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Timeless Thoughts

It’s the first Saturday of March. Therefore, it’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up run by Georgie and me. This month’s entry is hosted by me, so if you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you find unforgettable from your past or present! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

TC and Bestie TC and Bestie
Starshot photos taken in high school around 1999-2001

I miss my best friend. This month is her birthday month, so I’ve been really missing her lately. She lives in Guam — quite a distance from Korea! I keep telling her that we need to invent a teleportation machine or a flying carpet or even get the Flying Pasta God to transport us, but alas we’re limited to Kakao Talk and phone in keeping touch. Despite the distance, though, we’re still tight with each other. Whenever we do meet up, it’s as if we’ve never been separated at all. Our friendship is one of those that just seems to get stronger as more time passes.

October of this year marks our 25th year of friendship. She and I’ve known each other since 1991, in our first year of primary school, and we were together until 2001 when she moved to Guam. Oddly enough, in those ten years we never had a class together. We joke that the school conspired against us, haha! But anyway, we didn’t have a single class together, yet we first met on the playground during recess. I saw her and a bunch of girls playing, and being friendless then, I started to follow them. I honestly have no idea what compelled me to follow them, but I did. Then, after school that day, I saw her on my bus. We ended up sitting together, and I discovered that she and I got off at the same bus stop, and she lived practically across the street from me! It even worked out to where our mothers became really good friends, too.

Three years later, she moved to another area, but that didn’t end our friendship. Thanks to our mums, we met up often outside of school, and we hung out a lot at her house, and we continued to do so until she left for Guam. Another thing to mention — we didn’t have the same group of friends. Every so often, I joined her group, but for the most part, we travelled with our own groups. But again, that didn’t weakened our friendship. Strange, since most best friends tend to stick to each other like glue, but she and I didn’t really do that.

We may not have been attached to each other, but we did so many things together. I remember all of our sleepovers at her place. We’d stay up, do make-up with each other, and eat some crazy snacks. She and I were into the whole K-pop scene back then, and we’d try to imitate the dance moves from various K-pop groups. When we were old enough to get away from our mums, we explored Dongdaemun area and did a bunch of shopping together. In some ways we were inseparable, and I constantly think about our younger days.

TC and Bestie TC and Bestie

The two photos above were disposable camera selfies taken when I visited her in Guam in 2004. That was my first independent overseas trip, and it was one of the best week of my life. I enjoyed seeing where she now calls home. I also learned that I do not like tropical island, but I didn’t go to Guam to hang out at a beach resort. I visited Guam to visit her, and it was worth it. Never mind that our mums were against the whole idea, but it was a trip that needed to happened.

Our last reunion happened so long ago that I can’t remember when it exactly was. 2007? 2008? All I know is that we’re overdue for a reunion, and I hope it happens soon. I can’t wait until we reunite and talk for hours, go shopping, eat wonderful food, and go on that pilgrimage to a very special park on the eastern coast of Korea. I miss her dearly. With her, I can be myself completely. We’re so comfortable with each other — that’s how close we are. I know not every friendships last, but with her, I feel like it will last a life-time.

How did you meet your best friend? Do you have a childhood best friend that you’re still close to? Share me your experience in the comments! With that said, this concludes my post. Below are the rules, banner, and the widget for you to submit your entry; you will have two weeks to submit! I look forward to seeing all your posts, and I hope to see you all again next month at Georgie’s blog!


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  1. I remember those days when everyone took pictures and put all sorts of cute cartoon graphics on top! I am glad to hear that you both are still really close despite the distance. It’s amazing to be celebrating 25 years of friendship!

    The story between the both of you is touching :’). You both have a strong bond and always remember about each other when you’re apart or with others. We need more of the both of you in the world XD. With being almost 10 years that you both last saw each other, it’s definitely time you reunite!!

    I don’t really have anyone from my childhood that I still talk to. Funny thing is that my dad asked me the same question earlier today. I am fine with that, because what matters the most are the people who are currently in my life :D.

    • Yes, people who are currently in your life is definitely important, too! Thankfully, my best friend is still in mine, and I’m always grateful that I have a wonderful bestie XD

  2. Your friendship is very admirable! It’s amazing how you both nurtured your friendship despite the distance. I have a lot of very close back when I was younger, and I guess, at the beginning, we all put in effort to stay connected, but because of distance and growing up, I hardly talk to them now. Just small talks in facebook. Childhood friends will always have special place in my heart though~

    Your photos are giving me the nostalgic feelings, we used to take photo studio pictures just like those!

    It’s been more than five years since you’ve seen her, and it’s amazing how your friendship seems like it’s going as strong as when you’re physically around each other. I hope you’ll see her soon! Good luck!

    • Childhood friends definitely hold a special place in many people’s heart. Something about all that nostalgic feelings . . .

