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Back in July 2015, I blogged about getting these custom bags made. Since then, I’ve used the grey “tree” cross-body bag more than anything. That bag is almost perfect for carrying my essentials. I adore the bag a lot, but one of my problems with the bag is the fact that it’s actually too tall and narrow! I always feel like I have to really dig to get my wallet out, and when I want to add in extra stuff, it feels too cramped. Those two issues became annoying for me. Because of that, I decided to request another bag from Janet, a bag that’s not as deep but that’s still wide enough to accommodate what I need to carry, with all the pocket customisations I want.

Custom Geek Bag Custom Geek Bag Custom Geek Bag Custom Geek Bag

This is the bag I ended up requesting. It’s 10 inches long, 7 inches tall, and 4 inches wide. This size turned out to be perfect compared to the 8 by 9 by 3 inches of my previous bag. I also requested an additional back on the outer backside of the bag, with a snap closure on the flap. My abstract tree bag came with a 1.5-inch strap, but this geek bag is 1 inches wide. I actually do prefer the wider strap, so if I do ever request another bag, I’ll keep that preference in mind!

But other than the strap and the fact that I’m not actually using the back pocket as predicted, I love this bag! The size is really perfect for me, and that additional inch really helps when I start cramming other stuff in like my Kindle and my pencil case. The bag no longer feels cramped. Also, I really adore the fabric pattern. It’s geeky and it’s just perfect. I love the subtle binary pattern all over the bag, and all the other geeky symbols really bring things together!

Once again, I recommend Janet and her amazing skills. If I ever want a custom bag, I only go to her. She’s patient and is a great person to work with. She’ll answer all your questions and even offer suggestions since she is the subject matter expert. If you want a nice cross-body bag or purse that’s made of fabric, then consider getting a bag made by Janet!


  1. Oh, it looks neat! I’ll have to check out her stuff. =3

  2. Love the pattern on the bag! It looks so well made :) The dimensions and all the pockets make it look roomy and very handy. I prefer ones that are wider too, so it’s easier to find things. I’m glad you’re happy with the new bag!

    • It’s definitely roomy, and I love it! It’s amazing how much of a difference an inch or two makes.

  3. The bag is so cute! I’m so tempted to get my own!

  4. I love the green trim on the bag, it makes it look more refined I guess. The print is really cute as well. :) I have never had a custom bag but I did get a laptop case made out of fabric and I love the feel.

    I cannot deal with really deep bags especially when I don’t tend to put much in my bags. And I think wide straps are really important to help distribute the weight. I hate when straps are so weak that they snap off.

    • Right on about the straps and shallow bags. I do think the wider strap do help distribute the weight more, and I’m always afraid of the strap ripping off, too! So glad I’m not the only one who prefers wider strap :3

  5. I love the fabric you picked!! I was already in awe of her sewing skills (GOAAAALS) in the previous post on the bags and now it’s even more (teach me senpai)
    It’s super cute <3

    • I hope you’ll learn to sew like that soon! That’d be a great skill to have :D Good luck with it!

  6. Wow the bag is adorable! And the pattern is so you. :) I clicked the etsy link and wow Janet really is good at making custom bags! Customizing allows us to express our personalities so well!

    The bag would be too small for me though, because I need to fit my Macbook Pro in it. Hehehe.

    • Janet works with you on different sizes :3 She can make small or large bags. One of my previous bags from her was custom-made to fit my Chromebook! XD

      And hahahaha, yes, I can see the fabric being me XD;; I’m definitely a geek :D

  7. Oh wow. That looks soooo cool! I love the print!

    I’m sure you’ll get many compliments when you use it.

    • Not really. I never complimented on my stuff? LOL! But it’s all good since I like it and that’s the important thing :3

  8. I love this fabric! I’ve seen it on some various products, but it’s either never in the size/style I want, or it’s not in the…well, other specifics. The green version of it, like you have for your bag, is my favorite, but I like the red, too. :)

    Last year, I mentioned (if I remember correctly) how my cousin can recreate anything from a picture…I still have yet to get one made, heh. My problem is always how indecisive I am. >.<

    • Yeah, it takes me a while to make decisions, too, so you’re not the only one with that problem!

      I hope you’ll get one made by your cousin soon :3

  9. I like it. I’m biased when it comes to green things though, heh. Enjoy the bag, Tara. :)

  10. What a neat fabric pattern! This looks totally like something I would obsess for back when I wore a lot of fabric cross body bags. And I love how many pockets this bag has! That must super useful!

    • Yes, the pockets are definitely useful! I can’t live without them, haha! This bag’s really awesome :3

  11. The bag looks so awesome and it’s great that the extra size really made a big difference! ❤️

    • Yes! Those extra inches definitely made a difference! I love the roomy feeling. Much better than cramped!

  12. Chansoriya on

    It’s super cute and chic with the mathematical formulas and the bow and sunglasses! I love it. My bags can never be as organized as yours. Everything is everywhere.

    • Haha! I try to organise it the best I can, but sometimes it can get very messy in there! XD;;;

  13. I am liking the pattern of your new bag! It’s cool how I see pi and it’s pi day right now (at least in my time zone ;)).

    Janet is really talented with making the little details matter. It looks like you can fit a good amount of goods inside the bad and take it on a little zoo trip!

    Even though you’re not using the back pocket, at least you have an option to when that rare case happens. I appreciate those little pockets when I have chapstick X’D.

    • I thought I’d use that back pocket for my phone, but so far not really. Perhaps in the summer I will utilise it more when I have less pockets since I’m not going to be able to wear a hoodie!

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