Symphonic Selections: Little Fugue in G Minor

Symphonic Selections

With Halloween around the corner, I decided to choose something that was “spooky” sounding for this round of Symphonic Selections. A few weeks ago, I went on a Boston Pops listening spree on Youtube. Boston Pops is one of my favourite professional orchestras. I listened to their holiday pieces and their film pieces. Eventually, I stumbled upon their version of “Little Fugue in G Minor“, and I was completely enamoured by it.

Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, this piece was originally for the organ, but I much prefer the orchestral version because I enjoy all the different instrumental voices blending in with each other to create a dramatic sounding fugue. This is one of those classical pieces I heard all the time growing up, but it wasn’t until college I finally learned its name. I also know that X Japan sampled this song’s theme into their song “Rose of Pain”, which I always thought was a perfect way to combine something classical with a rock song.

Anyway, I hope you like this piece! Let me know what you think and if it’s a piece you’ve heard floating around before!


  1. Michelle on

    I love this piece. It’s because of this piece that I enjoy the organ. It’s a fascinating piece that really speaks to you to be creepy. The organ is an interesting instrument that doesn’t get much love and I’m sad about that :( Still, it’s haunting in the right places.

  2. While listening to this song, I have a vibe that the theme is about “transitioning to the winter holidays while being months away” XD. I actually really like this piece! I like orchestra music sometimes because I get so tired of hearing people’s voices that I need something instrumental to balance things out. However, I don’t feel any spooky vibes from this song. It was exciting more than anything, but I usually always have a different perspective at classical songs.

    Music teacher: *plays song* What do you feel about this song?
    People: It’s really dark and depressing
    Me: Sounds exciting to me

    • *giggles* Well, we all interpret things differently and that’s fine! It’s all a matter of perspective, after all :D

  3. I don’t listen to classical music often, but I’ve definitely heard this piece before! And I used to listen to X Japan a lot. :)

  4. I don’t listen to classical music that often but it definitely has that Halloween feel! My Sunday school students LOVE classical music (they’re weird, I know) so I’ve been getting exposed to more and more classical music because they like to listen to it during class, haha.

    • I think it’s great that your Sunday school students love classical music. That makes me happy to know that classical music isn’t “dead” XD

  5. I think this is something I’ve heard around, but I’m not sure. ^^ I’m picky about classical music, gravitate towards very specific pieces, and kind of ignore everything else. Anyway, I wouldn’t have associated this with Halloween on my own, but I see how that works. I also like its big finish.

    • It does have a very nice finish, doesn’t it? :3 I’m pretty picky about classical music, too, but I try to still expose myself to as much as I can XD

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