      I hope we’ll reunite soon, too! We’re way overdue! XD

  3. I miss my best friend, too. I just grew apart from everyone including all my best friends, but I think I’ve made some now! Good post! ^^

  4. Adrianne on

    You’re lucky that you still have a best friend whom you still continue to keep in touch after all these years. I don’t have any best friends, we moved quite often, plus I had trouble trying to “fit in” whenever I move in a new environment. But I’ve made friends no doubt.

    Thanks for sharing a few pics and memories. ^_^

    • Yeah, I can see how moving can prevent you from getting close to people, but the friends you still made in new locations are good!

  5. Wow, 25 years is a long time. Congrats on being friends for so long! It must be nice to be so close with someone.

    I’ve been friends with my best friend for around 11 years I think. We met in high school and we’re still really close now. I see her once a month at least, but we still leave near each other so it’s pretty easy.

    • Once a month! Wish that was possible with my bestie and me XD But nope . . . that darn Pacific Ocean is between us and neither one of us can swim that far LOL

  6. Awww, that’s so cool! Its so hard to have such lasting friendships like that!

  7. Aww, this is a sweet post about your friend! I liked reading about how your friendship started and grew :) That’s amazing that you guys have been close for 25 years and remain close after being apart. I hope you’ll be able to see her again soon!

    Sadly, I’m kind of bad at keeping in touch, so the only childhood friends that I’m still very close with are my brother and cousins. Most of my close friends now are ones I met in college. My closest friend is actually one I’ve never lived close to! We met online and travel to visit each other or we pick a vacation place we can both meet up at.

    • I think for some people the friends you make when you’re older is lasting and closer than the ones you make as a child, but it ultimately depends on the individuals. I have to say that I feel like most of my childhood friendships work out better because we have a deeper connection to all the memories we have of our younger days. We can bring those up in our conversations, but with my college friends, if I say, “Remember all those bomb threats in high school?” there isn’t that same connection because they didn’t experience it. Of course, we’d talk about other things, too, but I tend to reminiscence a lot of the “good ol’ days” XD

  8. Aww, so happy that you get to keep such kind of friendship! :) I hope I also have a best friend! Hehe!

  9. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes and a tug at my heart because I am now missing my best friend. Since I’ve moved, we have kept in touch, but I don’t get to see her as much as I would love to. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder, and time doesn’t mean much when you have a friendship and relationship like that. I do hope you get to meet up with your BFF soon, or at least this year! I’m hoping to go on a trip with my gf somewhere :D

    • Oooh! I hope you and your gf will get to do that trip! And when it happens, I know you two will have a blast! I need to plan something similar with my bestie one of these days XD

      And yeah, it’s really hard to meet up when you move, but when you do meet, it’s a great reunion :D

  10. Okay, I may or may not have photos like the ones you have at Starshop. Here, we’ve got a place [Korean-owned!!!!] called Starshots, and it was basically like a rite of passage in your teenage years to take photos there with your friends.

    I don’t really have a childhood best friend. All of my friends from childhood turned out to be bullies and people that I could never see myself getting along with. I met my best friend maybe 8 years ago? She and I don’t have the same group of friends either, but we get along with each others’ friends like they’re all our own. I visited her in Seattle a couple of years ago. I was also with one of my other friends, whose best friend also lived in Seattle. It was like a BFF double date hahaha!

    • WOOPS. I meant to type STARSHOT, but that P got in the way. That’s where we took them! I’m surprised you have those there! Those used to be so popular when I was in high school, but then in my uni years, they . . . died out. And you’re absolutely right in that this was like a rite of passage for us teens back then! XD Oh, man, those were so fun!

      That sucks all of your childhood friends turned into bullies :( I’m glad you found a bestie eventually! Thanks for sharing your story about that BFF double date thing. That’s pretty awesome!

  11. Guam is quite a distance!

    Flying Pasta God, hahahahaha. 25 years is a long time! Congrats on the many years of friendship :) I have a close friend like that whom I’ve known since primary school. Crazy that – how time flies! Same for my best friend and I; we had different groups of friends but it was still cool. I hope you reunite with your bestie soon!

    I met my best friend in secondary school on our first day, at the back of the line when we were going class and I was comparing heights with this other girl. Inseparable ever since. We were called the Terrible Twosome at one point :P We also got a live together at one point because we went to the same university :) My best friend only lives up the road from me, but I feel like it’s ages away. Due to work schedules, it is hard to meet up but when we do it’s loads of fun!

    • Awww! I think you’re lucky to live so close to your BFF! Just a shame you guys are so busy to meet up regularly, though! But still, it’s good you guys can still meet and have a blast when you do! ^^

  12. Wow, 25 years is such a long friendship! That’s so awesome! I

    My BFF and I met in 7th grade and we’re still hanging out and supporting each other’s goals. Quarter life crisis and all. And I absolutely love that even when we don’t see each other for a while, we can pick things right back up. We’ll have long phone calls or emails just spilling our life out to each other.

    • That’s a sign of a good friendship when you can go back to how things were before you were separated :3 I have that with several of my close friends, and I consider it a good thing!

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