Korean Skincare Stash Part II

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Apparently I’d decided that this stash wasn’t enough. Yes, the four products I bought weren’t enough, and I decided to add more to my regime, moving closer and closer to that 10-step Korean skincare regime. Or so it seems. I decided that after adding these three new products — which are recommended by the fabulous Edward Avila — I’ve no desire to expand to ten or seventeen steps. Nope. Six or seven steps are enough for me! I’ve added three more products to my regime — a sugar scrub, an eye cream, and a moisturiser.

Skin Food

Skin Food Stash

I returned to Skin Food to buy the Black Sugar Mask Washoff for 7,700 won ($7.00 USD). I also picked up the Super Berry Multi Eye Cream for 19,000 won ($18.50 USD). The Skin Food worker also threw in a free sample of the Royal Honey Essential Toner and the Royal Honey Essential Emulsion.

Nature Republic

Nature Republic Stash

For the moisturiser, Eddy recommended me the Super Aqua Max Cream from Nature Republic. I ordered this from Gmarket because I found a seller who was selling the cream for 10,000 won ($9.50 USD) each! They normally go for 25,000 won ($23.50 USD), so 10,000 won is a steal, and this was with free shipping that only took two days to arrive :D The seller threw in a couple of Natureby Mask Sheet, which I thought was nice :)

The Whole Stash

Korean Skincare Stash

This stash — counting only one of the creams from Nature Republic — totalled 36,700 won ($33.00 USD). In fact, if you combine this and my first stash, all seven items cost me 97,740 won ($93.00 USD). Compare that price to this bundle that cost $199.00 USD! Sure, my stash is only seven items and the bundle itself has ten products . . . but still! Thank you, Eddy, for the gigantic savings! My bank account thanks you greatly!


  1. I really want that mask because that’s one of the items I am lacking right now. I need to get my skincare routine more unified! I love the name Skin Food haha, such a nice and simple brand!

    Can your friendie please take you shopping at The Face Shop or Tony Moly then recommend you (me) some products? :D

    • LOL! I can ask Eddy what he recommends! :)

      And oddly enough, I don’t even use the mask . . . so if you were here, I’d hand them over to you!

  2. NOICE 👌👌👌💯

    That stash is a steal for $33 all in all! I’m a big fan of Skin Food. Their BB creams are great and smell really good too!

    • I’m still not convinced on trying BB creams, but if I do go for it, I’ll look into Skin Food’s :D

  3. That is so great that you were able to get those items for that price. I hope you really enjoy using them and notice a difference. :D

  4. You should update us on how these products work out! I’ve been loving skincare items lately, haha. Or what your skincare routine is like – you’ve got me curious.

    I’ve been trying to expand my skincare routine as well (slowly, as to not freak out my skin)… so hopefully my skin will see some improvement!

    • I will do a follow-up post and write about my routine in the near future! ^^

      I hope your routine helps you and improves your skin, too! ^^

  5. Looks like some interesting stuff! Hope you like em!

  6. Look at you with more skincare goodies! Maybe by the end of the year, you’ll end up hitting the 10-step skincare regime XD. I bought something similar to the mask sheet yesterday but in honeycomb flavor. $93 for these 7 items isn’t too bad, especially since you’re saving $100! I can’t believe how expensive beauty products can get! Maybe the last 3 items will be $33 each and end up matching the ~$199 price tag? ;~;.

    Hope you’ll enjoy it and that it works well for you ;D

    • LOL. If I do get into the 10-step regime, I’m not paying $99 for the last three items! No wayyyyy LOL. I think what I have now is just fine XD

  7. That’s a great deal. I went into Nature Republic the other day and sampled the moisturizer you bought. It was really nice and seemed super popular, but I had just purchased a moisturizer so I passed it up. I hope you really enjoy all of these products and get a lot of use out of them.

    • Glad you got to sample the one I got! It’s pretty good, but I’ll probably replace it with something else when I’m done with it, haha!

  8. I wonder if I were a woman if I would care more about having a skin routine. I’m a guy, so I’m just “meh” about it. I bought a few things, but I don’t use them often. The products you bought from this post and the last post are intriguing though. Have fun trying them. :)

    • I don’t think gender matters :) Good skincare can apply to anyone regardless of gender. It just really depends on the individual’s level of interest in such things XD

  9. $33! Oh my gosh, what a bargain. All the stuff looks amazing – I need Eddie to come and help my skin, plssss~~~ I’ve recently started using Micellar Water, which is amazing. I’ve also started using this blemish stick, but I’ve yet to see any big results – so we’ll see :D

    Still don’t know about this 10 step business. Too much work XD

    • Micellar Water? I’ll have to look that up since I never heard of it before. Eddy told me that results won’t be immediate, so I’m giving it a month with my current regime to see if I get any decent results :3

  10. haha, 10-steps would be too much for me too. I use a face wash, cream, and facial pads that my dermatologist prescribed to me and then moisturizer afterwards. (Though, I’m still trying to find a moisturizer I like.)

    Getting all of that for under $100 is a good deal! I hope these all work out for you :)

    • I hope you find a moisturiser that will work for you! Sometimes it takes a bunch of trial and error to find the product that will work for us!

  11. I think I have about six or seven steps in my face-care regime in the mornings. That is more than enough for me. Glad to see you took to the stores to buy more good quality ‘skin food’! ;)

    Eyes are such delicate things that they need their own treatment, that was a choice well made. :D I have to admit I have never been interested in masks though my mum has made me try some on occasion. :p

    • Yeah, I’ve developed lines under my eyes that I’m hoping to counter with this new eye cream! I hope to see some results in a month or so XD

      And yes, six or seven steps is more than enough for me! I don’t have the patience to make it 10 or more steps!

  12. Wow! Can you please do a review of all the products that you bought? I am planning for my Korea shopping list when I go Korea next year!

    • I’m planning to do a follow-up/review post soon! ^^ And oooooh! If you come back to Korea, and I’m still here, we should totally meet up! XD

  13. $33 for the stash! What a deal!!

    I found out last year from my work buddy that there’s a Nature Republic at the Korean plaza near where I live. I also found out that there was a Korean plaza…. I still have Nature Republic products from my purchase there last year. ^^;; I really need to use them!

    I can’t wait to read your follow-up on how your new skincare routine is working out!

    • Ooooh! What did you get from them? Do share on your blog! Would love to see that!

      And I’ll post the follow-up in November! ^^

  14. I’ve never actually tried Korean Skin Products before. But they seem really good + it was such a nice buy!

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