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Last month, I went to Eddy’s place, and I saw his digital piano, a Yamaha P-115. I tried it out and discovered that the piano was actually nice. It was a full-sized piano with weighted keys. Playing on that made me miss playing the piano on a regular basis, so I deeply considered buying my own. I mean, heck, I used to play the piano regularly when I was volunteering and subbing for my high school band teacher, and I’d forgotten all the songs I’d learned back then. Then my mum mentioned to me why I don’t get a digital piano and play again. That simple suggestion and trying out Eddy’s piano cemented my desire to invest in a digital piano of my own.

The piano and I have a rocky relationship, believe it or not. My mum “forced” me to take piano lessons when I was in first grade, but I’d hated them. I quit after a couple of months. I went for years without playing until sixth grade. That year, my mum wouldn’t let me take band. Instead she gave me the ultimatum to play the piano or don’t do anything else. Grudgingly I signed up for piano lessons, and I did them for a year. Looking back now, I’m glad she gave me that ultimatum because that eventually prepared me for band when I defied her and signed up to learn the alto saxophone.

The alto saxophone became my main musical instrument of choice until I graduated high school. But in my senior year of high school, I began to play the piano again. Someone showed me how to do what I call the basic chords, and I became interested in learning how to play video games and anime soundtrack pieces. After high school, I worked for my band teacher, and that was when the piano became my main instrument. Yet once I changed jobs and I didn’t frequent the band room often, I couldn’t keep up with my skills. At one point I’d planned on purchasing a digital piano sometime in 2008, but I’d changed my mind at the last minute.

126 Baby-sitters Club Books

Last month changed everything, though. Eddy’s piano made me realise just how much of a mistake it was to neglect the piano. Therefore, I asked my Korean uncle, who’s a musician by trade, to help find a good deal on the Yamaha P-115. He hunted around and found me one with a wooden stand, a damper pedal, and keyboard cover for 720,000 KRW, which was $592 USD with the exchange rate. Excited that he’d found me a piano, I cleaned up this one area of my room that had all my Baby-sitters Club books and other junks. I said farewell to all 126 BSC books and said hello to my new piano.

Yamaha P-115 Yamaha P-115

I named this “Rachi”, short for “Rachmaninoff”, who happens to be one of my favourite composers. I am super thrilled by this piano. This really feels and sounds great. I honestly don’t have any other need for the other functions on the piano, so I could have done without those. My only complaint lies with the pedal. The plastic, rectangular pedal just feels too weird. I hope to get the pedal that’s shaped like an actual pedal in the future, and I need to invest in a headphone so I can play the piano in the middle of the night. Otherwise, though, I’m loving it! It feels fantastic re-acquainting my fingers to the songs they’d forgotten how to play. I may never end up being a concert pianist, nor will I ever be able to play Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2, but I can certainly play to de-stress and keep my brain and hands active!

Do you have a musical hobby? What can you play? If not, what instrument would you like to learn? Tell me about your musical skills and background!


  1. Unfortunately I have no musical hobbies, except maybe singing, but I sing very beautifully. I even sang at one of my uncle’s wedding, but that’s besides the point. The piano is very beautiful :) Glad you found a good deal on it!

  2. Yay! :D It looks very nice. I’m glad you decided to get a piano and that you like it. :) I hope you get to play lots of lovely pieces. I think most people have rocky relationships with their instruments.

    • Yeah, we all have our moments when we love and hate our instruments XD Rocky, indeed!

  3. That piano looks sooo beautiful! :) OMG I would love to get my hands on that beauty! It’s a great deal too!

    I love music but I regret not continuing my music lessons when I was young. My mom made me take piano lessons for a long time and I have gotten quite good at it, but my teacher said I didn’t “possess any kind of musical talent” and I would be better off not studying music anymore (Yes she did say this), so off I went.

    I play the guitar and ukulele though, but just basic songs :P

    • Uh, wow. I would have ignored that teacher and still practised because if it’s something I really love doing, then I’ll continue doing it! Just, wow X_X

      And yay for ukulele! I wouldn’t mind learning that or the cello!

  4. The funniest thing is that when you bought the digital piano, my brother took out the one I had and started playing with it. What a coincidence XD.

