Symphonic Selections: Etude Op. 10, No. 3

Symphonic Selections

Since I got my digital piano, I’ve been thinking about all these piano pieces I know. One of them, a piece by Chopin, became stuck in my head for a while, and I started to hum it often. It just wouldn’t leave my head, so I decided it would be an appropriate piece to feature in my Symphonic Selections column. Not to mention I am a huge fan of Chopin’s compositions, and I hadn’t even featured him yet, so Chopin it is!

This piece by Chopin is one of his many etudes, a musical composition meant for musicians to practise their skills. This etude is also known by its nickname, “Tristesse”. This is a gorgeous piece that follows an A-B-A form. The “A” sections are my favourite part because of its tranquil melody, with hints of sadness. The B section is faster, more spirited, but I do like the A section’s melody a lot more. This piece has been used in popular media and other musical arrangements such as “Dans la Nuit” by Sarah Brightman, but I will always prefer the original piano arrangement the best.

Anyway, I hope you like this short piano piece! Let me know what you think, and let me know if you’re a Chopin fan!


  1. I’ve not actually heard of Chopin before but I’m going through some of his stuff now and they are all so beautifully written and perfect for someone starting to play the piano again I think! :D

    I agree, I like the A sections too – so calming! I am a fan of Chopin now for sure. :)

    Gah you’re making me miss playing!! The last time I played was at a friends house and I played “Dearly Beloved” from Kingdom Hearts (I believe thats the name? Not 100% sure anymore!)

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re liking Chopin! His music is exquisite.

      You should play when you can again! I actually figured out parts of “Dearly Beloved” on the piano, the easy version, haha! I love that song. :D

  2. That’s a really great piece. I wish I could play the piano – I keep trying to learn, but it’s so difficult! I wish I’d learnt when I was a lot younger, then it’d be so much easier.

    • It is difficult, but persistent practising will pay off ^_^ I wished I’d kept up with it when I was younger, too, but that’s what I’ll do now as an adult ^^

  3. I’ve heard of Chopin before and I’ve always loved his pieces! They’re so beautiful. I’m so jealous you know how to play the piano! I’ve always wanted to learn.

    • Chopin is amazing. Those composers from the past all wrote beautiful compositions.

      It’s never too late to learn! If you really want to play, go for it!

  4. Beautiful song! I especially like the softer parts in the beginning and end. I think it’s interesting how it gradually builds up and seems to alternate between quieter and louder parts.

    • Yeah, a lot of classical pieces have a structure to them, so it works out all nicely :) Heck, even modern music is structured into a form, too, so they’re everywhere!

  5. It sounds so beautiful! I have never heard this before and it really has such a harmonic sound. It was also interesting to learn about it being a kind of training score. :D

    • Yeah, a lot of composers wrote pieces for other people to practise with. It’s amazing that an exercise piece can sound so lovely. ^^

  6. It’s a beautiful piece, I love the crescendo from 1:00 – 1:10, especially because it sinks back into the melody so nicely! I like Chopin’s Nocturne in B-minor, and many of his other works, but his Nocturnes stand out for me!
    I wish I could play a more expressive instrument like piano – it’s hard to get such an effect on the trumpet!

    • I do like his Nocturnes, too! I’ll have to feature some of them in the future :D I need more Chopin in my life and I’m all about spreading the love for his work!

      And the trumpet can be very expressive, too! Jazz, especially, works wonder with the trumpet :D

  7. I can’t wait to hear you play Chopin Etude No. 3 XD. I love hearing this kind of piano pieces while being at a ~fancy~ restaurant. I do hear the pattern where the tone changes throughout the music. You get something wild then everything ~calms down~

    • HAHA! I don’t think I’ll be playing it any time soon, but it’s definitely something I can try and get to! ^^ I love hearing classical music in restaurants and coffee shops because it really sets the mood and atmosphere.

  8. Ahhh! You sent a rush of feelings back to me. When Josh and I first started dating, he told me that his mom forced him to play the piano growing up and he played this for me to impress me!

    I don’t listen to a lot of classical music but Chopin has a special place in my heart.

    • Thank you for telling me the story about Josh performing it for you! That sounds so romantic and sweet :D It’s a perfect song to woo someone XD

  9. Oh gosh, I’m so musically illiterate. I probably am a Chopin fan but don’t know it since I just leave my spotify playlist to general piano music when I’m studying. XD

    • I’m sure you’ve heard Chopin a lot here and there! His songs are in quite a lot of things! ^^

  10. I learned to play piano when I was young but when our electric organ broke… so did my piano skills which I barely had. I do appreciate classical music so much though and I love this piece!! Chopin’s awesome. Who else are your classical music inspirations? Hope we can hear you play as well! :)

    • My other favourite classical composers are: J.S. Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Piotr Tchaikovsky, and so many others! ^^ I adore classical music so, so much.

  11. I love this series because I’m not very familiar with classical music, so you’re opening up a whole new world to me. :) This piece is lovely! I’m not as musically inclined as I want to be (or thought I was) also, so I appreciate anyone who is.

    • You don’t know how glad I am to hear about you loving this series because it’s introducing you to classical music! This is exactly my goal with this column, so I am stoked to know it does that to several readers! ^^

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