Turning Thirty-One

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Today I turn thirty-one. I don’t feel any different from when I turned thirty, twenty-five, or twenty-two. The last birthday that made me feel “different” was when I turned twenty-one because that meant I could legally drink. But as for turning thirty-one? Other than grousing about turning thirty last year, I don’t feel like turning thirty-one is a big deal. To me it’s just another day, a number, really. To me it’s just an excuse to put in leave for a day off, which is great because I gave myself a four-day weekend. Now that’s a good birthday present to myself. :D

My plans for today are boring. With the weather turning Siberian in Seoul, I’ve no desire to go out. Since I’ve been out and about doing things the last three days, I wanted today to be my bum day. A day to catch up on blogging and Internet tasks, a day to just relax in my bed with my Kindle, a day of no obligations.

So I’m thirty-one. I sense some necessary changes that will need to take place for me. Such as skincare. It’s taken me until my 30s to finally care for my skin and I now have a skincare routine that I understand and follow. I need to mentally and physically get in better shape to lose weight. I’ll need to eat healthier and try to include more veggies and less junk food in my diet. And most importantly, I’ve made plans to try and quit smoking this year. This last task will be the hardest thing to do for me, but I need to do it. At least I already have plenty of hobbies to keep my mind active. Plus, I’ve cut back on drinking in my late-20s, so that’s one less thing I don’t have to change.

Getting older sucks, mates. If you’re in your 20s, embrace it and start a healthy lifestyle if you haven’t. Eat healthy. Exercise. Don’t smoke and do crazy drugs. If you drink, drink in moderation. Find good hobbies that will keep your mind and body active. Balance your life with everything — from school to work to social life — balance. Just know that what you do when you’re young will either help or hurt you as you age.

On a less serious note, thirty-one is truly an odd age. It’s a number that reminds me of Baskin-Robbins 31 and the bag company. LOL. I was quite tempted to get me an ice cream cake from the former and do a massive shopping spree with the latter, but I changed my mind :) I’m happy with what I’m doing today. I don’t need an ice cream cake or a pile of bags to keep me happy. Just getting birthday wishes from people is enough for me.


  1. I can’t believe you’re 31 already!!! I swear, you probably know the hidden chamber to the fountain of youth ;). Hope you’re enjoying your days in!

    Good to be taking care of your skin! Your 90 year old self will thank you for that! And yes!!!! Quit smoking!!! I don’t want to hear you say you have lung problems in the future because of smoking. I understand it’s hard, but you can do it :). Otherwise, I think you’re doing fine in other things- you finished your education and making yourself out there in the world!

    Go you :D

    Happy birthday, Tara!!! :D :D :D

    • Thank you, Nancy! I LOLed at seeing 90. I don’t think I’ll live that long, haha! But we’ll see! XD

  2. Happy 31st — initially mistyped 13, but 31 is so much better than being a teen!

    Good luck on quitting smoking! It’s unhealthy for you, your skin, your fitness level, your wallet and people around you — that’s almost all related to your other goals!

    • LOL! Yeah, I’m glad I’m not 13! I don’t miss those days at all! Thanks for the birthday wishes! <3 And you’re right that if I quit smoking, I’ll achieve a lot of the other goals since they are inter-related! ^^

  3. Happy Birthday Tara! I think relaxing is a nice way to spend a birthday, especially if it’s freezing cold outside! I agree with you though. I think 21 was the last exciting birthday because of the legal drinking milestone. 30 is a nice even number I remember, but before I turned 30, I would have to stop and calculate my age because it just wasn’t important enough to keep track.

    Aahh, I took my early 20s for granted. The past few years, I’ve been trying to exercise more and eat better to keep my energy up. I get tired so easily otherwise ^^;; Good luck on quitting smoking! I hope you had a good day!

    • Thanks, Cat! Yeah, 21 was definitely the last milestone birthday. Everything after didn’t really feel the same XD

  4. Sweet, it’s my birthday today as well and I turn 34 :) Happy Birthday to you, have a great day!

  5. Happy birthday! That is so cool that you got to have a four-day weekend. :D It’s a very nice gift to yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck with getting healthier and to quit smoking. These are two things that I want to do within this year as well. Quitting smoking is also going to be really hard for me. Giving up sugar has been kind of easy compared to how that is going to be. I know a number of friends that have cut down on the number that they smoke a day and eventually been able to kick the habit. The cost of cigarettes in Australia is incredibly high, because they brought in a lot of new laws, and the cost keeps increasing. So that is also another incentive to stop.

