Aigoo Chamna Network Version 26.5

Aigoo Chamna Network Version 26.5

It’s been over a year since Aigoo Chamna Network received a new makeover by Raisa. Ever since then, I’ve been slowly changing things on this domain. Many are minor alterations, to de-clutter things here and there. I figure if I’m going to try and de-clutter my books, I can also de-clutter my online space, too. This post shows the revisions I’ve made on Aigoo Chamna Network. I’m hoping that this will lead to something major in future, but I haven’t made my decisions on those plans yet. Until then, these minor changes will suffice.

Pages Permutations

1. I cleaned my “About” page and condensed the “about me” and “about website/current layout” sections.
2. I moved my contact information from the “About” page to its own “Contact” page.
3. I removed my “Linkage” page, which included links to old anime collectives and my own link buttons that nobody were using any more.
4. I deleted my “Hostees” page and listed the few hostees I have on the “Sites” page.
5. I included the “Columns” page to list the ones I do regularly.
6. I created two new sub-pages under “Archives” — one lists my column posts and the other is the expanded archive page.

Sidebar Shifts

1. I removed these from the sidebar: recent posts, post categories, and Twitter widgets.
2. I changed the “Miscellany” widget to “Connections”, and made that be the first widget to show on the sidebar instead of the last.
3. I cleaned up my blogroll and unlinked a lot of bloggers who were no longer active.
4. I condensed my sidebar to having three widgets, which keeps thing simpler for me and my visitors.

Miscellaneous Modifications

1. I added entry header images with all my posts.
2. I utilised the “More” function for all my posts.
3. I switched from SiteMeter to Statcounter because Cat alerted me to an unwanted issue.
4. I changed the settings to manually approve any future comments on the blog posts, and I make it a habit to respond to comments.
5. I disable comments on older entries to decrease the big, bad, no good spam.
6. I leave — when I remember — questions at the end of my entries so readers can answer them in comments.
7. I closed up a lot of sites in the network.

These are all the changes I’ve made so far. One of my future plans involves my categories. I will be merging, deleting, and changing them, and I will be honest in that I am not looking forward to doing all that! Nor am I looking forward to one other major change I have in mind . . . well, anyway, this is Aigoo Chamna Network Version 26.5, haha! It’s not an overhaul, but it’s something.

Do you make minor changes on your site? If you do, what are some changes you focus on? Are you planning doing some major overhaul in the future?


  1. Like you, I’ve made minor changes to my blog in the past to its current theme, but they’ve been unnoticeable for the most part, or just…minuscule cosmetic changes the naked eye may not recognize unless they look directly at the code.

    To name one off the top of my head: the links on my ‘Reads’ page are in a class entitled column; it’s responsive and displays the links how I want them to be displayed, but without a table. I used to use a table, but…eh, I grew too annoyed with it. >.<

    I still need to do construction on my categories and tags, but…ugh, that takes a lot of time. :/ I hate doing it, too. Since I merged ‘A Dash of Jane’ into 6birds, I now also have to make sure each recipe is added properly, as it didn’t import correctly despite me having my recipe plugin appropriately set up. >.>

    Future modifications will include figuring out a way to have my archive page set up as I wish, but without a plugin. I feel like having a plugin just for my archives page is becoming redundant; I just need to sort out a way to display it without one.

    Of course, 6birds will be getting a major makeover sometime this year, so I figured I might as well wait, no?

    I usually focus on changes that will help decrease the load time of my site, because sites with large load times are frustrating—especially on mobile. I also try to keep my resource/tutorial posts updated, because people still find them useful (and it only makes sense).

    For your miscellaneous mods, a few years ago, I found #4 to really help me with responding to comments/keep up with comments, because I try to keep up with them myself. :p I need to get back into the habit of not approving them until I’ve responded, though. /slacker

    • I’m all for decreasing the loading time. It drives me nuts when a webpage takes forever to load because it has too much stuff on it.

      I also wish I could figure out a way to not use a plugin to display my archives, but that’s one area I really haven’t figured out.

      Good luck with your future modifications!

  2. I always make minor changes on my site but I only document cosmetic ones in GitHub. I don’t really write about things on my blog unless they are a big deal. I usually do category renaming and shifting quietly. I use my gut feeling, if something doesn’t need announcing then I won’t announce it. The ‘versions’ of my site are usually only aesthetic overhauls. :) I also stopped properly counting them… I had about 47 versions on my first website. :P I just give them a name as I see fit!

