My Favourite Things: February 2016

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Can’t believe it’s February! This is what I call the crazy month. I’ve got the annual photography contest to do at my workplace, and I’ll be running around with my head cut off trying to do all these tasks. Regardless, I’m here to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. January was — unexpectedly — a busy month for me, so I haven’t really been exposed to anything new. Then again, it seems like I just don’t want to get into new things lately because I want things that are familiar to give me comfort. And with this month’s being my super busy month, this entry will list some of my favourite things that gives me relaxation when things become too much and I want to escape . . .

Restful Reading

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I’m a huge reader, but I tend to re-read a lot of things when I am stressed and not in the mood to venture into anything new. Before going to sleep, I like nothing better than snuggling in my bed with my Kindle. From fanfics to books like The Baby-sitters Club, I find comfort when I re-read the familiar stories. Another thing is because it’s a re-read, I don’t have to concentrate super hard on the material. If I were to read something brand new, it takes more mental stamina to concentrate and absorb the new stories I read. One book I can re-read all the time is Anne Frank Remembered, an autobiography about Miep Gies, one of the helpers who hid Anne Frank and her family for two years. I’ve read this when I was in fifth or sixth grade, and it’s a book I come back to at least once a year.

Mindless Movies

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Like books and fanfics, there are certain movies I can just re-watch over and over again and immerse myself into their recognisable worlds. October Sky, Remembered the Titans, and Beauty and the Beast are just a few I like to re-watch when I need to escape reality for a while. Like books and fanfics, I prefer to re-watch films I’ve seen to minimise my level of concentration. After a long day or week, the last thing I want to do is to focus on a film that requires 1043483 gigawatts of brain power.

Gratifying Gaming

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Re-playing some of my favourite games are also a way for me to escape. I love to re-play Gyakuten Saiban series because they are just so wacky, and the colourful cast of characters always make me happy. With good stories and soundtrack, re-playing these games are like coming back to a damn good novel that I cannot stop reading. And if I really were in the mood, grinding in RPGs and the repetition from them also help me relax. Only in certain, games though. The games I don’t mind grinding in are Suikoden II and Final Fantasy X.

Beneficial Browsing

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Well, they may not be that beneficial, but there’s just something about giving my soul to Wikipedia, TV Tropes, and Buzzfeed to mindlessly read and scroll through page after page. After a long work day, there’s something satisfying about wasting my time on these websites. I don’t do this every day, but some days I just need to unwind and lose myself in these websites and go on an information overload. Yeah, that sounds like I’m doing anything but relaxing, but it works for me, haha!

Snoozable Solution

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Finally, when nothing else works, I turn to my bed for escape. There are days when I’m just too bloody knackered to do anything. I have my days where everything is terrible and I hate everyone, everything, and myself to hell and back. Thankfully, a good night sleep resolves that feeling of despair, and I tell myself that it’s okay to just sleep and don’t worry about anything until the next day.

How do you relax and unwind? What works for you and doesn’t? Feel free to share your tips and techniques!


  1. Emotional eating.


  2. I always want to sleep too when I’m feeling angry or stressed but then I feel like I’ll be wasting my time and all my awake time is spent unhappy.

    If that’s the case I usually just watch youtube videos. This Wet Dog (nearly typoed that as ‘wet dong’ lol) video always makes me smile though.

    • Wet dong? LOL

      I don’t see it as wasting time. Sometimes sleep is a much needed thing.

  3. Good luck with your annual photography contest! Hope the kids will enjoy it lots ;). Annnnd hope this month won’t be a really busy month!

    It’s awesome that you read books before you sleep. You get to imagine a bit and maybe carry it on to your dreams XD. I remembered loving Beauty and the Beast as a kid. It’s always great to rewatch Disney movies. I remembered when Need for Speed came out, I kept rewatching that movie XD.

    RPG’s are awesome! It’s a great way to relax and get into another mindset without actually knowing it. Pretty interesting that Wikipedia keeps you going XD. But it is beneficial to know more, even if it’s passive info…. That may be useful to know later on, “well queen xyz did this, this, and this.”

    I enjoy playing games to unwind or taking naps XD.

    • Thanks, Nancy! I hope to survive this month XD

      Oddly enough, I don’t think reading helps me dream better at night. If I do dream, they turn out to be totally bizarre.

