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Blogger Dossiers

Ack! I can’t believe January is almost over. 2016 is already going by so fast! It’s already the last Friday of the month, so it’s time for another Blogger Dossiers post! For this month, I asked Nancy if she’d like to be featured. Nancy is a long-time blog friend :D She and I bonded over the fact that she was a fellow band player! She’s no longer in band now, but she’s still awesome; I’m so glad she’s agreed to be featured. Follow Nancy on Twitter and Instagram. Have fun reading about Nancy!

Nancy of

Hey there! I’m Nancy and I’m a cyber-securing ninja in the training. I enjoy rambling about the experiences I face through my blog at People also know me as a college student, shopaholic, food enthusiast, cat lover, and other things. Often times, I am caught observing cars that passes by and think about the engineering put to action. Get to know me — I welcome hospitality and new friendship!~

Personifying Photographs

Nancy's Personifying Photos Nancy's Personifying Photos Nancy's Personifying Photos

Remarkable Recollection

One of my favorite memories is the joy I felt at being accepted to a bunch of high-ranking universities. Before being accepted, I’d hit rock bottom, but a talk from my high school counselor motivated me to start working harder than ever to actually go somewhere with my life. This memory still impacts me to this day because my decisions led me to where I am today :).

My reaction: here (Daniel Bryan’s YES movement from WWE)

Musical Moment

Have you heard of “Space Kitten Invasion”? This has been my recent favorite (that’s closest to appropriate X’D)!

Coffee Break Conversation

What is one “unusual” food that is on your list to try in the future?
I think the closest to “unusual” would be live octopus. The only reason why I would classify it as “unusual” is because it’s still moving while you’re chewing on it. One false swallow and you’ll be choking!

As a former band chick, what were some of your favourite pieces you performed?
Depends, there are some favorite pieces from marching season and concert season. Marching season, I loved playing “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Tusk” because of the visuals. I loved swinging my clarinet around! For concert season, my favorite is “Into the Raging River” by Steven Reineke — mostly because I was overpowering our tubas with my bass clarinet ;).

If you could travel overseas right now, where would you go and why?
I would love love love to go to Tokyo right now! Or anywhere in the seafood district of Japan so I can have all of the uni and ikura I can eat ^___^~

If you could create your dream car, what would it be? What are some of the specs you have in mind?
When it’s said and done, I don’t think creating a new dream car would be completely necessary because I’m already happy with what’s out there, given some room for improvement. I think my ultimate dream car will be the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series . . . in white, red, or black. If the car change colors completely anytime I want, that would be great! The specs in that car is already perfect as it is with ~620hp, 6.2L, and V8 engine. With that, it would be great if the mileage would be 30mpg city/40mpg highway!

You are given a chance to travel back in time. What period would you go and why?
I like my life at the moment too much to want to travel back in time. If I had to pick a period to travel back to, I’d probably pick my senior year in high school. That’s probably when I felt like I was trying to develop myself to be a better person. If not, how about 2015 since I enjoy the current period? X’D. I’m satisfied with the lessons that I learned throughout the years and wouldn’t change any regrets/bad events because it led me to where I am today. (Plus, it builds character!)


  1. Tsukiji Market is what I think the fish market is called. They give you free samples of fresh fish. It’s suppose to be the best sushi in the world at that market.

    • I know of that market. It’s definitely a must for all seafood/sushi fan . . . to which I’m not, hahaha! That’s why that never ended up being my destination when I went to Tokyo.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you got Nancy this time around! Yay!

  3. This is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this. Nancy is quite an interesting person. Full of life and from what I see, she has a lot of self confidence. :) Live octopus? Oh dear! That one made me squirm a bit. I love the photos by the way. They really bring out who Nancy is. :)

    • Nancy is definitely confident and full of awesomeness. I can’t do that live octopus thing and I live in the country known for that delicacy! No, thanks! XD;;;

  4. Thank you for the opportunity to be in Blogger Dossier :D. Thanks for thinking I’m still awesome even though I gave up the band life! I still want to go back and play sometimes but I haven’t found time to dedicate @___@. Maybe someday in the future, I’ll be a part time band assistant or something…. Heck, even being a tailgate of the band and giving money would still satisfy me XD.

    Do you plan on going back to band anytime soon? Or in the future? :D

    • Thank you for participating. That’d be neat being a part-time band assistant :) And naw, I don’t really have any plans to going back to band. If I do, it’s to help out or something, but I don’t think I’ll play.

  5. I follow Nancy on twitter so I knew she had a interest in cars! I actually learned more about cars following her, haha.

    The Blogger Dossiers seem like a neat idea!

    • Yeah, if I ever need car info, I’m going to Nancy! :D

      And thanks! I like this column — it really is fun and gives me a chance to get to know others!

  6. January has really flown by. I hope the other months are just as fast. :D

    Nancy is such an awesome chick, very intelligent, strong-willed and has a really wide range of interests. It’s great. I can’t say I learned much more about her than I already know, but I have to admit that eating live octopus (or any live food for that matter) sounds a bit unpleasant and not really my thing. 😆 But good luck Nancy for when that day comes!

    • Yeah, live octopus is not a thing I’m keen on trying. I like my food to be dead, thanks LOL But kudos to Nancy for wanting to try that. I don’t have her guts!

  7. Yay, I love Nancy! I think it’d be interesting to try live octopus. I’ve seen people eat it, and it’s pretty weird! I hope Nancy will be able to go to Tokyo one day. I loooove that city. Plus, sushi in Japan is amazingly cheap! I was so shocked when I was there!

    • I love Tokyo, too! But not for sushi XD;; But I do want to go back there. I miss it!

  8. I really enjoy reading Nancy’s blog – it was great to see her here! The last personifying photo in the bakery is a really nice picture, I like her scarf!
    I would be travelling to Tokyo too if I had the chance! It looks like a wonderful place.

    • Yeah, I really like her photos — they are a perfect representation of her :3

      I hope you’ll get a chance to visit Tokyo, too! It’s a fabulous place!

  9. Nancy seems like one of the coolest people. I think it’s awesome that she has a knowledge and interest in cars! Also, I really liker style! I know nothing about fashion and I’m not really brand loyal but for some reason 90% of my handbags are Coach and I know she likes Coach as well!

    • Yeah, her love for Coach is a common knowledge :D She’s got style for sure! I’m liking Coach more because of her XD

  10. OMG LIVE OCTOPUS! That’s so cool!! But also scary.

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