    I wish I had of taken you advice when I was in my early twenties and been able to have the same perspective as I do now. But, we just have to make the best of our future and do what we can. :)

    I hope you do have a great year ahead, and maybe we can help to support each other through the changes we want to make. <3

    • Thanks, Kya!

      I wish you the best of luck when you quit smoking! It’s so flippin’ hard! I am not doing so hot on it, but I’m hoping I’ll kick that habit soon!

      And yes, I wish I’d taken my own advice, too, but it’s not too late to take it now, haha!

  6. Happy Birthday! I can’t believe you passed up ice cream cake! I get myself one every year haha. Enjoy your new age!

    • Thank you! I was happy with the cheesecake my aunt bought for me :D Maybe next year I’ll get an ice cream cake!

  7. Happy birthday, Tara! <3 Hope this year is an awesome one, and good luck with your goals!

    If you ever need someone to talk to about fitness, I'm here. :D It's a lifelong process for sure. Forming the habit and staying consistent are difficult, but they're worth it! It helps so much to have a support system when it comes to getting healthy. You can shoot me a DM whenever you want. ~_^

    • Thanks, Raisa! I’ll definitely come to you if I ever need fitness-related advices :D I just wished I liked exercise better to fully do it more LOL

  8. Happy birthday!!! I can’t believe I managed to read your post on the same day you posted it, haha. Best of luck in quitting smoking. I’ve watched my dad try to quit smoking, and I could just see how hard it was for him. You can do it! Sending positive vibes your way.

    • Thanks, Rezina! :D I hope to kick the habit soon. Blargh on it being so difficult!

  9. Happy birthday!!!!! It’s always good to start new habits that better ourselves. Better now than never is what I like to say. Good luck on all the goals you’ve set for yourself! And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  10. Happy birthday, Tara!! 31 sounds a lot more fun than 21, honestly. ;) I hope that you got to enjoy your day in – that sounds perfect to me!

    I’m sure that I’m taking advantage of my 20’s, and I definitely need to put more exercise and veggies into my diet. I wish you the best with your goals, especially for quitting smoking. My sister has been trying to quit for quite a while, so I (semi) understand how hard it is. Sending love and luck your way, Tara!

    • Thanks, Becca!

      I dunno — I liked my 20s, so I kind of miss them :) But I’ll try to make the best of my 30s! You make the best of your 20s, girl!

  11. Happy birthday! After I turned 25, it no longer had a milestone to it, lol just another year.

    I do feel like as you get older you realize it’s just another day, and while it’s fun to celebrate, doing the full “party” celebration can get exhausting. Or maybe I’m just boring haha. Some of my younger friends want to do nothing but party at every excuse.

    • Thanks, Masao! It’s definitely another day for me, but I’d rather it be another day of rest and relaxation rather than a day of work! That’s why I enjoy taking the day off for my birthday :D And like you, I am not into the whole party scene, so no thank you on that!

  12. Happy birthday! I turned 31 a few months ago, but I didn’t really change anything. I should, but I don’t feel any different than I did when I was in my twenties, but with more money and less of a feeling of a need to spend it on alcohol than I once did.

    • Thank you! I agree that as I get older I become more practical. I hope to be even more practical soon :D

  13. Speak for yourself, Tara. I always need a cake to be happy on my birthday. Always.

    Happy belated birthday, Tara. i hope you enjoyed it. :)

  14. Happy birthday, Tara! I feel ashamed for thinking I’m too old to be 29. The big 3-0 remains to be a daunting number to me! Anyway, I’m rooting for your fitness goals this year (and the years after)! I bet you still look young at 31! #AsianGenesFTW

    • Thanks, Jae! Yeah, I was in the same boat as you! As I approached my 30s, I feel like I’m ageing too fast! But I try to tell yself that age is but a number XD;

  15. Happy birthday, Tara! <3 Wishing you many more years of better health and fun times.

    Getting into shape takes a lot of work and you just need to find that form of exercise you ENJOY. I'm still in the process of finding that specific type of physical activity. -sigh- It's hard.

    • Thanks, Kristine! Yeah, I’ve yet to find an exercise I enjoy :( I’ve tried yoga and pilates, and just NO. I think so far I like walking the best, so I should do more of that XD

  16. A couple days late but Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day bumming around, it’s always good to chill out like that.