      And yeah, I love passive info. You never know when it will come in handy! ^^

      I’m glad gaming and naps help you :D

  4. I completely agree on books and mindless movies when I’m feeling stressed. I think, for me, a lot of it is being able to escape into another world where my problems don’t exist and I can just go explore Narnia or Middle Earth or Outer Space.
    Stargate SG1 is always my go-to de-stress viewing, always guaranteed to relax/cheer me up

    Buzzfeed, on the other hand, I lose HOURS of my life on there. It’s worse than Youtube and Wikipedia combined!

    • Yay for mindless things! XD Yeah, I love to escape reality by losing myself in fantasy world. Heck, I even prefer fantasy guys than real guys, haha!

  5. Crochet is super relaxing for me, much to my hand’s detriment. I love stitching while watching one of my favorite shows. XD I’m also back to reading books, and it helps me relax right before bed too.

    I used to lose hours to Tumblr because the posts are always funny. I’ve been limiting my time on there but I miss it honestly. I’ve made a lot of friends through Tumblr!

    • I’m glad crocheting is a way to relax for you, even if your hands aren’t liking it, haha XD;;

      Tumblr is one of those things where I can get into it for weeks, but then I lose interest in them for months. I could never feel like it’s easy to make friends there compared to LJ or blogging!

  6. Watching movies, tv series and reading articles are also my ways of relaxing. Also, sleeping, of course haha. I also browse social media sites. I don’t have a lot of games on my phone but when I’m really stressed, I play whatever games haha

    • I don’t really play games on my phone only because it sucks my batter faster XD But when I do, I do games like Guess the Emoticons or something.

  7. I can definitely relax by reading and rereading fanfic. #NejiTen4ever I don’t have any book that I reread for pleasure, but I have a bunch of movies and shows that I watch over and over again. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Howl’s Moving Castle, Friends, The Mary Tyler Moore Show – to name a few.

    Other than that, I think I get too stressed out thinking about how I should relax. (Workaholic here.) I’m getting a little bit better though. I’ve reading ebooks more, so that’s been going well. If I’m into a TV series, then I’ll relax by watching it, but once it’s over, then I stress over what to watch next…

    Oooh I’ve been wanting to replay FFX since I don’t really remember finishing it.

    • YAY for fellow fanfic lover! Now you need to tell me why you like Breakfast at Tiffany’s because I watched that and didn’t like it. I couldn’t even fathom why it’s such a classic other than Audrey Hepburn looking like a knockout XD

      I find it interesting you stress about what to do next. I’m sort of the same way in that I don’t want to tackle anything new because I enjoy that sense of familiarity too much. That’s why when I do get a huge amount of time to unwind, I am never sure what to do!

  8. YES x 100000000000 :D

  9. I love curling up in bed with a book and some music playing. A cup of tea on the table next to me and my cat purring away. That’s definitely my favourite way to chill out and de-stress.

    But when that doesn’t work, I like to get physical. I’ll swim or run. Or sometimes bake, not really active, but it’s all repetitive ‘doing’ stuff that means I have to concentrate or can zone out and clear my mind.

    • That’s a great way to unwind and de-stress. :D I’m not much for physical activities, so I think it’s good you’re into it! That’s a lot better than like stress shopping or something XD

  10. Listening to indie music, whether it be in English or not, and also, reading a good book. I love historical nonfiction most of the time. I love it, and playing with the dogs, especially mine.

    • Glad you have your ways of unwinding :) Playing with pet is a good way to de-stress!

  11. I can see how re-watching/reading/playing would be relaxing :) You already know it’ll be good! I tend to re-watch things if they happen to be on TV. It’s just nice to have something in the background that I don’t have to concentrate too hard on. I don’t do much re-reading or re-playing since some of the surprise is gone for me.

    Lately, I’ve been unwinding on the couch. I’ll find something on TV and just play 3DS :)

    • Yeah, the surprise is gone, but with reading and certain games, sometimes re-reading things make me see things I missed before, and I also like those little bit of revelations from the re-read/re-play :D

  12. AHH I used to love rewatching my favorite movies and my favorite games (glad to see Final Fantasy X got a mention) but now there’s so many good movies and games to play for that! I recently watched a TV show portrayal of Anne Frank and it’s so horrible how they had to hide for two years only to be killed in a concentration camp. I used to love The Babysitter’s Club when I was a kid!

