My Favourite Things: November 2015

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It’s the first Tuesday of November, and it’s time to do Raisa and Eirene’s wonderful link-up, My Favourite Things. Unlike last month, my favourites didn’t really change, nor did I encounter anything “new” to rave about. Instead, I decided to focus on my favourite things about living in Seoul. Enjoy my list on why I love living in Seoul, and hopefully I’ll be back next month for something more varied and new!

Prime Public Transportation

Seoul's Street

Seoul, like Tokyo, has an amazing public transportation system. It’s cheap, reliable, and convenient. Heck, even the taxi can be pretty reasonable! I’m glad it’s good because I don’t have a car and having those allow me to go about my daily life without one!

Kickass Korean Food

Bibimbap Meal

Kimbap, bibimbap, kimchi . . . mmmm. Korean food is definitely a favourite of mine, and I have easy access to them here! Sure, I eat a lot of other cuisines, but Korean food will always hold a soft spot in my heart.

Abundance of Alleys and Markets

Cheongnyangni Market

Seoul is the land of “alleys”. There’s the Toy Alley, Pet Alley, Shoe Alley, Baker’s Alley, et cetera. There’s a whole neighbourhood dedicated to tteokbokki. Myeong-dong has like 228632 cosmetic stores. Then there are your big-name markets like Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Yongsan Electronics Market, Gwangjang Market, Cheongnyangni Market . . . no matter how long I live in Seoul, I could never fully explore all of these places.

Cafe Choices

House on the Hill

I admit to being a cafe lover. Seoul has hundreds of independent cafes all over the city, and I like checking them out. However, I’m also a creature of habit, and if I find a cafe I really like, I always return to it. Cafes are where I like to come with friends to hang out, or I come by myself to read on my Kindle or work on my Chromebook.

Seoul Safety

Seoul's Street

Lastly, safety. I feel super safe in Seoul. I’m comfortable going around the city on my own. I can walk around at 10 o’clock at night, and I wouldn’t feel scared. I’m not saying Seoul hasn’t any crime, but it’s low enough to where I just feel safe.


  1. I’m jealous. Seoul seems like a very nice place to live. I’m jealous of all of the markets. It’s no where near the same in the US.

  2. What a traffic dream! Transportation is a horror where I come from!

    • Oh, the traffic is horrendous, too! That’s why sometimes the metro’s way better than bus, taxis, or cars!

  3. You had me at Korean food and cafes. <3

  4. Seoul seems like an amazing city! I’ve known people who visited there, and they’ve all liked it. That’s great that public transportation is so convenient there. That’s something I wish my city has because I currently have to drive everywhere.

    Yum, I love Korean food! Those alleys and markets sound fun to explore, and that’s a definite plus that you feel super safe in the city :)

    • Seoul is amazing! I hope you’ll get a chance to come here one day so I can finally meet you!!! :D

  5. Seoul looks like a really lovely city. I might have to consider adding it to the list of places I’d like to visit. ^_^

    • I highly recommend visiting at least once :3 If you do come here, and I’m here, hit me up! ^^

  6. Wow it looks so great! Public transport is a major gripe for me where I live because I also don’t drive. I wish it were more convenient, then there’s the cafes and the little alleys.. I think I’m in love :D

    What percentage of people would you say speak English and how hard would it be to get around without speaking any Korean?

    • It depends on what part of Seoul you’re in. If you’re in the downtown/central area, then you’ll run into a lot of people who are expats and a fair good amount of Koreans who speak English here. If you go to a lot of the touristy areas, there are little information tour booths with English-speaking guides. A lot of expats who come here have no problems getting around without knowing Korean. Plus the subway, which most foreigners prefer to use over Korean buses, are all in English and Korean, so it’s really easy to navigate Seoul just by using the subway.

  7. Look at you with your fancy-looking picture ;). I love how clean Seoul looks! Korean food is amazing. I love it whenever the restaurant I go to servers banchan. There are a lot of delicious side dishes :D! Speaking of bibimbap, I haven’t eaten any for a long time ;~;.

    The alley market reminds me of Vietnam and Hong Kong. I think it’s funny how the first thing I paid attention to were the cars. I see a MB, Audi, and a Lexus…. Looks like GS. Could be an ES! (Can’t see the actual badge XD)

    • Banchans are awesome! :D Especially when you get so many varieties! And go get some bibimbap, girl!

