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Timeless Thoughts

Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t believe it’s 2016, and it’s the first Saturday of a new month. Therefore, it’s time for another round of Timeless Thoughts, a monthly blog link-up run by Georgie and me. This month’s entry is hosted by me, so if you would like to participate, you’re more than welcome to join our link-up by submitting your entry with the link-up widget located at the end of this entry! This link-up is opened for two weeks, and your entry can be about anything you miss from your past! It can be an object, an event, a person — anything goes — and you can have more than one thing you miss. For this month, here’s what I’ve been missing lately!

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In October, I briefly wrote about meeting a bunch of guys in seventh grade, who introduced me to animes and video games. Lately, I’ve been thinking about them. One of the guys’ Mum was my band teacher, so many of our adventures occurred in the band room. Throughout the years, we chilled in the band room during lunch, after school, or on the weekend. Our group was small, and we were pretty tight until about our junior year.

Those four years we hung out in the band room were some of my favourite memories of my teenage years. Hanging out with the boys, they introduced me to so many JPRGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. In fact, the boys would bring their game consoles to the band room, and I’d watch them play games like Final Fantasy VI, Super Smash Brothers, and some super robot game entirely in Japanese. Being a solitary gamer myself, I barely played and just talked to them about games and received suggestions on what to play.

Along with video games, we also watched animes in the band room. They made me like animes all over again with Slayers, and I was hooked on animes since. In fact, I began to buy (well, my dad did) anime videos myself, and I brought them to the band room to watch with the others. It was my contribution to the group, and I exposed them to animes like Tenkuu no Escaflowne and Saber Marionette J. We watched so much animes together that we had an unofficial anime club of some sort.

Fourteen years later, I find myself really missing those days. I really miss all the guys I hung out with, and I really miss our camaraderie. After high school, we all split and went our separate ways. I still keep in touch with couple of the boys in the group, and they also come back to Korea for a visit every so often. Although we are now split apart, I cherish those band room gatherings, for they have made a huge impact on my hobbies, my social life, and my own self.

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  1. That’s so great you had a group like that in school who were able to influence your life so positively.

    Maybe with the guys you still are in contact with you could find the others and do a hangout or even arrange a meetup for some time in the year.

    • I don’t think the hangout option is viable when there is an ocean in between all of us, hahaha! I would love to meet up with them, and if we all are in the same place one day, I’ll definitely turn it into a hangout session :)

      • Oh, I mean like a Google Hangout :D If everyone is still into games you could also do something like have someone streaming on Twitch and all chat together.

  2. I used to hang out in our band room during school too! It was just a nice environment to chill and chat with friends even if they weren’t in band. Sometimes I used to invite my friends to watch me practice. I think even though some people were not interested in music or couldn’t play, they liked to see other people play.

    It’s nice that you still keep in touch with the friends you had then. I don’t remember the last time I talked to someone from my music group though I am friends with one girl on Instagram and she seems to be doing well. I always remember those talented people and how I admired them. I think one guy still keeps in touch with one of my friends and has his own band. :)

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who hung out in the band room :D Yeah, we had several non-band friends, and we still had a blast hanging out together :)

  3. Happy, Happy New Year T! :)

    Aww, I miss days like those in school. It always makes school easier when you have a group you can chill with and have much in common with. I still keep in touch with my group from school and it’s always fun to catch up

    Hopefully you guys get to meet up again, just like the old days x

    • It’s definitely fun to catch up with one of my band room mates :) It’s like we never left there whenever we get together and talk about the most randomest things :D That’s like the sign of ultimate friendship, haha! XD

  4. Ahh that sounds like an awesome group, and an awesome way to spend a few years. It’s amazing how much something so simple can make such an impact on our lives, and remembering it is always fun.

    I would totally be looking them up online and seeing if you can organise online hangouts to watch or play or something!

    • I agree that it’s the simple things we remember sometimes and that stay with us for a long time. I do think of the often because after being an outcast in sixth grade, it was a joy finding a group that accepted me in seventh grade!

  5. Aww, this post makes me miss some of my middle school days. I was involved with the crew of the school musical and I have so many fun memories of creating the sets and getting to know everyone. We were a group of about ten or so, but we all got really close and would play all kinds of games and share music, etc. Good times. :)

    It’s always bittersweet to think of those times when the friendships aren’t always still there. But it’s enough that you have those fond memories!!