    I’m still considering moving my blog away from WordPress and to a static site generator to optimise speed (now that is something I am working on in the background!) and because I would rather not have the bloat that comes with a content management system, but until I find something that ships with its own comment functionality, I am stuck. A lot of static site generators use Disqus or third-party applications, which I hate.

    • I agree that WordPress is very bloated :/ In a way I really miss the simplicity of Greymatter back in the day! And I hate Disqus, too, so I don’t blame you for wanting to find a static site generators that has its own comment function!

  3. I’m always tweaking bits and pieces on my site as I’m never satisfied with the way things look or function. I recently sorted out my categories and it was such a boring task, but I’m glad I did it. I’m currently going back through all of my old posts and adding featured images because I’m building a new theme that will utilise featured images. Again, this also really boring!!

    • That’s great you sorted out your categories. I know it’s boring, but when you’re done with the featured images, it will all look nice and consistent when you’re done. I kind of gave up on trying to make things consistent with my old posts because that’s just too much to go through since I have posts since 2001!

  4. And here I am, procrastinating on creating my “About Me” page…lol. I guess I better get to it this month. ^^;;

    Since I’ve come to accept that I no longer have time to create themes from scratch anymore, I do have some small minor changes that I’ve been meaning to do:
    – Change the CSS and customize the site more
    – Add my instagram pictures to the footer
    – Create more pages: goal trackers, book list.
    – Install my old plugins again. Get those emojis that I used to have back on!

    • Good luck with all those! Just tackle them little by little and they will get done eventually XD

  5. I like the progress you’ve been making on your blog! It’s not all about changing layouts, because content matters too. I looks like you’re making things more simpler and cleaner to look at :).

    It’s amazing to see how many categories you have on your blog! Hopefully that plan of continuing to innovate on your categories goes on.

    I like to make minor changes on my site, though the biggest focus is usually the “About me” page. I probably need a couple of months to do any worthwhile overhaul, so we’ll see! :D

    • I do have quite a bit of categories. I will want to try and condense those one of these days XD;

  6. I admit I don’t clean up my blog as much as I could, but I do address something once I see it. I’ve been thinking about removing my sidebar, but I’m not crazy about how my theme looks without it. My main concern is refactoring my code to reflect my abilities today. It’s gonna be annoying though, since I’ll have to change my past entries too!

    If you need help with style changes, let me know! :D

    • Thanks, Raisa, for your help!

      Gah, that does sound annoying, having to go back and change all of your past entries X_X I would like everything to be consistent, but the mere idea of going through my entries since 2001 is making me mentally ill and exhausted LOL

  7. This post is perfect timing for me, because I’m trying to get a big overhaul done on my blog this month. I’ve been blogging for such a long time that everything is a mess! After reading your list I feel more motivated to get on with it now, so thank you :)

    • Yay! Glad this list motived you! I hope your own overhaul turns out great and without any issues :)

  8. I need to actually create an About page but I’m so fickle and don’t wanna commit to whatever it’ll be! haha

  9. I love de-cluttering ANYTHING! I am known to de-clutter a lot online and offline! I like what you’ve done to de-clutter; I’m planning to de-clutter my blog again and re-vamp it with a new layout I’ve been working on :)

  10. Everything looks good! I can tell you did a bit of cleaning up! It’s always good to organize and declutter even when you aren’t changing the layout.

    Categories are always such a pain, I feel for every blogger. I organized mine a couple months ago and used a plugin to help merge, delete, etc. That made it a lot easier than manually doing everything. And then I just deleted the plugin when I was done. So that might be helpful if you haven’t already got something in mind!

    I usually do big blog overhauls about twice a year, but I edit and tweak a lot of things as I go. My last one was a couple months ago when I did a big overhaul with new website and everything. It was like an early spring cleaning, haha. I always love how I feel after I clean the blog up. I feel so organized!

    • I don’t have any plans in mind yet on how to tackle those categories, so I may contact you in regards to that, haha! :D

      I should do more renovations on my blog. I do agree that I like the clean feeling afterwards, too!

  11. They’re all great changes, it’s always nice to have a bit of a spring clean! If the changes help you in the daily running of your site then they’re worth it =] Sorting out categories is a big one for me too, I’m hoping to get them sorted by the end of the week. I’m not looking forward to it!
    I’m enjoying using the columns page to go back over any of your Symphonic Selections posts I might have missed! =]

    • Oh, yay! I’m glad the column page is beneficial to you! I’m also glad to hear you like my Symphonic Selections posts :D

  12. It can be really good to make changes to your site and just let it evolve with you. :) I like all the ones that you made and going to explore some pages now. :D

    • You’re right that websites will evolve with us! So true since they are a reflection of ourselves! :D

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