    I used to rewind by browsing Buzzfeed too haha but now I find a lot of disappointing articles. I still LOVE to read the ones that say “funniest tweets” or “funniest Tumblr posts” which ironically is not content generated by Buzzfeed! Now I usually rewind by talking to some friends before bed!

    • Yeah, there are definitely many different things out there to try, but I like familiar things XD;

      Anne Frank is a historical figure I know a lot about. I read/watch so many things about her that it’s not funny. It is a shame that they hid for two years and only ended getting caught and perishing :(

      Yeah, Buzzfeed has some good and bad articles, but it’s still a fun website for me to browse through!

  13. I’m digging the alliteration in this post. haha!

    Also, speaking of reading and Kindle, how do you feel about the new update? I really like the new look, tbh.

    When it comes to watching, I started 2 new shows called “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and also Aziz Ansari’s Master of None… I haven’t been reading, though, but I really really should!

    • Alliterations are my thing, girl XD I love them. Probably one of my favourite literary tools :D

      As for the new update, I don’t think my Kindle will receive it. Mine’s a 2012 model, and they’re saying only Kindle Paperwhite from 2013 and onwards will receive the updates :( Boo!

  14. I can be on Wikipedia all day. I get caught up in all of the linked references, too. WIKIPEDIA IS A BLACKHOLE! haha Now that there’s Wikipedia the Game, I think I can actually apply all of my useless knowledge.

    P.S.: If you ever want a laugh, look at the Wikipedia article on high-fives and read the captions for each photo. haha

    • Wikipedia is a major blackhole! And there’s Wikipedia the Game?! WHAAAT? Will look that up LOL

      And I’ll definitely read that article XD

  15. I completely agree with what you said! Mindless reading or watching videos you’ve seen or read before really helps me unwind. I too think that starting a new book would be using too many brain cells! Haha!

    I always like browsing the internet, I used to love going through Wiki and reading the most interesting things, some of which have been quite beneficial to me like I remember reading about the cardiovascular system in great detail and telling my friends about it who were like ??? okayyyyy??? but now as I study further into Biology it’s actually been really beneficial towards my learning in the long run!

    • Yeah, sometimes all those readings pay off! I know my Wiki adventure paid off when I had to think up of random trivia questions for my work XD;

  16. I feel like I don’t re-read books enough. I think it’s because there are just so many books out there that I want to read so I have to read more books! However my to-read list never gets smaller. One of my favorite books to re-read is called The Seer and the Sword. I discovered it in sixth grade and it’s in about a princess in a fantasy world. I love it because I think she was one of the first awesome heroines that I read about!

    I love to rewatch Disney movies. I don’t rewatch movies except for a select few and Disney! I actually just watched Robin Hood the other day because I was just in the mood.

    I usually browse the web to unwind, however I always feel really unproductive afterwards, even though I may be catching up on current events, etc. Cleaning helps me relax, actually, and taking naps, haha.

    • Yeah, it makes sense to not re-read when there are so many other new things to read :D

      Disney movies are definitely things I like to re-watch! Love 101 Dalmatians and Robin Hood, too ^^

      I wished cleaning relaxed me. I actually hate that task, so it does anything but relaxes me!

  17. I find comfort in re-reading books as well. Just last month, I have finished the Percy Jackson series until it’s second series: The Heroes of Olympus. I also finished re-reading some of my favorite fanfics. There’s something comforting in doing those. I’m just not sure why. Haha.

    • If it’s good, it’s a thing we want to come back to because it also makes us feel comforted by its greatness :D I love the Percy Jackson books, too! I also really enjoyed the Heroes of the Olympus books ^^

  18. That red panda is so cute! And yessss The Babysitter’s Club, so good. Lately, I’ve been too distracted to read so I’ve discovered yoga home practice! It can get frustrating sometimes but the relaxing and calm feeling afterwards is always worth it.

    But really, sometimes nothing beats a good nap right? :D

    • I’m glad you find yoga to be a good outlet! I tried it once, and no thank you! I’ll stick to what I enjoy . . . which isn’t much, but at least walking is better. XD

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