Timeless Thoughts: H.O.T.

Timeless Thoughts

It’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up hosted by Georgie and me. This month is being hosted by Georgie, so head over to her blog and join up by submitting your post to the widget at the end of Georgie’s entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you miss from your past! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

H.O.T. (Photo from chipskjaa at Photobucket)

Back in September I wrote about Backstreet Boys. This month, I’m going further into my past and talk about the K-pop band that started my love for boy bands — High-five Of Teenagers, otherwise known as H.O.T. (don’t ask about the name). Also, don’t mind their wacky appearance in the photo above — that’s how I vividly remember them. I assume it’s to make them look more . . . cute? Their style changed over the years, though, and they transformed from something found in Candy Land to something akin to what I’d find in a Tim Burton film. See below.

H.O.T. (Photo from Kpopstarz.com)

Crazy styles aside, I was obsessed with them back then. H.O.T. was the Korean Backstreet Boys for me. My best friend and I were all into these guys when they first came out and started the K-pop idol group trend. We loved their songs and we even tried to memorise their dances. I am no longer into K-music now, but these guys still hold a special place in my heart. I still listen to their songs with fondness. I do miss those simpler days when I cared nothing but for these guys and Moon Hee-jun in particular. Below, I’ve shared some of my favourite songs from them.


This song started it all for them, and it’s about the only song I like from their first album. It’s just too damn catchy! I listened to this song and album so much that I’m surprised my cassette tapes didn’t break on me!

“We Are the Future”

I generally gravitate towards their bubbly songs, but I really adore this song from their second album. Something about its tune and its dramatic feel appeals to me greatly.

“행복/Haengbok” (Happiness)

This is also from their second album, and I compare its catchiness and bounciness to “Candy”.

“빛/Beeth” (Hope)

From their third album, I only really remember this song because it’s what I watched and heard on the TV the most. This song is not as bouncy as “Candy” and “Happiness”, but it does have a “hopeful” feel to it. Heck, it even samples “Ode to Joy”, which is almost random, but it somehow works.

“Outside Castle”

This is the last H.O.T. single I liked, and it’s from their fifth and last album. Somewhere between their third and fifth album is when they must’ve met up with X Japan because this song is totally different. It’s darker and moodier with a pretty epic classical music opening. By the time this song came out, my love for H.O.T. had died off, but I still ended up liking this song, thanks to one of my close friend’s influences, haha!

With that said, that’s my H.O.T. nostalgia. I hope you guys like listening to classic K-pop songs and enjoyed its super cheesy 90s videos XD Looking back now, I question my taste, but I can’t deny that these songs take me down memory lane. Let me know if you know or heard of H.O.T. in the comments!


  1. It’s nice to look back on the bands that meant something to you at different times in your life. :D I have never heard of them myself, but think it’s really interesting how their style and sound evolved.

    • Yeah, thinking back and seeing their style/sound changing bring up some interesting observations that I hadn’t seen beforehand :) I’m glad I looked back on this group in particular.

  2. I wish I knew Kpop bands from in the 90’s. I was busy in the Jpop genre. Too bad most bands broke up. H.O.T seems interesting and a bit too cheery for me, but I appreciate them all the same.

    • I was into J-pop after my time with K-pop, so I grew up with both. I’m glad I had exposure to both genres.

  3. I’ve never heard of H.O.T. before, but they looks pretty cool! I like how each one of them had different hairdos that defines them… But my favorite boy band back in the day was Big Bang XD. The songs sounds pretty neat, and brings me back to music of that era. Meanwhile today, we have *flashy bass* *flashy treble* Oppan gangnam style… eyyyy ey ey eyyyy

    • Oppa gangnam style is soooo catchy, tho~ huhuhuhuhu, sekshi laydee

      • LOLOL. Yeah, catchy it is, but I just don’t like how that’s the first thing people think of when Korea comes to mind ~_~; I feel that there are other things that could better represent Korea!

    • Big Bang! Never got into them, but I did like a couple of their songs from when I heard them playing LOL

      Oh, man, I agree with you about today’s K-pop not being . . . great. Today’s K-pop has no effect on me, and . . . don’t get me started on that overrated piece of hype known as Gangnam Style X_____X;;;

  4. I like music but I’m not really the type to like a band or something. I just love the music. Do you think it’s weird? Anyway, I never heard of those bands before. Maybe because I don’t really try to get to know band names, and and only focus on music titles.

    • To each their own — I don’t find it weird at all. Sometimes it’s better to just focus on the music instead of people XD I think that’s why I much prefer classical and instrumental songs now.

  5. I’ve never heard of them – but they look and sound so cool. I especially love the Tim Burton style look. They look so different on that from the first image!

    I think everything I listened to when I was young was really boring and mainstream, so I doubt I could do a post on that. No one wants to see me post about how much I loved Spice Girls haha.

    • Dude, write about Spice Girls and other mainstream stuff you listened to! I’d be interested in knowing what you like back then :)

  6. OMG! HAHAHA This was the first Kpop group I ever listened to. S.E.S. was also really popular when I was younger, too. I have no idea how I got my hands on those albums though! I think I must’ve just mooched off of my older cousin.

