to use for your ends, or so I think ^^

  4. I want to try the eyepatch! I have dark undereye circles and I seriously need to do something with them.Right now I am using a cream but I just started so I can’t say it’s working yet. I hope so!

    I always read good reviews with Lush but the only product I bought with them before didn’t seem to work on me. But I would like to give Lush another try! :)

    • I hope the cream works out for you! Which one is it? I’m curious, haha XD

      And you can always try other products from Lush. That’s what I did and I found a couple of things I love now!

  5. Wonderful and informative post. Those eyepatches look really helpful.

  6. Hmm. Firming Eye Patch. Firming Eye Patch Firing Eye Patch, Nope. No matter how many times I say it, it doesn’t make sense to me, heh.

  7. Body spray sounds interesting, I am not sure if I would like it or need it though. Even when I do a big workout at the gym, I don’t sweat much, and I definitely don’t smell that much, or at all. :S I do however love body lotion to keep my arms and legs smooth. They get scaly haha.

    Funny that conditioner makes your hair greasy as well. I’m not sure if I have that problem anymore, though I used to. Maybe it depends on the type. I have some hair masks I want to try though, they can really help keep hair in tip top shape. :)

    • I wish I didn’t sweat as much! I want your genes, Georgie! XD

      It doesn’t make my hair greasy, but rather I feel like it’s never being washed out, so I feel like my hair is greasy, but it’s not. But I don’t feel that sensation with this hair mask XD

  8. Im glad that all the products you found are working well on you. I have tried Skinfood products before.If i can remember, it’s an egg white mask but I decided to stop it when I read a review on a blog that it contains high acid and it scared me lol. Too bad I read the review after buying the mask lol.

    That body spray is sure expensive and I have never tried it, maybe Ill try this one you posted.

    Thanks a lot for posting the products you are using. :)

    • I don’t think I’ve tried the egg white mask. I’ve only stuck to their black sugar line. It does help to review before you buy, definitely! ^^

  9. Haha, I feel like most masks and other facial products always make people look silly. I think that’s why it’s so much fun to do it with others because you can just laugh about how ridiculous everyone looks! :P

    I’ve never heard of conditioner making hair greasy before – my hair is a tangly mess if I don’t use conditioner! I’m glad you found that hair mask that keeps your hair silky smooth!

    • It doesn’t make my hair greasy LOL It just feels that way because no matter how long I rinse it off, it feels slippery?! But the hair mask doesn’t feel that way XD

  10. I haven’t heard of a hair mask! That’s an interesting alternative to conditioner. I know what you mean about the greasy feeling from conditioner. I’ve experienced it with certain brands.

    I really like the feeling of oil cleansers, and I’ve been using the DHC one. I don’t normally combine it with another cleanser though. Using it already makes my skin feel soft and clean!

    I haven’t used any of the products on the list, but I’m glad you’ve found several things that you like! Picking beauty products can be very hit or miss!

    • Yes, I do believe the hair mask is a great alternative to conditioner :D

      I feel that if I don’t follow the oil cleanser with another cleanser, I’m left with the oil residue and that causes me to breakout :( So yeah, I have to follow it with another cleanser!

      You’re absolutely correct about picking beauty products being a hit or a miss. I feel like it’s a lot of misses most of the time.

  11. I love looking at beauty products, but I’m terrible at using up my supplies. Your post is reminding me to go use my face mask from Skin Food. I do want to buy their black sugar products…ah so tempting. Oooh and new patch! I’m starting to feel like I need them…

    • Yeah, I’ve been trying my best to use up my stuff, and I’m learning to not stock up on things any more! X_X Apparently I want to try out new products all the time! Ack!

  12. Does your conditioner have cones in it? If you check the ingredients list and see stuff that ends in -cone, those things can build up on your hair and make it feel not that great. A clarifying shampoo could be an option for you. I would check those ingredients first though!

    I ordered oil cleanser online and it’s arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait! XD

    • Thanks for the heads up on the -cone ingredients! I did check and there is one -cone in it. ~_~; Oh well. I don’t use it that often — once a week, so hopefully that’s not too bad?!?!?! I’ll keep an eye out for a -cone-free one for the future, though!

      Let me know how the oil cleanser works out! ^_^

  13. This all looks so great! The packaging for the body spray is interesting, I think I’d feel so weird spraying that on myself :D

    It seems really hard to find a natural shampoo and conditioner that does a good job. Mine are ok at the moment but my hair doesn’t stay anywhere near as clean as when I use one full of sulphates and junk. Sometimes I slip back into the sulphate use for a little while but always end up going back to natural products.

    I also noticed Raisa’s comment about silicones, not all are bad (apparently), you just want to make sure the ones in it are water soluble, however it is better if you’re able to find a product without them though (it’s hard!). This might help out on your quest.

    • The packaging is definitely . . . unconventional, but I’m used to it now and I only really care about the scent more than anything else XD

      Yes, I noticed that sometimes the junk-free products may not be as efficient, but I think it’s the matter of finding one that works the best, and so far it hasn’t been found yet LOL

  14. I haven’t used any of the products you mentioned, but I sure approve of the argan oil hair mask. I use an argan oil-infused shampoo and unlike other shampoos, it doesn’t make my hair and scalp dry. I’ve read some bloggers swear by argain oil too for their skin. :)

    • Argan oil is great for your hair and skin, I read! I may have to try an argan oil-infused shampoo one day :D

  15. Ooo that oil cleanser sounds lovely! Black sugar…yum! You said that the oil cleanser was leaving residue, and it sound like it could be that the oil wasn’t emulsified properly. Basically after you use the oil on your dry face, you’ll want to add a bit of water to your skin so that it turns into a milky texture, and then you can wash it off :)

    If this is a non-emulsifying cleanser (I think most asian oil cleansers emulsify, so this shouldn’t be the case), you can also remove it using a hot wash cloth. Hope this helps!

    • I’ve been emulsifying it. But I do think the problem lies with the Angels on Bare Skin — that just doesn’t wash the oil cleanser off very well like the more traditional cleanser. I’ve not been breaking once I started using another cleanser after using the oil cleanser :)

  16. Ooh I’ve been hearing about using oil facial cleansers lately and have been really keen to give it a try! Do you typically use a gel cleanser after oil ones? I’m a bit scared to do the double cleansing since my skin is pretty dry but I think I just need to read more about it.

    And I’ll definitely give that Lush facial wash a try. My skin’s being really difficult lately so that might help :D

    • I use a gel cleanser and will start a foam cleanser when I’m done with the former :D I don’t feel like it makes my skin dry because I put all the other skincare stuff on after XD

      Hope the Lush one works out for you!

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