    • It’s definitely enough that I have memories of being together. It’s interesting how I cherish those a lot. And I know it’s because they accepted me, no questions asked, and it was something I’d just needed after having a horrible year in sixth grade.

  6. That’s so great that you found such a close knit group in band. That’s also where I found my best friend (but she was also in every single other class of mine but I thought they were all different people during my first day). These memories of old friendship makes me want to savor and nurture the ones I have one since they’re so precious.

    • You know your comment reminds me of my best friend and me NEVER HAVING A CLASS TOGETHER. Seriously, we were like so unlucky that we never had one class together. And yet we remained to be friends :D Thank goodness our mums became friends, which helped us continue our friendship!

  7. That is so great that you were able to be part of that group and be able to share things that you really liked. It is strange how times change and you loose touch with some people, I am glad that you still have contact with some of them and many in the future you could all reunite, that would be cool! :D

    • Yes, I am glad I was a part of that group. Being with them really made a difference to me :D Plus, I do thank them for getting me into video games and animes!

  8. I never got the chance to hangout in the orchestra room with my close friends, but if I were to go back in time, I would probably do that. I think I hung out more in the library during high school to read magazines (rather than books). LOL!

    It’s nice that the band room was a great place for you and your buddies to hang out and chill. Maybe in the future, y’all should have a reunion in the band room?! (Wishful thinking, but that’s a cute idea.)

    • It wouldn’t be the same to have our reunion there :( My band teacher, my friend’s mum, passed away, so it’d be rather painful doing a gathering there. I am not sure if I could even handle that. Even today, I don’t go into the band room much, even though the new teacher is a high school friend of mine. Just . . . too much memories.

  9. That sounds like such a nice memory from your teenage years :) I’m glad you had a tight knit group to hang out with! That’s also great that they introduced you to so many things. I still absolutely love Vision of Escaflowne. One of my favorite all-time Animes!

    It’s always hard when friends go separate ways. There are many friends from school that I haven’t seen or talked to in forever. I’m glad you still keep in touch with a couple of them though!

    • Yeah, I’m glad to have kept in touch with a couple :) Even now, when we do get a chance to meet up, it’s like we never left high school in some ways, and we have a blast talking about all sorts of topic :D Just like the good ol’ days ^^

  10. What a cool memory! Maybe one day you can reconnect with the whole gang!! Growing up it is nice to look back to remember the people who shaped you!!

    • Yeah, I’ve connected with a couple of them on Facebook, and it’s nice talking to them again! ^^

  11. That sounds like it was so much fun! I used to game with my sister, but then she got bored of it so I always had to play single player after that.

    I always miss old friends as well. It’s really hard to get in touch with someone after years of not speaking.

    • I honestly can’t do multiplayer games X_X I’ve grown up to be a solitary gamer and that’s just what I prefer, hahaha! But I can definitely see the appeal to gaming with a group of friends. I was happy to just watch, though :D

  12. What a lovely memory. I didn’t have anything close to that until I was in college.

    • Yeah, college was different, so I didn’t really have that sense of a close-knit group.

  13. I was thinking about my bandmates a few days ago, and wondering how they all were. I’m still best friends with Violin 1, and occasionally keep in touch with the clarinet players, but I miss them all so much! We used to discuss Harry Potter and Naruto together. It’s nice that you had such a great relationship with your band room friends and were able to share interests with each other. It’s lovely that you’re still in touch with some, maybe one day you can have a big reunion!
    I’m off to send a message to the clarinet players now just to see how they’re getting on =p

    • I hope you got in touch with your clarinet friends! ^^ I sent off an email to one of my closer mates, but knowing him, he’ll respond like months later, haha!

  14. I remembered most of my band room adventures XD. It’s amazing how the band room can be a place where many memorable events took place at. It’s pretty cool that you did all of those things at the band room! At the most, people played Yu-Gi-Oh cards there. It wasn’t until after I left that everyone started liking anime @___@. Good that you still keep in touch with them!

    This reminds me that I should go keep in touch with my band friends… XD.

    • Do get in touch :) It doesn’t hurt, and sometimes your friends from high school are fun to talk with about the old days and such. XD

  15. I wasn’t even in orchestra or band but my friends were, so I hung with them in those rooms. It was a great time and great memories :D

    • Yeah, it was some fun times :) Common interest brought us together, regardless whether we were in band or not.

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