    • S.E.S.! Oh, man, those were the days with all the boy and girl idol groups XD And yay for mooching the albums off your older cousins? At least that exposed you to K-pop! LOLOL.

  7. The name H.O.T. sounds familiar, but I don’t think I ever heard songs from them! The only K-pop band I got into was Koyote. I was more into J-pop and Hong Kong pop back then. I kind of forgot about Koyote until I read this post though! Now I’m listening to their old songs again XD

    • Koyote!!! I loved several of their songs, too :D My absolute favourite track by them is “Soonjung” :D

  8. I wil admit I’ve never heard of them and I looked at the pictures, my initial reaction was very much ‘what on earth…’ but I pressed play on the videos and really liked what I heard, especially the last one :)
    So thank you!

    • Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed listening to them! I agree that they look odd, but they have some awesome songs :D

  9. Omgosh I know HOT from back in my DBSK days because they kept talking about them in their dramas! Also, Moon Heejun is still really respected by contemporary Korean idols. I’ve seen some of them bow when meeting him. Hehehe.

    • DBSK!!! LOL I liked them briefly during their Mirotic days XD

      And woot for Moon Hee-jun still being respected by contemporary Korean idols :) As one of the ones who started the whole trend, he and the others definitely deserve that respect ^^

  10. But what do I do if I do want to ask about the name? Ugh.

    I’ve never really been a big fan of Korean music. Oddly enough, the foreign music I’m drawn to is French pop/rock songs. xD

    • That’s good you like French song :) I’ve never really got into European-language songs much compared to Japanese and Korean music.

  11. I’ve never heard of HOT, but they definitely scream 90s boy band with their looks. XD I loved BSB and N’Sync when I was younger, and Westlife!! I think they were my favorite. I’m a lowkey One Direction fan because I miss all the boybands back in the day. They’re not the same now though.

    • Yeah, I don’t feel like things were like before, either. But that’s okay, haha. Nothing ever stays the same XD;

  12. Honestly, I’m only familiar wth k-pop bands of recent like Big Bang but OMG WHERE HAVE H.O.T. BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Candy is too much and SO nineties, I love it! Cannot. Stop. Dancing.

    I love Korean MVs, they’re so much more story based. Seriously all k-pop bands know how to DANCE. I need to learn some those moves. Maybe I can use those moves to catch cute guys XD

    • I can’t believe you never heard of H.O.T. at the least! But now you know :D Candy is definitely 90s and so catchy and addicting!

      Yeah, I noticed that Korean MVs are story-based, which is good if it matches the song!

      Good luck with snagging a guy with them moves, girl! :D Catch those cuties! ^^

  13. Hahaha! I laughed super hard at “from something found in Candy Land to something akin to what I’d find in a Tim Burton film” because it’s so spot on! It’s always fun to see how artists and bands transition over time!

    I never got into K-Pop, but man “Candy” is catchy! Haha, whenever I look at stuff that I used to love and listened to over and over when I was younger and now I am just like whyyyy. :P

    • LOLOL. Glad you found the description apt and funny :D

      Yeah, I wince at some of my tastes back then, but there are some I am just fond of XD

  14. I got an early taste of K-Pop back in the late ’90s too (around the same time as J-Pop), starting with H.O.T., Fin K. L. (probably my fave K-Pop group back then), Seks Chies, and some others too when we used to have a local TV channel that showed a lot of Asian shows. I’m not really much of a fan of K-Pop now, somehow they don’t have that same charming appeal as the K-Pop groups back in the late 90s-early 2000s.

    And LOL, I used to dance to “Candy” too whenever some Korean variety show had H.O.T. as guest stars too. Memories.

    • YES. They definitely don’t have the same charm and appeal! I’m glad someone else sees that and feels the same way XD

      Man, I liked them all back then — H.O.T., Fin.K.L., Sechs Kies, S.E.S., G.O.D., Shinhwa . . . so many awesome groups back then!

      • I remember S.E.S and Shinhwa too… and Baby VOX too! I guess in today’s time, we’re considered old-fashioned now too.

        I’ll have to join your linkup because you just gave me an idea. ^_^

        • Baby Vox! Man, good times. I don’t care if I’m considered old-fashioned — it’s what I like so end of story ^_^

          Please join up! The more the merrier! I’m glad it gave you blogging ideas! I look forward to your post when you post it. Just make sure you submit your link to Georgie’s post where the widget is located :D

  15. I was super obsessed with H.O.T and Moon Hee-jun as well, glad someone else loved him as well!!!! Oh the memories!!! Thank you for sharing this – loved it!!!

  16. LOL H.O.T. is a classic! I am sad to say though I was a G.O.D. fan. On the other side of the spectrum, haha.

    • I liked everyone! LOL I wasn’t one of those people who were fans of one and hated the “rival” group ~_~; It never made sense to me because I see it as being a good thing. More the merrier, I say~!

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