    It’s awesome that you bought one, especially since there are so many features with the digital piano. I can imagine you playing theme songs to video games flawlessly ;). Don’t worry, I have a rocky relationship with the piano as well despite being a music nerd @___@. It’s interesting to look back and think about the ultimatums our parents give us. Maybe what they wanted us to do wasn’t bad after all!

    The alto sax is such a beautiful instrument and can be played in multiple settings from wind ensembles to jazz to ???. Your piano sounds like a definite investment! Yamaha makes amazing instruments in my opinion. If I had a choice, I would buy all of my instruments in Yamaha XD. The thing I don’t like about some digital pianos is that the pedal feels really fake! It doesn’t feel the same as a real grand piano, but it makes sense since it’s a fraction of the cost.

    I haven’t played in an ensemble for years! It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I paid too much attention in developing my “professional/career skills” that I forgot about my past life of being a band geek *o*. My primary instrument was clarinet in HS, but I started out with violin since 3rd grade. Fun fun!

    • That is a funny coincidence!

      Yeah, the ultimatum they gave us can turn out to be something beneficial for us.

      The alto saxophone is definitely versatile! Too bad it’s not in a lot of full orchestras, though!!! Yamaha is indeed a great brand :D

      I hope you’ll return to music in the future! It’s a great lifelong hobby to have!

  5. That is so great that you decided to get one and I hope that it becomes a really great creative activity to express yourself through music. <3

  6. I always wanted to learn piano but never got a chance to do so. :(

  7. I have a keyboard, but I rarely play it anymore. I occasionally teach myself a few songs but it’s never become a regular thing. Good luck keeping at it – I’m sure you’ll do great! It is really fun and I wish I had more time for it!

    Last year, I got rid of a whole load of stuff so I could get a PS4 and it was definitely worth it. I don’t miss any of my old things, and the PS4 gets used every day, so it’s a win-win situation!

    • I need to do a major de-cluttering myself. Just, ahhhhh!

      And yeah, it is hard to make time, but I’m going to do my best to make time! ^^

  8. Ahh, that’s great! I’m glad you got one in the end, I haven’t played piano in years, I think the last time I did was when I was 14 years old? I used to play the piano at school and although I didn’t have lessons, I was okay at it. I enjoyed it a lot, it was so relaxing and I always felt like my fingers were doing things themselves. xD

    I need to go back to my musical background, I’m inspired now to go do that!

    • Do it! Go back to your musical background! Music is a great hobby to have! ^^

  9. I had a similar experience where my parents tried to force me to take piano lessons, and I hated the idea. I somehow got out of it and then chose to play the violin. Though I loved the violin, I very much regret not just doing the piano lessons. I wish I had learned it now.

    A digital piano is a great idea! That’s nice that it takes up less space and that you can use headphones on it :) I’m glad your uncle helped you find one, and that you really like it!

    • It’s funny how some things we hated as a kid is something we regret not keeping up with as an adult . . . I know I regret not really sticking to the piano much XD; But now I can remedy that a bit, so whoo hoo!

  10. Ah I wanted to learn how to play the piano when I was younger, but that never happened. We got a keyboard for my older sister, but my ability only extended to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Then my one year of clarinet in 7th grade band…

    I like that your keyboard has weighed keys. So fancy.

    • LOLOL! I wouldn’t say it’s fancy, per se, but it’s a whole lot better than the cheaper keyboards that feel so flimsy!

      And yay for some musical background. I say it’s better than none! XD

  11. I would love to be able to play the piano, but I can’t. Congratulations for your new piano, it’s wonderful. x

    • Well, if you really want to, then go ahead and learn! It’s not too hard, I think ^^

  12. The only musical hobby I have is Spotify. Haha unfortunately, I don’t have talents in that area but one of my dreams is to be able to work behind-the-scenes – maybe as a lyricist (I read somewhere that every writer was, at some point, a frustrated musician) or someone in production – at least once in my life!

    I love how minimalist and ergonomic your piano is!

    • Now that sounds like a good idea! You should really consider doing that :3 Writing lyrics isn’t something I’d be good at or enjoy, but if it’s something you want to do, then go for it!

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