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Blogger Dossiers

Holy February, this has been one busy month. At least I didn’t disappear after only blogging once like I did last February! But thankfully, I managed my time a bit better this time, so my photo contest didn’t take over my life like it did last year. That went well, by the way, and I’m so glad it’s over. Now I can return to some normalcy in life until my next crazy project takes over in March and April . . . but in the meantime, here’s this month’s Blogger Dossiers post! I asked Georgie if she’d like to be featured. Georgie is a long-time blogger friend. I honestly can’t even remember when we first frequented each other’s blog, but I’m glad we’re friends as I admire her honesty, generosity, and loyalty. Get to know Georgie better with this post, and do follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

Georgie of Hey Georgie

I’m Georgie, a web developer, concert photographer, ballerina, lover of tea and Japanese food, love my job, and consider myself way too lucky sometimes. I have a plethora of unusual dislikes which most people discover after only having known me for a short period of time. My blog, Hey Georgie, is like my second home.

Personifying Photographs

Georgie's Personifying Photos Georgie's Personifying Photos Georgie's Personifying Photos

Remarkable Recollection

I’ll always remember the moment that Nick and I confessed that we had feelings for each other. Such favourite memories will be stereotyped as being cheesy, but it’s not every day that in the unlikeliest of places you find someone who feels the same way about you as you do about them.

Musical Moment

It was too hard to choose a favourite song overall, so I chose one that has been a favourite of mine quite recently, and that means something to me: “The News” by Jeremy Neale, a multi-talented singer from Brisbane, Australia (honestly, he can sing so many different genres and is an amazing songwriter). Jeremy went from being just a singer I fangirled over, to a real friend. He released this Phil-Collins-inspired song at a time when I was really struggling and it really lifted my spirits. It’s also a song that you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in — that’s what I love in a piece of music.

Coffee Break Conversation

Who are your role models?
I can name a few people who are role models for very specific reasons — Misty Copeland for her physical and emotional strength to take up ballet as an African-American woman, Brad Frost and Harry Roberts for all their work in the field of front-end development, and Malala Yousafzai for being such a brave and inspiring young lady. But the people I really look up to and am inspired by are the people I am with 80% of the time — the people I work with. I am really lucky to be able to work with people who are so kind, humorous, motivated, supportive, and good at what they do. I certainly won’t embarrass them by naming them, but a couple of them have quite a prominent presence online as it is. ;) And of course, there’s Nick — likewise, he is a good person with good morals and sets a good example for his peers. I’m very lucky to be around someone like that every day.

If money was not an issue, what are some designer brand clothing and accessories you would get? If those aren’t to your fancy, what would you buy?
Though I am not really into designer brands, I wouldn’t mind shopping at Burberry because I love their style. I recently spotted some boots by Aquatalia — an Italian brand that makes really good quality shoes — they cost $515. In my right mind, though I could have afforded it, I decided it would not have been a wise purchase at the time. I honestly think that shoes are far too expensive and I wish I had the luxury of buying them without worrying about how much they cost. You wear them on your feet all day so they don’t last a long time, either. If I wasn’t after shoes, I would spend money travelling. :D

How and when did you get into blogging?
When I was about ten years old, I wanted to know how websites were built, and that got me into making graphics and writing code on my computer. I noticed that online diaries were common, and as a budding young writer who loved to keep a diary and write fiction and poetry, I started to publish my writing online. I can safely say I’ve been blogging for at least twelve years, but only started to blog more publicly and regularly in 2006.

What is your dream vacation?
I swear that in another life I was living in London, so London it is . . . but (un)fortunately that dream is coming true this June, so I’ll have to dream up another vacation. Dubai, Amsterdam, Norway, New Zealand, and the Maldives sounds like an impeccable combination to me right now!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still enjoying whatever I am doing at work, hopefully I will have travelled to more countries by then, maybe meet more of my blogger friends in person, possibly married? I can guess, but I definitely see myself happy and enjoying life. That’s the important thing. :)


  1. I actually enjoyed all of Georgie’s answers, especially about that singer. Wow. Amazing voice and it’s great to be versatile in the world of music. She’s one of my favorite bloggers on the web and just the sweetest ^^ I’m happy you always get the chance to do these little interviews with bloggers that are known and then unknown because it gives me a chance to make friends and follow wonderful blogs <3

  2. Its always interesting to get a peek into other people’s lives. =3 Georgie sounds so interesting!

  3. Hurray for Blogger Dossiers! Glad to hear that things aren’t as crazy as before. At least let’s hope that March and April isn’t too bad :).

    Georgie is awesome. I say she is the OG fan of Hey Geronimo XD. Confessing feelings is always the best memory to have! I still remembered the days leading up to me and my boyfriend getting together. Who would’ve ever thought ~this person~ would become our sig. other??

    It’s always great to work with people who are hard workers and really supportive/kind. I see a big difference between a $30 pair of shoes and $200 pair of shoes!

    From all of the great things Georgie does, I’m sure a bright future is near!

    • Yeah, working with awesome people makes a huge difference :D And I now can definitely see a major difference between the shoes, but the expensive one is still too pricey for me!

  4. Hahaha I scrolled back just to read this post, yay! I really like your Blogger Dossiers. I hope Georgie is still blogging in five years to read this post and see her answers! I would love to meet Georgie if she puts USA on her travel list!

    • I want to meet her, too! I hope she’ll make it to where I am one day or I’ll make it down to where she is! :D

      Btw, I’m glad you’re liking the Blogger Dossiers series!

  5. It’s so awesome to see Georgie featured here! Interesting answers.

    Georgie, just a shout out, please do add India to your travelling list so may be we can meet too!! hehe!

    Tara, Blogger Dossiers series is great!! :D

  6. Yay fellow lover of tea and Japanese food! <3

    And yes, I totally agree with her that I would rather spend money traveling than on expensive shoes.

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