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Blogger Dossiers

It’s been pure March madness for me! From being sick at the beginning of the month to the craziness that’s called work, I’ve been kept busy. And now April is around the corner, and I know that month will also keep me hopping. I honestly need a vacation. Ahhhh! One day! Until that happens, here’s this month’s Blogger Dossiers post! I asked Chynna if she’d like to be featured. Chynna is an awesome blogger buddy who loves food as much as I do. She’s also a Londoner, and that makes me want to haul butts to London so she can show me around ^_^ Get to know Chynna better with this post, and do follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Chynna of The Invisible Child

I’m Chynna. I’m a 23-year-old aspiring writer. I feel like it’s always important to point out one’s age. My hobbies include eating like there’s no tomorrow, dancing like nobody’s watching, and reading all the books. I’ve been known to watch way too much television, and I’m that type of person who is quiet when you first meet me, but then goes crazy once you get to know me.

Personifying Photographs

Chynna's Personifying Photos Chynna's Personifying Photos Chynna's Personifying Photos

Remarkable Recollection

One of my favourite memories has to be going to Dunns River Falls with my granddad in Jamaica when I was 9. I specifically remember losing my flipper in the water and my granddad telling me to toughen up because he decided to walk up the rocky path barefoot. It was extremely wet, extremely loud, but so much fun.

Musical Moment

Most people will have no idea what she’s going on about, but I am in love with Rihanna’s latest song featuring Drake, “Work”. She uses Jamaican patois in her lyrics, which is an English-based Creole language with West African influences. The beat is just so catchy and every time it comes on, it makes me want to get down.

Coffee Break Conversation

What is one thing you hope to achieve in ten years?
I’m sure everyone and their mother already knows the answer to this question, but in case you didn’t know — I want to be an author. In the next ten years I want to secure that ever so important book deal, become the next J.K. Rowling, and just retire at the age of 35. Cool story, bro.

As a traveller, what is one place you would recommend to visit in the United Kingdom and why?
As a Londoner, and I’m sure other Londoners will agree with me, it’s pretty rare to visit anywhere outside of London. I remember before I went to university in Coventry, the only place I’d been outside of London was Worcestershire and only because I was made to visit family.

I really liked Cardiff in Wales when I went to visit and not only because the Doctor Who exhibition is there. It’s a lovely city, and it has loads of places to explore. There are definitely more restaurants I would love to check out when I go back to visit.

What are some of your favourite books?
Ooh, that’s a difficult one because there are so many books that are my favourite.

One of them has to be Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. My tattoo is actually a quote from the book said by the Cheshire Cat. It says “We’re all mad here” and has the Cheshire Cat’s grin. I love how trippy the book is and what a whirlwind of an adventure Alice is. Although, who in their right mind follows a rabbit down a hole?

Another would have to be The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I adore the way this man writes and the way he describes things transported me straight into another world. If you like happy endings, then I’ll warn you now because this book is not for you.

I also recently read Making History by Stephen Fry. It is set up as if Hitler didn’t exist, which is an ambitious book to say the least! It worked and I was extremely pleased with the way the book was written. Got to love Stephen Fry!

If you could be a food, what would you be and why?
I would be a burrito. You know how they’re usually filled with different ingredients? When you take a bite, it’s different flavours every time? That’s basically me. Every single second you get to know me, you encounter a different flavour. I’m multi-faceted. I have so many layers to me and I am so freaking interesting. I swear.

Where is your happy place?
I can honestly say it’s the kitchen. Whether I’m sneaking something out of the fridge or cooking — because I love to cook — the kitchen is the one place where I am truly happy. Food will never let you down, man.


  1. I love Chynna! ;) I didn’t realise how much I knew about her until i read this, I was like, OMG I KNOW THIS ALREADY haha! xD

  2. Woooo! The Book Thief is my favourite book too.

    I love how Chynna shares a lot on her blog about food and about London. I know where to look for when I visit there. I am obsessed with the city and I haven’t even been yet. 😆

    • The Book Thief is definitely up there as one of the best books I’ve read :D

      I want to visit London badly, too! I hope to make it there one day and I’ll definitely use her blog as a guide and even try to hook up with her! ^^

  3. I adore Chynna! I’m glad we got to meet in person. She’s so nice! I’m excited that you featured her. She’s a very talented writer.

    I’m a little obessed with the song work too 😆 It’s a little out of character for me but it seriously haunts my everyday life, LOL!

    • I think it’s great you guys met each other :D I hope that will happen to me and you guys, too XD Chynna’s definitely talented! I’ll be on a lookout for her book, too XD

  4. I sincerely adore Chynna <3 Her adventures in London are quite fun and she has that sense of humor that I love!

    • She’s definitely an awesome chic :D I adore her adventures and her personality!

  5. I’m glad that Chynna is being featured as Blogger Dossiers! It’s so cool to see her adventures as a Londoner and doing all sorts of cool stuff.

    If Chynna writes a book, I’ll make sure to read ’em! London is one of my “travel destinations” in my list! It looks like a really neat city with lots of history~

    Burritos are delicious- especially with the right hot sauce (yum!)

    • Let’s go to London together XD That’d be awesome, haha!

      Burritos are definitely yummy! I discovered that adding lentil really gives it a neat flavour and texture!

  6. I have no idea what she’s eating in that first picture, but I want it! XD

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