My Favourite Things: March 2016

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Whew! I’m so glad it’s March. February was a crazy, busy month for me, so I’m super happy that is over. Thankfully, I’ve nothing majorly pressing to do this month for work, so I can relax a bit when the craziness starts up all over in April. With that said, I’m here to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. Last month kept me busy on my toes, but amidst all that, I somehow found some new things to fall in love with. That new thing is Lush. Until February, the only product I had tried was their No Drought dry shampoo, which I ended up not liking and giving it to Eddy. But circumstances have led me to become interested in Lush again, and I tried out and fell in love with a few of their products.

Lush’s Rehab Shampoo

Lush Rehab Shampoo

When I met up with Chantelle couple of weeks ago, she offered to buy me a few things at Lush for my birthday. Rehab shampoo is one thing I chose. I really love the its scent — it’s very soothing to me — and it works well with cleaning my hair. However, after I bought this, I did my research and discovered that this product has sulphates, propylene glycol, parabens, and alcohol :( This disappointed me so much because I thought Lush’s campaign of using eco-friendly product, fresh ingredients, and so on meant it wouldn’t have all the crazy chemicals. So that was a bit of a shocker for me. Still, I do like Rehab, but when I use up this bottle, I’m going back to my sulphate-free shampoo.

Lush’s Miranda Soap

Lush's Miranda Soap

Another thing Chantelle bought for me is the Miranda soap. I really love its fruity scent, and I was actually lucky in that this soap doesn’t have sulphates. It has EDTA and colouring, but my primary concern is with sulphates. This soap suds up pretty well even without the sulphates. I’m pretty happy with this one! I’ll be buying more of it in when I run out of my current batch.

Lush’s Sandstone Soap

Lush's Sandstone Soap

Sandstone is amazing. Like Miranda, it doesn’t have sulphates, but it does carry EDTA, but that’s about the only negative thing about this soap. This soap doesn’t lather up, but that’s fine because I use this as an exfoliating soap. This contains sand, so it makes for a great scrubber. I don’t recommend this for people with sensitive skin — if anything, scrub gently! This soap has a wonderfully clean and refreshing scent. I have definite plans to buy more of this soap in the future. Of all the Lush products in this post, this is my absolute favourite!

Lush’s Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub

Lush's Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving Face and Body Scrub is a great scrub. I love its scent, which smells like margaritas. I also love the fact that this formula doesn’t contain any parabens. However, this is super pricey, and I predict that I will only get about 6-7 usages if I use this as a body scrub. It takes a lot to scrub down my body, so I find that this isn’t really worth the price. Maybe as a facial scrub, it will be worth the money, but I didn’t enjoy this on my face. A shame because I really do like its scent!

Lush’s Dream Cream Self-Preserving Hand and Body Lotion

Lush's Dream Cream Self-Preserving Hand and Body Lotion

I’ve wanted to try one of their lotions, so I chose the Dream Cream Self-Preserving Hand and Body Lotion. Again, I chose the self-preserving version because it doesn’t contain parabens, but it does contain triethanolamine and alcohol, but I overlooked those. This lotion does feel nice on my skin, and I do like it . . . but its scent isn’t very appealing to me. It smelled way better than their other paraben-free lotion, their Charity Pot Body Lotion, so that’s why I chose this. This tub will be my only tub, though. I’ll stick to coconut oil as my body lotion, haha XD

LipIce’s Sheer Colour Strawberry

LipIce's Sheer Colour Strawberry

Finally, my last favourite isn’t a Lush product, but it does start with an “L”, so I decided to add this. Eddy introduced me to LipIce’s Sheer Colour in Strawberry, and it’s a pretty good coloured lip balm with a wonderful strawberry scent. Just be sure to not use too much because it made my lips so pink that my colleagues flipped out on me. My boss even said, “I’ve known you for two years, and I’ve never seen you wear lipstick!” Anyway, Eddy suggested I put on a colourless lip balm, and then swipe LipIce once or twice on top of it. I tried that, and the colour came out more subtle this time.

Do you like Lush? Which products do you like from them? Do you have any products you like that doesn’t go overboard with chemicals? Do share!


  1. I’m not a big fan of Lush. I always think their products SOUND amazing, but the stores trigger my asthma and I always end up feeling disappointed.

    I used to love this chocolate shower gel they did a few years ago though. That was amazing, but it was discontinued :(

    • I hate it when products you like get discontinued :( That’s always a bummer! And I’m sorry to hear that Lush stores trigger your asthma.

  2. I only tried one product from Lush and it’s a soap for acne. I was able to consume a few grams then eventually stopped because it doesn’t seem to be working :( But I still want to try other products, more on the scrubs because they look promising.

    I love their products scent! I always smell their store whenever I pass by it haha I think I should start reading labels too. I also thought their products are eco-friendly!

    • For the most part, they are more eco-friendly and such, but I would like them a whole lot better without all the extra chemicals! XD

  3. I’ve never tried Lush, and I likely never will, because it has nuts in its ingredients. :p I actually was reminded of its existence some time ago last year, because it was on a nut-free list…but it has nuts, so…that’s weird. o.-

    I used to use LipIce, because I loved how it made my lips feel cool (I guess that’s the “ice” part). I stopped using it because…wellp, #nuts.