      I LOLed so hard at your car comment. :D That’s so you, and I love you for it! ^^ As a matter of fact, I was standing in front of a Lexus dealership when I took the “safety” photo!

  8. KOREAN FOOOOODDDD! I love how the cuisine is so simple, ingenious in fact! And so delicious! Thanks for sharing, Seoul! Now I want to visit even more!

  9. Gosh I would love to live in Seoul! I love that it’s clean, safe, and easy to get around without a car. My city is the complete opposite…

    I love your pictures in this post too.

    • Yeah, those are some of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to live in the states. After living in Seoul, I’d definitely have trouble adjusting to living in a US city! X____X;

  10. This is so nice. I also want to go to Korea someday. And your site and you is gwiyomi. Hihi.

    • I hope you’ll get to visit one day! And thanks for the website compliment :D


    Korean food is amazing, and I want the authentic foods. It looks so delicious and fresh. I love all the cafes that you post about as well.

    Teach me Korean so I can move to Korea and be Korean. KTHNX, LUV U BYE.

    • Girl, you don’t need to learn Korean to move here! Come here and learn the language in its natural environment! :D

      But seriously, commmmme! You’ll love it here! ^^

  12. It looks so nice! And great they have a good public transportation system, where I live it isn’t that great…
    You made me hungry with your photos. Can I have some Korean food now?

    • Yes! Go get some Korean food! Are there places in your area you can get some? :)

  13. I’m super jealous of your public transportation. I used to live in New York – just outside of the city – and public transportation there was fantastic. But I’ve since moved to just outside of Los Angeles, and the public transportation here is seriously lacking (and I don’t trust cabs… too many stories of people being abducted by taxi drivers!) and to top it all off the traffic is awful. :(

    • Yeah, traffic in Seoul is pretty bad, too. That’s why so many people prefer the subway, but sometimes the bus is more convenient depending on where you’re trying to go :3

      Ugh, I’m so sorry LA is lacking public transport compared to NY. That’s rough trying to adjust!

  14. I love Korean food. I was lucky enough to go to an authentic Korean restaurant in Dallas, and I LOVED the food. I’m glad there is amazing and wonderful things you love in Seoul. :D

    I wish there was public transportation where I lived because honestly Texas is really and the US understandably has something against poor people and is really racist and stereotypes a lot, but that’s besides the point, but it’s really the reason why my city will never have public transportation and it’s sad. I don’t really want to learn how to drive, because honestly, I’m too scared and I hate to waste gas, you know?

    But beautiful post nonetheless~!

    • I’ve been told that the Korean food (and well, other food outside their home country) do not taste the same overseas O_o; Everyone who had Korean food in Guam, Virginia, Texas, California, New York . . . they say it just doesn’t taste quite the same compared to the Korean food in Korea, LOL.

      And I hate driving, too. I have my licence, but I have horrible depth perception, so that kind of puts me in a panic when I’m behind the wheel. X___X;

  15. Visiting Seoul is part of my mid-term goals! XD I want to visit ALL THE CAFES. I always hear about how incredibly safe it is in Seoul (Tokyo too!), which blows my mind because I can’t say the same for cities here in the States.

    • COME TO SEOUL SOON! :D Make it your early-term goals, hahaha! ^^ But yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy visiting Seoul and Tokyo in the near future. All the cafes we have in Seoul is . . . impressive. Hell, there are even dog, cat, and SHEEP cafes of all things. And a Hello Kitty Cafe. *sweatdrops* I think Korea and Japan are a bit cafe crazy! XD

  16. I love this! Seoul looks so beautiful, just how I imagined it to be! I’ve always wanted to go there – and I will do! One day. I’d love to feel safe where I go – I usually walk around my city till 6 but any later Im home because I hardly feel safe!

    • I hope you’ll come visit Seoul one day! You’ll definitely have fun here! ^_^

  17. Good public transportation is something I really miss about Taipei, it sounds like most major Asian cities are similar in that aspect. Seoul sounds like a great city, I would love to visit one day!

    • Yeah, I think that’s a common element with Asian cities, too! And it’s a good element :D

      I hope you’ll get to visit Seoul one day! ^^

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