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One of my friends happen to be the infamous Edward Avila, who knows way more about beauty products than I could ever learn in a lifetime. I asked him to help me come up with a new skincare regime, and he kindly took me on a shopping spree to get the products he personally recommends. Stupid me thought we’d be only shopping at one Korean beauty store, but we ended up going to four different Korean beauty stores. Eddy told me to bring about 100,000 won (about $85 USD), and he suggested the bare minimum for me because I’d told him I wanted something simple. We ended up buying four products.


Innisfree Calming Gel Cleanser with Dandelion and Green Complex and Blackberry Facial Mask

For the cleanser, Eddy suggested the Innisfree Calming Gel Cleanser with Dandelion and Green Complex for 15,000 won ($13.50 USD). The store also gave me a free sample of their facial mask. I have never used a gel-based cleanser before, so this will be an interesting experience.

Etude House

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Next, Eddy recommended the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner for 15,000 won ($13.50 USD). This is a toner, and Eddy went on about how it will exfoliate my face. This toner also comes with a box of cotton pad.

Skin Food

Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential

Eddy also told me to buy a serum, and I purchased the Skin Food Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 2X Essential for 24,000 won ($22.50 USD). Honestly, I have no idea what this serum is for, and it’s the first time I’d even heard of such thing. Eddy’s the subject-matter expert, so I’m just listening to him, haha! Anyway, the store also threw in more serum that are in travel-sized bottles.


Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun 45SPF

Finally, Eddy insisted on me purchasing a sunscreen. Only, I told him I wanted a sunscreen combined with a moisturiser, and so I bought the Missha All-Around Safe Block Essence Sun 45SPF for 7,040 won ($5.80 USD).

The Whole Stash

Korean Skincare Stash

All of this cost me 61,040 won ($55.00 USD). Eeeek at the price! I know this is probably not a lot for some people, but for me this is quite a bit. I do hope this new regime will help my skin in the long run. I’m really thankful to Eddy for helping me, and I have to grudgingly admit the convenience of living in one of the most beauty-conscious nation of the world. But I read that a standard Korean skincare regime takes up about ten steps . . . O_O; Four is enough for me!

Do you use any Korean beauty products? Which ones do you like? Do you do follow a ten-step regime?


  1. I don’t use any Korean skincare or beauty products but I use mostly YSL and SK-II products for my skincare regime. I get all my tips from my mum. I don’t know why there are different things for serum and essences and etc. I know my mum explained them to me but I just don’t remember, I just know they do good stuff. Haha. I use a serum as well.

    At the least I use moisturiser and make sure I cleanse beforehand. I like gel-based products because they are nicer on the skin IMO, they are water-based. And they aren’t as thick and greasy as oil-based creams.

    • Yeah, all of the other products are just so much. Like when I saw emulsion, ampoule, and several other things, I said to Eddy, “Why is skin-care unnecessarily complicated?!”

      I am liking the gel-based cleanser so far! Much better than cream for sure!

  2. I still am baffled by some skincare steps (what is serum?) but the important thing is to trust the menu and follow it by buying a product that suits you! These are AMAZING but unfortunately I only have access to The Face Shop and Tony Moly. I’ve bought a number of products from them and not all are good, though some have been GREAT. Korean products are so natural so my face doesn’t feel like a lab experiment after using them!

    • Yeah, I’m definitely liking the Etude House toner way better than the Neutrogena astringent I’d been using. It’s way gentler!

      From what I could grasp from Eddy, a serum is has nutrients like antioxidant for your skin LOL. It’s similar to essence or something, too.

      I haven’t bought anything from The Face Shop or Tony Moly yet. Maybe I’ll check them out in the future, but not any time soon. I got all these other products to work with XD

  3. I might be generalizing, but Koreans seriously have AMAZING skin! 10 steps though? I think I read that article a while back, I don’t know how willing I am to commit to it. My skin needs something new though!

    • If anything, I totally am digging the serum, so if you can find some of that from whatever brand, I’d incorporate that.

      And I always thought Koreans have good skin because of PhotoShop, honestly, hahaha!

  4. Ohh! Something from Etude House! I miss shopping from there! One of my favorites from that shop is their brow pencils and brow gel. :)

    • Brow gel?! I know about eyebrow pencils, but never heard of a brow gel before XD;

  5. I didn’t know who Eddy was, but now I do since I just marathoned his vlogs. So addicting. XD But that’s so nice that he gave you a personalized skincare product lineup.

    I just realized how much cheaper the products are in Korea compared to the states. I was looking at your converted USD amounts, and I was like, that’s really cheap for beauty products! But that’s the price in Korea. For example, your converted price for the skin block is $5.80 but it’s $14 on the U.S. Missha website. T___T

    I’ve heard of Missha and Etude House, but I don’t think I’ve used them. I have used some Korean BB creams, but I don’t remember the brands. My currently daily routine is only water and Aveeno SPF30 moisturizer…because I’m lazy. I have been wanting to upgrade my skin routine, but…lazy.. (I obviously can never do the 10 step routine.)

    Let us know how this routine goes! I’ve been seeing a lot of people talk about serum…

    • Eddy’s a hoot! He’s a fun guy ^^

      The Aveeno moisturiser made me breakout :( So I stopped using it.

      And honestly, so far I’m really liking the serum! It’s been one of my favourites so far!

  6. Wow, 10 steps is a lot for skincare. I hardly do anything, but I probably should do more. I barely give myself enough time to get ready on a morning as it is thiugh so I’d probably struggle.

