Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe

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I remember the first time I highlighted or dyed my hair in middle school. I liked it because I didn’t care for my natural hair colour, which is super dark brown to the point it looks black. I actually liked how I looked in lighter shades, so I became quite notorious for dyeing my hair or highlighting my hair almost every year since then. But now? I’ve grown to like my natural hair. It took me about seventeen years, but I finally like it.

Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe

The last time I dyed my hair was in April 2014. That was when I did the most daring thing — I dyed the tips of my hair purple. And before that, I had a digital perm in September 2013. So back then, not only did I not like my natural hair colour, but I also didn’t like its straightness.

Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe

But I digress. I’ve learned to like my hair the way it is. Heck, I don’t even mind the few white hairs I have. I’ve grown to be content with its colour and its straightness. I don’t have to do anything high maintenance with my hair. In fact, everything in these photos of my hair is all natural. I didn’t even style them, to be honest. Even my fringe (aka bangs) is all “natural”. I have this habit of constantly swiping my fringe on my left side to the left, and it just stays like that on its own, hence its “natural” state XD

Natural Hair with a Side of Fringe

Maybe it’s because I’m now in my 30s that I no longer care to do anything with my hair, nor do I want to deal with the cost and the actual process. Or maybe I’ve just finally learned to accept and like parts of me I didn’t really care for before. Whatever’s the case, I like my natural hair and my awesome fringe that has a mind of its own. Plus, my hair is healthy. It no longer feels rough from all the years of abuse.

Do you currently have natural hair? Do you like your natural hair? What is the most craziest thing you’ve done to your own hair?


  1. I do! Well, sort of. I dyed it back to blackish brown from the red-blonde ombre I had back in 2013. I actually prefer to stay away from color now after the damage of bleaching. (Well, maybe not permanently but at least I’m sure I’ll be sticking with natural for a long time.)

    Your hair does look healthy! Like you can slide a comb through it. :)

    • Thanks :) It still gets pretty tangled, haha!

      It’s good to stick to natural at times! Let’s your hair breathe and be healthy again ^^

  2. Man oh man! Hair things! As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. I actually think I am slowly – very slowly – getting to a point where I am OK with my natural hair colour. I think maybe give it another seven years and I might be happy not colouring it. I just like colouring my hair way too much to stop.

    I have stopped colouring it as much as I did before, though. I wouldn’t ever get a perm, but I do use a hair curler if I am bored of my straight hair.

    My hair has gone through a lot of abuse so it is quite split and dry at the ends still. I don’t think it is from the colouring because I have been colouring it for ages. To be honest, I think that every time I get my hair cut, they cut it so roughly that the ends get split. :|

    I have coloured my hair purple and red recently, but brown and blonde were my colours of choice before. I am so sick of those colours! :P My hair is naturally dark brown but I just love colouring it red because I think it suits me.

    • I agree that red suits you greatly! I’m glad you found a colour you’re comfortable with, and that’s perfectly all right! And I didn’t realise that cutting hair roughly or in a wrong manner can affect the split ends! That’s good to know, so thanks for educating me on that!

  3. Hi there! haha

    Oh gosh, hair is a very sensitive topic for me. My mom was the one who hated my kinky very uncouth and uncivilized hair and when I was 13 years old, she had me go to parlors to straighten it out. I swear it was torture for a kid. It was only recently (omg i’m 25) when my friend also had her hair digi-permed that I went and permed my hair for the first time. It’s sort of transitioning to my natural kinky curly hair but nah, my hair’s still whacked out. I think it will take some years before I can start loving my natural hair.

    I only do celophane because dying my hair would just damage it more D:

    • Awww! That’s a shame your hair is so . . . uncooperative? When I had my hair permed, I experienced the frustrations curly-haired people have, and I now appreciate my straight hair. Even, then, though, it gets tangled easily, and it drives me crazy!

  4. Chansoriya on

    Natural hair! I’m glad you like your hair. I myself haven’t done anything since get bleached highlights in middle school and that was it for me. I shaved all of my overly dead hair last year in December so I’m watching it regrow to where it is now and I love it! I’ve been in love with the idea of pink peekaboo highlights since high school but I haven’t decided if I wanted to deal with the upkeep.

    I admit, I didn’t know what a digital perm was so I had to do a quick google search!

