2015 Review

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I can’t believe 2015 is almost over! Looking back this year, I realise that it’s been a fairly productive year! I’ve travelled to several new places in and out of Korea, I tried out some new things, and I even started up some new website projects and blogging columns. This year I’ve definitely spent a lot of time with my blog, and I’m glad I did. Most of my 2014 was spent recuperating from grad school, so I’m glad I managed to do a bit more this year than last. I have to say that I didn’t enjoy the idea of entering my 30s, but now I can say that it’s not looking so bad now :D

Anyway, check out my monthly recaps if you wish! If not, I wish you all a wonderful 2016! Here’s to another fabulous year of adventures!

* My new year started with me discovering that my sinuses are complete twits. I visited the ENT and spent $413 to learn that the sinus surgery I had several years ago did naught.
* I visited Osaka and Kyoto to celebrate turning 30! It was a nice getaway, but it wasn’t enough time for me to fully enjoy and explore Kansai!
* I turned 30 grudgingly and found myself not really wanting to say good-bye to my 20s!
* I commissioned Raisa to change my blog layout to something responsive and different. I ended up really loving what she did!

* February was the month where work kidnapped me. I had a major work project that took up most of my time, so I dedicated myself to that! Let’s just say my blog took a backseat then . . .

* I discovered that vinegar-based coleslaw is the best thing ever.
* In fact, I attempted my first slow cooker pulled pork.
* I started up a new column, Nostalgic Notes, which was based off of Georgie’s Things I Miss, and it was where I’d write about things I miss in my past.
* I joined Cup ran by Kya.

* I started up a new column, Symphonic Selections.
* I hosted a domain giveaway with Kya, in which Chynna won!
* I had a spring staycation that was far too short but still fun!
* I went and heard Beethoven’s “Symphony Nos. 6 and 7” by Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at the Seoul Arts Centre. That ticket cost me an arm and a leg, but it was worth it!
* Towards the end of April, I started up a new knitting project, and throughout May, I spent a lot of my time doing that and re-watching a whole lot of movies. Oh, and I discovered TED Talks.

* I went on a major Ardium shopping spree, haha!
* I was in charge of doing a photo album message book for my big boss as her going away present. That was a huge task, but I’m glad I saw through it.
* Jacquie came back for a visit, so I caught up with her!
* I made butter chicken in my slow cooker for the first time.

* I finished my knitting project — an afghan!
* I met Teru after years of being Internet friends!
* My aunt and uncle bought a puppy, and I met and fell in love with my doggy cousin!
* I discovered subscription boxes, and they became my newest obsession the next few month.
* I decided to finally invest in a portable computer — a Chromebook!
* At work, I hosted a summer trivia programme. My head was overflowing with random trivia facts.

* I visited Chantelle in Bundang for the first time!
* I hosted a Korean stationery giveaway and Amanda won!
* I ordered two custom bags for myself.
* I applied to be a restaurant editor in Seoul and was accepted!
* Chantelle and I experienced our first afternoon tea.
* I started a new column on my blog, Blogger Dossiers, to feature other bloggers :)
* My mum had a major heart surgery, and that transformed me into a ditzy git. I don’t handle stress very well, apparently.

* This domain turned 13! It became a teenager, haha!
* I became well-acquainted with my Chromebook!
* I also started playing Starfighter: Eclipse.
* I met Drinkingcocoa Unnie and her family!
* I attended Chantelle’s graduation!

* I de-cluttered my bookcase to where I ended up with 90% mangas and 10% books.
* Georgie and I merged Things I Miss and Nostalgic Notes into Timeless Thoughts, which is now a monthly blog link-up :)
* I started playing Amnesia: Memories, and I read The Heroes of Olympus series.
* I began planning my trip to Sokcho.
* I started my holiday cards early. Super early.
* I visited Pangyo for the first time ever to hang out with Chantelle.

* I launched my new food website! This pretty much took up most of my time for October.
* However, I did start up a new skincare regime thanks to Eddy!
* And I met up with my high school alumni and he took me to Cheongnyangni Market for the first time!
* I had to say farewell to my friend David who was moving back to the US :(

* I officially left Harry Potter fandom after being in it since 2001-2002 timeframe.
* My two-week autumn vacation happened where I visited Sokcho for the first time. First time I travelled completely alone. I saw the East Sea and Mt. Seorak.
* Chantelle and I went to a recital performed by Itzhak Perlman.
* I went back to Pangyo to meet Chantelle and I re-visited Hyundai Department Store since my first visit was too crowded and hectic on the weekend, but on the weekday, it was perfect!
* My subscription box obsession came to an end.
* I mailed off my holiday cards!
* Eddy and I went to a Thanksgiving dinner event.

* We had half a snow day. Well, maybe one-fourth a snow day, but we did receive a sudden amount of snow that made us close work early XD Too bad the snow was all gone the next day :(
* Christmas 2015 meant an overrun flat with relatives and getting 200,000 won and $200 USD from Mummy and Daddy.
* The day after Christmas, Eddy and I went to a Christmas dinner event.
* I made plans to meet up with Chibi Toaster and spend New Year’s Eve with her!