    • That’s a shame you’re allergic to nuts to where that also includes non-consumable products :(

  4. Everything in Lush is so beautiful but it’s so expensive! I love the “You Snap the Whip” body butter.. it’ll make your whole shower purple/grey but it’ll leave your body feeling and smelling wonderful :)

    • You Snap the Whip body butter must be exclusive to certain countries! It’s not on the US or the Korean Lush sites :( Still, glad you found a product you like. Agree that they are pricey, but for some of the products, it’s worth the moola XD

  5. My sister LOVES Lush. I was just there around Christmastime to pick out a few things for her, but was so overwhelmed I just got a gift card, haha. I love their soaps and scrubs – they always make my skin feel so soft afterwards. However, I think that they are pretty expensive so I don’t really shop there. I just steal some of my sister’s stuff when I come home ;P

    • Makes sense to use your sister’s :) And I think the gift card is a safe route in case you do buy a Lush product that may not suit her!

  6. Never tried Lush. Not much for those things, but it sounds and looks cool. :D

  7. OoooOoo LUSH. I’ve actually never purchased anything from there, but I was gifted some stuff. The Rose Jam products smell amazing!!! Definitely with you on all the chemicals used in some of the products though, that’s pretty much why I just started making some of my own things. I mean, I make everything they make, except without the chemicals. I will say that their products are much better than other cheaper products with chemicals or even high end brands that load up their products with chemicals. Their Miranda soap is melt & pour style soap, so it’s going to have a bunch more ingredients you wouldn’t expect in a cold process soap. But anyway, enough about that, I’m sure you could save a few $$$ here & there by trying your own hand at making your own products, but they (LUSH products) do smell fantastic.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely cheaper and better to make your own XD I can see the benefit in that, but I’m just far too short on time to really try my own. Perhaps in the future!

  8. I think I’ll try the Ocean Salt from lush as part of my scrubbing/exfoliating regimen. We’ve already talked about my love for Lush haha!

    • Let me know what you think of the Ocean Salt scrub if you choose to use it!

  9. Adrianne on

    I don’t buy Lush products, mainly because I would have to pay $6 (bridge toll) just to get to the nearest Lush store from where I’m currently living. I already know Lush products are expensive enough, but $6 extra just to get there. No thank you.

    I’m not a huge expert with cosmetics and skincare in general, but I do know that every person’s skin type is different from each other, therefore some products will work on some and it won’t work for others.

    I’ve heard of LipIce before, but never really tried it. ^^

    • Yeah, everyone’s definitely different, so what works for one person may or may not work on someone else! I learned that the hard way with some of the products I was recommended, haha!

  10. I’m glad you can relax a bit now! I don’t think I’ve tried anything from Lush, but those sound like nice products. Always a plus when it smells really good :) I have to admit I don’t always pay attention to the chemicals in products, but I do use a natural, paraben-free deodorant. The brand is Lavanilla, and I really like their deodorants! I’ve been thinking about looking into their other products too.

    • I would love to try that kind of deodorant! But . . . I don’t think the post will ship those kinds of thing to me :( I’ll definitely keep an eye out on this brand, though!

  11. Glad to hear things are calming this month! I love how you put out a lot of your energy and passion for the kids~

    Lush is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I love their bath bombs, especially when I see everything fizz in the bath water. It’s sweet of Chantelle to buy you some goodies from Lush! Even though the product has sulphates, at least it’s less chemicals than other brands out there? ;~;

    Their soaps have some awesome texture. For some reason, I like to feel the crumbs of whatever flavor on the bars.

    Seriously, I went to Lush the other day and remembered of you when I was smelling the Ocean Salt cups XD. Their Charity Pot Lotion smells pretty bad. It’s still sitting in my drawer at work after a couple of seasons ;~;.

    I love how cutsey the lip balm is!

    As far as chemical-free/less products, the closest I’ve been to is Lush stuff. I’ll probably try out their body washes after my Aromatherapy stuff from Bath and Body Works runs out!

    • PS. I love how smooth my hands feel whenever I try out their soap bars (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

      • You’re right Lush’s products do have less chemicals than other commercial brand, but if I can avoid them, I will :)

        Ocean salt! Didn’t it make you crave for a margarita after sniffing those? XD

        Do let me know what you think of the Lush products you try in the future!

  12. OMG I swear by Lush’s rehab shampoo – it’s amazing! My hair always feels so much cleaner and shinier. I don’t know how I survived without it and if they ever discontinue I will stockpile ALL OF IT!

    • Yay! That’s good Rehab is really working out for you :D I’d do the same if they discontinued a favourite of mine!

  13. Milky Bar will always be my favorite Lush soap! I’m so sad it was discontinued. :( I always felt like eating it in the shower. XD I also love Honey I Washed the Kids.

    I dyed my hair with their henna once, and my hair felt soooo soft. Man, I need to do that again.

    • I tried a sample of Honey I Washed the Kids. Not bad, but I much prefer Miranda and Sandstone XD;

      And oooh! Do it again! Would love to see how it turns out this round.

  14. I’ve been hearing so much about Lush since last year but I never really got around to buying anything from them. That body scrub on your list looks promising though!

    • It is really nice, but I wished I’d get more usage from how much I pay for!

  15. I’ve never tried/bought Lush before but I remember loving their About page because it’s beautifully written. (Not sure which country though or if it’s from the global website.) My boss back then suggested Lush’s About page as a fine example of good copywriting and I agreed. :)

    • Oh, that’s interesting to hear about using Lush as an example to show good copywriting :)

  16. Ah Lush! I’ve been meaning to try their products, but I change my mind every time I see their prices. Lol. I’ve heard they also have some great bath bombs too.

    It’s hard to go from no makeup to a little bit of make up since it can be such an unexpected change for some people. Hell, I still feel uncomfortable with a bit of lipstick since it doesn’t look like “me”.

    • Lush is definitely pricey, but I figure as long as they’re fair trade and pay their workers fair wages, then I can justify the high prices a bit XD;

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