Blogger Dossiers: Tiffany Bee

Blogger Dossiers

October is coming to an end! It’s been a super busy month for me, but I haven’t forgotten to do this month’s Blogger Dossiers post! For this month, I asked Tiffany if she’d like to be featured. I’ve been a long-time follower of her blog with good reasons. Tiffany’s blog is filled with amazing photographs and recipes, and I always learn something from her. I also recommend following her Instagram. Have fun reading this feature about Tiffany!


Hello! I’m Tiffany, a 20-something-year-old UCLA graduate currently living in Boston, following the yellow brick road to medical school. I like channeling my spirit animal Martha Stewart sans white collar crime, so I have tons of hobbies. I turned my personal website that was a place to post my pictures into a full blown food blog with recipes, random DIY projects, travel, playlists, fashion (rarely, but it’ll happen again…maybe), and of course, tea. I’m a daughter to an amazingly funny (if you’re into dad jokes) parents and a sister to a brother who cracks me up, but also drives me crazy. He’s an alright roommate when I’m home. I’m a girlfriend to a boyfriend who makes me breakfast in bed, so that’s pretty cool.

Personifying Photographs

Tiffany's Personifying Photo Tiffany's Personifying Photo Tiffany's Personifying Photo

Remarkable Recollection

This summer, I went to do volunteer work in Vietnam and while most of us were miserable from the heat and humidity, being able to put a smile on all these kids’ faces in the clinics and at the orphanages was heartwarming and brought me to tears. Seeing that I was making a positive difference in these kids’ lives really touched me and I’d deal with the sauna that is Vietnam, any day, knowing that I can put a smile on a grumpy kid’s face.

Musical Moment

Jónsi – Tornado. Absolutely hauntingly beautiful song.

Coffee Break Conversation

If you were to plan your one last meal, what would it be?
It would be an elaborate meal of some of my favorite Japanese dishes and my favorite Vietnamese noodle soup.

What is your favourite class (high school or college) and why?
An introductory class to anthropology I took at a community college because it was then that I fell in love with anthropology. Also, my professor was a UCLA alum who looked like a skinny Santa Claus and he was awesome.

Where is your next big vacation destination and what are some of your sightseeing plans?
For Thanksgiving, I’ll be in Florida and then during the winter holidays, I’ll be in California, so I don’t really count those as big vacation destinations. However, I do really want to plan a trip to a bunch of European countries I haven’t been to yet like Spain, Portugal, Ireland, etc. I also really want to go to Japan because Mt. Fuji, Japanese macaques, and sushi. I plan to sightsee with my stomach. Half kidding, I plan to see lots of nature and some really historical monuments.

Which social media tool is your favourite? Which is your least favourite?
I really love Instagram; following talented photographers, Nat Geo, NASA, food bloggers, travelers, etc inspires me to do more with my life. I abhor Facebook, but I have it for convenience. Sign up for a new website? Facebook connect? Yes, please. I also don’t have a Twitter, so that should be an indication of how I feel about it.

What career did you want to try as a kid? Which one was your oddest choice?
Typical careers kids think of: teacher, gastroenterologist, orthodontist, dermatologist, actress, musician, chef. Oddest choice? Wishing to have a career as Josh Hartnett’s wife.


  1. Funny thing is that yesterday, I was thinking about your Blogger Dossiers series. “What happened to it?”

    Tiffany’s blog is filled with a lot of good content! I love her food adventures and photo skillz. It’s great to go to places and make positive changes to those in need. Anthropology is a pretty interesting subject. I took it a couple of years ago and it opened my mind about the genome differences between animals. Sight-seeing via stomach sounds good to me too!

    • Well, I’m glad I posted it :D It goes up on the last Friday of each month. ^^

      I need to take a class or read up on anthropology! It’s a subject I wanted to learn more on!

  2. I always enjoy the food pictures!

  3. A FOODIE BLOG, YESSS!! I’m lurking now. :)

  4. Thanks for the feature, Tara! :)

  5. Yay, I love Tiffany and her blog! I’ve been following her for a while too. It’s always fun to learn more about bloggers that you like :)

    • Yes! I’m loving this feature because it’s giving me an opportunity to learn about all the bloggers I follow :D

  6. “the sauna that is Vietnam” LOL. Yes, I can confirm. So true.

    • LOLOL! Korea’s a sauna during the summer, too. It’s horrible X_X: If I have to live in a sauna all year round, I’d go nuts!

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