  1. I read through all of it but for some reason, my consciousness got stuck with vinegar-based coleslaw. I mean, what? Haha. I’m not the biggest fan of coleslaw, but that got me intrigued.

    Also, wow – THIRTEEN YEARS. I’ve had my blog for five and most of my friends already think that’s a long time but…THIRTEEN. Daaaym.

    I wish you a wonderful 2016 as well! :)

    • Vinegar coleslaw is so good. Much healthier than mayonnaise coleslaw, for sure! I use rice vinegar, and it’s just yummy :)

  2. Good to hear that you had a productive year! And even more that you have been doing a good number of traveling, blog progress, and etc :D. Even though you’re in your 30’s now, you have been doing pretty well! You have a master’s degree and you’re going out and enjoying life!~ I’m really happy that your blog has been growing with many different columns. Ardium has a lot of cute stuff!! Thank you for the little goodies ;D.

    Happy 13 years to this domain! It’s amazing that you can keep this domain for so long and be consistent. Yay!

    Hope 2016 will be a better year!

    • Thanks, Nancy! Yeah, I have to remind myself that at least I’ve accomplished some things, so that allows me to do other things, too XD I wish you the best for 2016!

  3. 13 years is a very long time to have a domain. I can’t even remember how old mine is, maybe 8 years or something? Congrats on managing to stick with it for so long – that’s a lot of dedication.

    It sound like you had a very eventful year. I’m thinking of investing in a slow cooker. I want to make beef – I had the most amazing slow-cooked beef sandwiches at Andy’s grandparents’ house and I’d love to be able to do it at home. Pulled pork is one of my favourite things as well.

    I’ve always wanted to get subscription boxes, but I know I’d be too lazy to ever cancel them if I got bored. I started with Graze boxes once but only for the free one. I wasn’t ready to sign up for anything long term. Plus, it’s pretty pricey.

    Happy New Year! Hope 2016 is just as great for you!

    • I would definitely invest in a slow cooker, especially if you’re not too keen on slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

      Subscription boxes are pricey, so I’m glad I was able to get out of that obsession, haha! XD

  4. That sounds like a very good, very productive 2015 – I’m exhausted just reading some of it! Here’s to an ever better 2016, Happy New Year :)

  5. I remember a lot of these from your blog posts! That’s great that you’ve had such a productive year with your blog, and it looks like you’ve had many fun events too :) I hope 2016 will be awesome for you too! Happy new year!

    • Thanks, Cat! :D I wish you all the best in 2016! May you accomplish a lot and have a blast ^^

  6. LOL, I’m going to feel the same way when I turn 20 in 2016. ARG! Nooo!! :)

    Wow, so much you did. How you remembered it all and when you did it amazes me too. I’m such a scatter brain that I’m more like -uuuhh sometimes between June and September. HAHA

    Well, I hope you have a wonderful 2016!

    • A lot the recaps are what I posted on Facebook, Instagram, and my blog LOL. Trust me. If I didn’t keep track that way, I wouldn’t remember, either XD

  7. Uh, 30 not 20… sigh I really need to re-read my comments before I post. ):

  8. Happy new year, Tara! Looks like you’ve had an incredible year. Wishing for your 2016 to be just as amazing or possibly better than 2015. <3

    P.S. Vinegar-based food is my kind of food. LOL! <3

    • *high fives* Vinegar is awesome. It took me a while to realise that, but now I know it’s super awesome XD

  9. Whenever I read posts like this, I always feel motivated to do as much as I can over the year. Time is so fast but if you let yourself get busy and fill it up with activities it’s always worth the time :”””)

    Have a fantastic year ahead! I’m looking forward to reading more of aigoo this year ;)

    • Thanks, Pauline! I hope you will have a fabulous 2016 and that it will be way better than 2015! ^^

  10. Sounds like you had an awesome year! ^^

  11. Happy new year, Tara! You did quite a bit of traveling in 2015. That’s so great! And totally worth the post-grad school celebration. Gosh, I really need to plan my Japan and South Korea trip one day. I would love to meet up with you! :)

    • Yes! Do come here! I’d love to meet up with you in person after being online friends for years! ^_^ Just let me know early when you come so I can plan a day or two off!

  12. I have really loved reading your blog in the past year and have felt much more connected with you for doing so, which is kind of awesome. :D I really hope that you have a fantastic 2016!

    • You, too, Kya! Loved getting to know you and hope to get to know you more in the new year :)

  13. What a wonderful 2015, I’m glad you did so many nice things and took so many trips! Happy new year Tara I hope your 2016 will be amazing too. ^_^

  14. OMG YOU’RE 30 ALREADY?!? HUHUHU. You have this very young-ish vibe in your posts!!!

    • HAHA!!! I think that’s the first time anyone has ever said that about my writing style XD;;; But yes, I am now over 30! I’m getting old!

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