    • Natural hair can be the best thing, and it just took me a long time to appreciate an like my own XD;

      If you ever do the pink peekaboo highlights, I want to see pictures of the end results!

  5. OMG! Whilst reading this post, I was just like “OH MY GOD ME TOO!!” I too, when I was younger was famous at school for dying my hair all the different shades of brown then blonde and sometimes (when it went wrong) orange. I just loved lighter colours and felt that my natural black hair was just so dull and ugly, also I think it was just because of the people around me who were all light coloured. But now I’m just letting my natural hair go back, I’ve helped it by dying my hair a very dark brown but it has faded because of all the bleach I’ve used before to get blonde hair but still I think darker hair suits me more and really shows off my features! I’m glad youre thinking the same ;)

    • Oddly enough, I was surrounded by people with dark hair. But then many Koreans begin dye and bleach their hair for lighter shades, and I fell into the trend. But no more for me! I’ll stick with my natural hair.

      You really do look great with your dark hair! It really does bring out your features :D

  6. It’s great to like your natural hair! I never dyed my hair before but I recently accepted and took a liking to my natural hair color. I remembered when you dyed your hair! Your fringe looks great on you!~

    My hair is natural right now. At the most, my hair got messed up once when I miscalculated the trimming of my bangs. At least hair grows back :D.

    • Woot! I love your hair girl! And it’s so long! Have you ever thought about going shorter with it?

  7. I love your “fringe!” XD

    I only dyed mine once, and it was the kind you wash out. Since I decided I like my color which is a dark brown. Though I did chop it short. I love not having to do much with it. Though my bangs like that get in my face. XD

    I get grays myself. My mom looks out for em and pulls em. XD

    • Yeah, when my fringe gets long, it gets in my face. Then it’s time for a trim! I think I’ll need to get a trim soon. It’s getting long to the point of being annoying XD

  8. I can relate to this on so many levels. I too used to color my hair a lot (and then stopped for a while, like you) and really embraced my natural hair. Now, I’m back to changing it again. I was bright red this summer, deep crimson for Fall, and next it will be black with blonde and lavender highlights. My students keep wondering what color my hair will be next, lol. Your looks awesome though! It’s so shiny and healthy looking!

    • Thanks! And that’s a lot of changes :D It’s cool you keep your students guessing :D

  9. I’ve never dyed my hair before, but I would to one day. :o What’s a digital perm?! I like your hair! It’s so long – sups jealous.

    Atm, I wear a wig because I’m trying to grow my natural hair. The weather doesn’t help over here, so that’s why I cover it. I actually love my natural hair. I used to straighten it all the time when I was younger, but I’ve now come to love it’s natural state. It’s wavy, fluffy and poofy and it doesn’t know what to do with itself, lol.

    I haven’t done anything crazy with my hair!

    • That’s good you like your natural hair! ^^ I hope it grows long for you :3

      And you think my hair’s long? Nancy’s even longer! XD

  10. I used to have curly hair from a perm and had kept it for a few years. Lately I’ve grown it out and have kept my natural straight hair. However I’ve dyed it a slight reddish colour so it looks kinda brown but still a black-brown to some eyes. I guess I just wanted a change.

    Your natural hair looks nice though! Side fringes are always nice :)

    • Thank you :D

      And there’s nothing wrong with wanting changes! That’s one good thing about hair — what we do to it doesn’t have to be permanent!

  11. I’m very similar – my hair is such a dark brown that I’ve had friends who I’ve known for over ten years think my hair is black. 0.0 I keep it very natural, though I haven’t always. My hair is an awkward kind of curly, not super curly but it’s a little more than wavy – just this weird in between. And frizzy, my goodness the frizz never ends.

    In middle school, I straightened my hair every day. It would take me at least an hour every morning, but I just wanted my hair to look straight and simple like everyone else! Then in high school, I realized that it was silly for me to do that. Some people (though only Lord knows WHY) would love to have my hair! So I just embraced it and I wear it curly normally. Occasionally I straighten it just to mix things up. And shock everyone because no one recognizes me! Haha.

    I wouldn’t say I love my hair, but I’ve definitely learned to (at least kind of) like it. We’re still a work in progress. ;)

    • *thumbs up* Glad you accepted your hair! And changing things up a bit is great, but oh, man. Straightening for an hour? I’d go mad with impatience if I had to do that!

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