Symphonic Selections: Final Fantasy X ~ A Fleeting Dream

Symphonic Selections

Thanks to the Final Fantasy Piano Opera concert, I’d been listening to nothing but Final Fantasy soundtracks. I played tunes that were all familiar to me — some being my favourites and others being new renditions of the tunes I adore. It was through this listening spree that I discovered an arrangement to one of my favourites pieces from Final Fantasy X. This arrangement really impressed me to have it be featured for this month’s Symphonic Selections column.

The above song is from the PlayStation 2 version of Final Fantasy X. 15+ years ago, my first playthrough led me to Zanarkand and I stopped. I never beat the game, but I remember this track a lot because of its beautiful composition, and I remember it fitting well with the ruins of Zanarkand.

In 2014, I played and beat the remastered PS Vita version, and I made it to Zanarkand and pushed on through its desolated state. I spent a lot of time grinding in this area, and this haunting song was what I heard during my playthrough. It was the song I heard even during the battles, as it was just perfect and fitting for this song to not be interrupted.

Then last month, when I was clicking around, I heard this rendition performed at the Symphonic Odysseys concert. This version took my breath away. The addition of the choir to this piece made this piece 1000 times better. Not only does this piece gives me the chills, but it feels more haunted, and I sense desperation in the choral part, like all the fayths have come together to sing one last time. Or maybe it reminds me of all the emotions Tidus and his gang felt as they reach Zanarkand, truly believing that Yuna needs to be sacrificed to defeat Sin. All I can say is that this arrangement is amazing and utterly powerful.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s selection. Let me know what you think. Even if you’re not really into video games, do give it a listen!


  1. I like how the songs make me feel like I’m going through the medieval ages– even though that’s what Final Fantasy is pretty much about, right? I just remembered having to go to villages with my characters XD. The song fits in well! It’s amazing to see how the orchestra is well disciplined and played out the song perfectly. This made me miss my music days ;~;.

    I like the calmness of the music. Nothing too extreme like a fight music XD

    • Some FF games are set in a medieval setting, but FFX was sort of like . . . not? It’s more Asian, honestly. Zanarkand is actually based off of Samarkand, a city in Uzbekistan! And a lot of the tropical places in the game were reminiscent of Southeast Asia.

      I agree that the orchestra makes me miss my own band days, too!

  2. I feel like crying ;_; You should beat the game for the ending is SO FLIPPEN sad/sorrowful. I can’t watch it without crying.

    I swear FFX’s soundtrack is a masterpiece, and this piece in particular is great. It fits perfectly in Zanarkand, and…I won’t spoil because the remaster came out recently and people need to play this game. Omfg. Please, when you get the chance, finish this game, Tara. I beg you. It’s so wonderful and yet heartbreaking.

  3. Hearing this makes me feel so nostalgic! My brother, our older cousin, and I used to play Final Fantasy every weekend. We’d take turns; we’d play nonstop! The only time we’d take a break was if we wanted to eat haha! We’d bake brownies or cookies at like 3am. Ohhhh my pre-teen years hahaha

    • Aw! Thanks for sharing your memories of playing FF games with your brother and cousin :D 3am baking sounds fun! :D

  4. Aahh, Final Fantasy music is always so pretty! FFX has been on my to-play list for so long. I will get to it eventually! I thought this sounded familiar, and then I realized it sounds very similar to Suteki Da Ne. The version with the choir is beautiful too! It really does give it a different feeling :)

    • Yeah, it’s an awesome variation on “Suteki Da Ne” :D I should’ve pointed that out, but I forgot, so thanks for mentioning that :D

      And you’re so right about the choral and orchestral version giving it a different feel!

  5. I’m not familiar with the games or the music but I pressed play on the orchestra/choral video and I have shivers… that is haunting and beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful.
    Thank you!

  6. That’s beautiful! =3

    I may like other Final Fantasy games more then this one (though I do like it) but it does have some great music.

    But this, its so beautiful. Its one of those songs that you find just touches you. =3

    • It’s definitely a touching piece. :D Great music will definitely give us a lot of emotions!

  7. Final Fantasy has such beautiful music. Growing up I wasn’t very into video games, but I liked to watch my brothers play through the stories and I always remembered FF because of it’s music! I played through Final Fantasy VII last year and absolutely loved it! So I’d love to play through some of the other ones eventually!

    • FFVII is one I’ve played a bit of, but I want to play more! I just need to GTFO of Nibelheim! That place creeps me out so, so much X___X;

  8. That is so awesome that you discovered that version! It would have been such a great discovery. :’)

  9. MY FAVORITE SONG IN FFX!!!!!!! I also enjoy all of its variations (Suteki da Ne, Yuna’s Theme, and Spiran Scenery).

    • They are lovely, aren’t they? :D I just absolutely adore this piece!

  10. Omg, my boyfriend bought the remastered edition of FFX and FFX-II for the PS4. I’ve been slowly working my way through the game since January. I’m finally at the scene before the fight against Sin. I’m so much farther than 11 year old me, who got stuck probably at the first cloister of trial. And I realized how much of the story I had forgotten/never got to. (Then again, I’m using a walkthrough this time! XD)

    And yes! The music in this game is just sooooo beautiful. The remastered edition also has an updated soundtrack that’s more instrumental.

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re playing it, too! I hope you’ll beat it :D That game is really worth beating XD

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