Skincare Sale Stash

Skincare Sale Stash from Skinfood and Nature Republic

Apparently, this is the time of year when all the cosmetic stores in Korea are doing a special sale. Actually, I didn’t even know they were doing a special sale until Eddy and I wandered into Skinfood. Then I wandered into Nature Republic and saw that they, too, were doing a special sale. We’re talking 30-50% sales that tempted me to stock up on my favourite products and to try out two new ones. Let’s just say my bank account is not pleased with me, but I told it to shut up since I won’t need to buy much in the near future, so it all works out.


When I went to Skinfood, I’d only intended on buying some cotton pads. Instead, I walked out of the store with the following:

* Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential ~ 24,000 won marked down to 16,800 won
* Tea Tree Spot Oil ~ 12,000 won marked down to 8,400 won
* Lettuce Cucumber Water Mist ~ 7,700 won marked down to 5,390 won
* Mild Silky Cotton ~ 2,500 won

I bought the serum because I really like the product and I wanted to stock up on an extra bottle. I bought two of the tea tree oil because that’s what I use on my pimples. As for the mist . . . I gave that to Eddy because I sprayed it on my face, and I started to itch like crazy later. Strange, since when I sprayed it on my hand, I didn’t have any itchy attacks!

As for Nature Republic, I had intended on buying some more of their cream moisturisers, but I’d also been eyeing their eye cream and their sleeping pack. Well, er, once again, the sale enticed me and I bought . . .

* Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream ~ 25,000 won marked down to 12,500 won
* Super Aqua Max Deep Moisture Sleeping Pack ~ 10,900 won marked down to 7,630 won
* The First Eye Cream ~ 24,000 won marked down to 16,800 won

I bought two of each above. Korean cosmetic stores have this awful habit of discontinuing products, hence why I bought two of everything. In fact, The First Eye Cream isn’t even listed on the Korean Nature Republic site, so I’m wondering if that’s going to be discontinued soon. At the least I am set with serum, eye cream, moisturiser, and sleeping pack. I hope I won’t need to buy skincare products for a long while!


  1. Wow, I’m so jealous! Perks about living in S. Korea is that you get first hand looks into the sales and get instant gratification once you pay for it. The items that you got sound great! The pain of living overseas is that the shipping takes weeks lol, haha.

    • Not to mention the free gifts and samples you get! I bought like over 50,000 won worth of stuff at Nature Republic, so I qualified to choose something from their stash of creams and other products :) Come on over here and we’ll go on a massive shopping spree!

  2. Sometimes when there is a big sale like that it is completely worth it to get the items because you end up saving a lot of money, on things you probably would have brought anyway. :D

    • Yeap! That was my logic at the moment. It was pricey, but I know I saved some moolas in the end XD

  3. Hooray for sales! That’s great that you’re able to stock up on stuff that you know you’ll use. I have the opposite problem of buying things because they’re on sale, but never consistently use the product afterward. ^^;

    • Ahhh, yeah, I try not to buy stuff I don’t plan on using, but that doesn’t always work out ~_~ I have stuff that I have bought but not used. Eeeek!

  4. It’s always worth stocking up during the sales, and skincare products are always awesome so great job! :)

  5. Haha, I always want to stock up like that when there’s sales. Sadly half the time its stuff I never use. So I try to hold back a little. Though when I find something I like I do tend to buy more. XD

    I hate when stuff is discontinued. I have the bad habit of liking stuff that either isn’t made anymore or you can’t find in stores easily. Such a pain!

    But yay sales!

    • Yeah, I buy stuff I end up never using, too, but I’ve been trying very hard to not do that now! At least my new skincare stuff, I will use!

  6. Sales on anything is amazing! Especially skincare since it’s so expensive!! With 30-50% off, I would definitely stock up as well ;).

    Hope all of these will work well on you! I didn’t know eye cream was a thing. I have one from Clinique and always forget to look at myself the morning after XD.

    I suppose the only reason why products are always being discontinued is because there are so many of these awesome Korean products out there. If anything, do they use the same formula but use a new name?

    • I think they just replace everything with new products eventually. It drives me crazy because I hate searching for a new product that will work for me LOL. Oh well. It’s what it is XD

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