    Good luck with quitting smoking

    • Thank you! I enjoy my bum days a lot, so it was a good way to enjoy my birthday XD

  17. Belated happy birthday! Wishing you well in life and in health! I like non-event birthdays, though that’s certainly not what I’ll be getting this year. Hope you had a good one, though!

  18. Happy belated birthday! I know what you mean about turning older. It’s weird…it really is.

    • Thanks, Michelle! It’s definitely weird turning older! Embrace your youngness!

  19. Happy Birthday, I heard that this is the coldest winter in Korea. But sadly as you get older, birthdays become less important. In fact I wish I could just stay the age I am for as long as possible.

  20. Belated many happy returns! :)

  21. Happy 31st Birthday to you! I remember when I turned 31, I felt the same as I am now. I’m almost in the 40’s range, 38, but I don’t feel it either,let alone look it. Congratulations to you. Age is just a number, but I hope you enjoyed it. I wish you many more birthdays. Enjoy your thirty’s, they go by very fast!

  22. Happy belated birthday!

    Sounds like a pretty nice way to spend it. Sometimes just lazing about is the best way to spend a day. Can be relaxing.

  23. Happy belated birthday Tara!! I’m sorry I’m a few days late!!
    We are the same age, and year of the ox! Fancy that! :D What are you reading on your kindle? I hope you are staying warm with this weird shift of weather.

    • Thank you! It’s cool we’re born in the same year, but even though I’m 1985, because my birthday is so early in the year and before the new year for the Lunar calendar, I’m actually the Year of the Rat, hahaha! I figured that out in university XD

      And I’m just reading fanfics lately on my Kindle :D

  24. Happy birthday Tara! I wish you the best of luck on your personal endeavors. It’s wonderful that you’re striving to be healthier and smoke-free.

  25. I forgot that other countries’ drinking age is 21. I don’t feel different on birthdays either, but I did when I turned 18. As a Filipino tradition I had a debut, so that was a hoot. That’s when I could legally drink, as well :D

    I said that I would stop smoking at the beginning of this year, but so far to no avail. I definitely do want to stop and I hope both of us can kick the habit this year. Fighting! (excuse, I’m watching kdramas again :P)

    I like to think my lifestyle is okay – apart from the smoking – I have started to go to the gym more. Food is my weakness, though. Sigh.

    Anyway, happy belated birthday girl! & You should just get an ice cream cake, anyway :)

    • Thank you, darling! I think that’s awesome you had a debut at 18! That sounds like a wonderful way of turning legal :D

      Good luck to the both of us with the habit! Why must it be so hard?! Arghhh!

  26. It’s odd how it works that way. People always make a big deal about certain age milestones that you will reach but It never feels any different. It’s freeing but also a little disappointing that way, LOL.

    Happy Belated Birthday! You are a gem! Look out for something in the mail from me in the near future =)

    • AW! Thanks! I’ll be on the lookout. You really didn’t have to send me anything! Oh, wow! You’re such a sweetheart!

  27. We get birthday leave at work so we get a day off on our birthdays, but spoiling yourself is just as good. :D I applaud you for not taking the typical ‘consumer’ path and buying things for yourself that are just that – things.

    I sorta stopped drinking when I realised how dangerous it could be. When I turned eighteen (legal drinking age in Australia) I didn’t care too much about my age and the law because I wasn’t interested in doing the things I was then legally allowed to do. I had a short phase of enjoying drinks when I went out, but even then, I controlled myself. I could do a lot more now to exercise and take better care of my health, especially while I am young! In terms of skincare, I think I’m already used to taking care of my skin. :)

    • Oh, I bought some things for myself — I just didn’t mention it ^^;;;; It were like mangas I’d been waiting for, so yeah XD;; And I also got some gift cards for Amazon, so I just bought a ton of ebooks, too.

      I think all the drinking I did in my early 20s also made me reach that point where I don’t really want to drink now. I drink some, but not as I used to. I have an occasional wine and cocktail here and there.

  28. Well, Baskin Robbins IS really tasty, hur hur *nudge nudge*.

    I feel pretty lucky that I started being more conscious about eating healthy when I was maybe 20 or so. Lucky because I guess my body was still open to the idea of growing, and I grew a little taller out of the blue! I’m still under 5’2″ unfortunately, haha. It was just half an inch, but still. It’s great.

    But I guess my point is to never feel constrained by age because there are wonderful secret forces in life that work when you least expect!

    Happy belated birthday. <3

    • Thank you :) And good on you for trying to be healthier starting at the age of 20! And woot for growing a bit :D I’m around that height, and I sure wished I were taller!

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