September 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

September 2015 Helene Jewelry Box Header

Here’s my September subscription box from Helene Jewelry. It came kind of late this time. Apparently they switched to some new software, and the switch caused some issues. I wasn’t notified when it was shipped on September 25, so I had to personally message Elena to find out its status. Once it was shipped, it came to me without any issues, which I consider a good thing. I’ve had enough with postal delays, thank you very much!

September 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

Here’s the box and its content itself. The usual pink crinkly paper used for padding is under all the content and was well protected as usual. This box arrived smaller than the previous ones. I don’t mind, though, since a smaller box means less cardboard to used. :)

September 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

This was all that was in the box — a Sally Girl nail polish, a Jolly Rancher candy, a Carly black onyx and leather tassel stretch bracelet, and a neon green hair tie.

Carly Bracelet from Helene Jewelry

Here’s a closer shot of the Carly bracelet. I love how the beads are faceted. The black colour was well chosen because black goes with anything. The bit of gold beads accent the bracelet well. I also like how it’s a stretch bracelet, so I don’t have to deal with any annoying clasps. The tassel, which is made of real leather, is a nice addition to this bracelet, and it doesn’t get in the way, which I like.

Carly Bracelet from Helene Jewelry

And here’s a shot of me wearing the bracelet. I like it. It doesn’t feel heavy, but the stones are cold on my wrist now that the weather is cooler! I may have to wear one of my cardigans and then wear the bracelet on top because it’s cold.

This bracelet normally goes for $70.00 USD, but because of the subscription box, it only cost me about $23.75 USD. I’m pleased with this month’s selection. If you want to try Helene Jewelry, use SHINE2015 to get 15% off your first box! If you’d rather buy something directly from her shop, then use SPARKLE to get 20% off your entire order. Remember, shipping is free for US addresses, and Helene Jewelry ships internationally for $5.00 more.


  1. Even though there was a problem at first, I’m glad to hear that everything got cleared up! I always think it’s cool how there are little confetti in the boxes. Great way to make the padding look pretty! I am not too much of a fan of popcorn padding if it’s for “cute purposes” like these. The bracelet looks pretty cool! I like how you can pretty much wear this with any outfit because it’s black. It’s not going to totally offset the coloring scheme such as the case if you’re wearing bright green with bright gray…. I think….

    Hope you’ll get more awesome pieces in the mail :D.

    • Yep, this will go with anything! Black is a great neutral colour :D

      And I hope my last box for this month will be made of win :3 Can’t wait to get it!

  2. Haha, glad to hear that you didn’t have any postal delays this time! Would have sucked if you did.

    The bracelet is cute! I love the packaging of it all, as well :)

  3. Michelle on

    Glad you loved this box selection this time around. I’m still perplexed why that bracelet costs so much O.o

    • Yeah, it is a bit pricey if it were bought outside of the subscription boxes. I am not sure why it’s so pricey X_X;;

  4. Is it just me or is the jolly rancher really random? The bracelet looks nice though, and it sounds like a good deal given the price of the bracelet vs. the price of the box.

    • It does feel a bit random, but it’s been in all the boxes I’ve received so far XD

  5. I love stretch bracelets. That one looks really nice!

    • I love stretch bracelets, too, but I think I’m becoming more fond of leather bracelets :3 My thing with stretch bracelet is that they’ll break one day or that they will be stretched out and then won’t fit around my wrist comfortably! But they are easy to put on, so that’s a plus!

  6. I think it’s so cute that Helene throws in a Jolly Rancher in there. :D The bracelet looks super cute, and you got a good deal too considering the original price.

    • Yeah, I’m glad I got it for a good price through the subscription box! :D It’s a sweet deal!

  7. Dang. That would be a lot to buy on its own so it’s great that you can have it discounted in the box. I really like how it looks. :D

    • Yeah! It was a good deal with the box! I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for the full price XD

  8. Pretty bracelet and yay for jolly ranchers!! Glad I stumbled upon your blog!:))

  9. I don’t what to make of the candy. I suppose it’s sweet, ^^ but I really like the bracelet. It’s sleek and very appropriate for fall/winter. The nail polish is a nice shade too.

  10. I love the faceted beads too, they add a little bit of class to what would otherwise be a very simple bracelet. Looks like you have an ever-growing collection of beaded bracelets now!

    • Yes, the faceted beads do make a difference. Otherwise, it’d be very plain and nothing spectacular! :D And yes, my bracelet collection is growing, haha!

  11. The bracelet really looks nice. I’m such a sucker for basic colored jewelry as they can match anything! I really hope someone here in the Philippines will make jewelry subscription boxes available here.

    • I hope that will be available in the Philippines soon! It would be a nice thing to have as a service :3

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