October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box Header Image

I’m here to share my October’s Helene Jewelry Box contents! I actually received this box on the first week of November, but I had other things I wanted to blog about first, hence the delay. This armcandy subscription box will be my last box for a while. I love Helene Jewelry, but I need to save my funds for other things. I may resume my subscription in the future, but for now I won’t be ordering any boxes. This is actually my favourite box of all the ones I’ve received so far, so this is kind of a nice end to my subscription phase :)

helene01October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

This is the box right after I opened it. I really liked seeing that big “Thank You” sign from Elena. ^^ It helped set the happy mood of my unboxing.

helene01October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

Here’s a bird’s eye view of everything in the box minus the pink confettis. Along with my main bracelet, there is a bonus bracelet with the thank you note, a nail file, a Jolly Rancher, a lip gloss, and a note that accompanies with every box.

helene01October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

This is my main bracelet. It’s a leather snap-on bracelet with the gold embellishments, which some have jewels and some don’t. I really appreciate the fact that Elena took into consideration my hate for lobster clasp and sent me this snap-on bracelets that’s easier to wear. I really like this bracelet. I normally don’t like gold-toned accessories, but this one is really a hit with me. Love the blue band, too! Elena even remembered that I like blue! ^^

helene01October 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

And here’s a final shot of my main bracelet and the bonus bracelet. The bonus bracelet is a lot like the interlocking bracelet I bought previously, except this one is more pink-purple, and it’s only three instead of six leather bracelets. This was sent as a thank you for the delay we experienced while they transitioned to a new shipping system. Since I love my interlocking bracelet a lot, I really appreciate the bonus bracelet! Really, this was a great box to end my current subscription run!


  1. I am glad that you liked the box! Sometimes you do have to take a step back from subscription boxes and save. I think that if it was something that you absolutely adored every month, it would be a totally different thing.

    I really like the main bracelet and it’s cool that you got an additional one. :D

    • Yeah, I’m stepping back from them for a while. I do love the concept, but I think the novelty has worn off for me!

  2. Aww, at least youre saving money for other things although you really did like the box! It’s nice to end on a good note, isn’t it? :) I love the bracelet you received, the bonus one looks awesome!!

    • Yes! It’s definitely a good box to end this round :) I’m happy it ended that way! ^^

  3. I’ve never really been into subscriptions boxes. I’ve always been the type of person who would just buy things individually.

    • Yeah, I’m usually the same way, too :) But I think the novelty has worn off, so it’s time to do something else XD

  4. Looks like some cool stuff! Yay for extra’s!

  5. I love the thank you card on top! Also, I’m a fan since she included the Jolly Rancher. Candy makes everything better. :P

    That was awesome that she remembered all of those details about you. It makes the box feel very personal and unique just to you. I think my favorite of the box is the blue bracelet with the gold. A good way to end the subscription as well on a positive note!

    • I’m not a fan of hard candy, so I usually give that to my mum or dad or something XD They like those way better than I do! ^^

      And it is very sweet of Elena to remember the personal details of her customers! That really does personalise the boxes more.

  6. That’s a really pretty bracelet!
    Even though you’re ending this subscription, maybe you’ll find another one that’s even better or save money to do other awesome things!

    I’ve been getting the ipsy bags for a little while now and they have been hit and miss. I don’t have any girlfriends that I can talk about make-up with so I was trying to fill that void and it’s not going to too great right now lol

    • Yeah, subscription boxes are definitely hit or a miss! Some boxes are good and some are just not that great :/ Sorry to hear that it’s not working on filling that void ^^;;

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