    I don’t own any Korean skincare products at the moment. but I might look into it in the future.

    How’s it going so far?

    • I heard that for some people it’s like 17-steps! OIIII!

      So far, it’s been good. I’m liking the serum a lot! I also am fond of the scrub I’ve added into my routine, which I’ll blog about soon! XD

  7. Beauty products can get pretty expensive! I’ve seen some stuff like Shiseido and it can get up to $250 per product! The goodies you got look pretty neat! It’s great to do skin care before anything else because your natural skin is what matters the most. I wonder what the Black Sugar serum does. Does it make your face smooth? And yes yes yes, sunscreen is important!! I’m glad Eddy picked out some nice things for you.

    I don’t use Korean beauty products (though I should!). I recently used Lush and Clinique products. I can’t even follow the Clinique 3-step process so 10 step is out of the question XD.

    • The serum gives you nutrients like antioxidants to your face. At least that’s how Eddy explained it to me LOL.

      My mum’s a die-hard Estee Lauder fan, but that’s way out of my budget. Chantelle ‘s a big Lush fan! But I find their stuff too expensive, too :(

  8. They seem like some amazing products! I’ve never been able to get my hands on any Korean beauty products, though I always hear many wonderful things about them. The serum and the toner look especially good, I’d love to give them a try.
    Gel based products always work better for me. Creams feel like they clog my skin, and they seem to make me breakout in spots! Gel products also feel more refreshing. I hope you enjoy your new skincare products!

    • Thanks, Katy! I’m enjoying them! The gel is, indeed, way nicer than cream-based products! I am liking the serum and the toner, too :D I do hope you can try Korean products one of these days!

  9. So, I just quickly watched his Channel Introduction and omg, his hair is so BOUNCY <3 What a cutie, too.

    I need someone to come with me and choose what's best for my skin D: That would be so handy. All the things you picked look great! I hope they work well for you.

    I don't use any Korean beauty products, but when I went to Ktown in New York there were so many products in this one little beauty store we went too. Kind of wish I picked something up now! And 10 steps? Oh, hell naw XD

    • HAHA! His hair is bouncy. I told him your comment, and he cracked up XD

      Come to Korea, and I can get us to all meet Eddy!

      And awwww. If you can find some K-products in London, give it a try one day :D

  10. Ain’t nobody got time for 10steps skincare, I’m barely washing my face on a nightly basis. XD

    I do hear Korean products are UHMAZING. I would totally try them after I finish with my current skincare products.

    • Yeah 10-step is a bit much XD;;; So is 17-step from what I heard! O_O

      Mine’s currently like 6-8 steps, and while it did feel like it’d be too much, the actual routine doesn’t take long at all! Thank goodness for that!

  11. That is so great that Eddy was able to help you and knew different stores that sold the products. I hope that they work really well for you! :D

    From some of the prices I have seen on Australia products, that price actually sounds good.

    • Yeah, I know the prices are not as expensive as some products, but it is for me LOL. Oh well. Just gotta prioritise my budget XD

  12. Sounds like a lot amazing beauty products out there! I recently have been slacking with my beauty routine because of my hectic schedule. I used to have a really good skin routine and I stuck with it for months but then life happened resulting in only doing it a few times? I did notice a big difference when I did the steps! Maybe I should get back into it!

    • Yeah, I’m seeing that my face feels much softer doing this routine than before, so that’s a plus. I guess having an extensive skincare regime do really pay off in the end LOL

  13. I do feel a little guilty about not having a daily routine for my face. I just have a random facial wash I bought that I use every two weeks, heh.

    I hope you enjoy your new purchases. They look intriguing to me.

    • Don’t feel guilty! If it’s not for you, then it’s just not for you. As long as what you’re doing is working, then that’s all it matter :D

  14. I was so overwhelmed by the Korean skincare routine, too! Sooo many steps and so many different products! I just stuck to a couple. Man, has no one ever heard of simplicity? Haha. But Korean skincare products are some of /the/ best! I love the Innisfree brand (their Jeju Volcanic Ash line is my currently testing) and Skinfood!

    I’d recommend trying the new products one at a time so your skin doesn’t get overwhelmed! ^-^ That way, you can really figure out what works and what doesn’t too.

    • I’m just wondering why there has to be so many brands! The additional brands and their products just adds up, and it’s so much to choose from! Thank goodness for Eddy! He’s like a shortcut for me!

      Yeah, I agree that I’d much rather do things on a simpler scale. No idea why the Koreans decided to complicate things, hahaha! But it must work or something for so many people to just do the complicated regime, me included LOL.

  15. I had a simple routine, but I stopped it because I have ran out of products. ^^; It’s crazy that I’ve been in Korea for years, but haven’t used many skin care products. I’ve used some of the masks and enjoyed them. I’ve always wanted to use a BB cream, but because my skin is relatively dark, I’ve never had any success with that.

    • I haven’t tried BB cream, either. Not something I really care for. I was in the same boat as you — living in Korea for many years and not really try their beauty products. But then Eddy happened, haha XD

  16. I know we’ve talked about this on Twitter, but I still love your products’ packaging! XD I wish skin products were that cute here. I hope your routine’s working out well for you so far. Are you gonna make a follow-up post? :3

    • Yes! I’ll try to do a follow-up post of some sort XD Maybe sometime in November :3

      And yes, the packaging are nice, but it’s not the first thing I really look at for products XD;

  17. Chansoriya on

    That looks like a good haul. I honestly don’t know anything about skincare, I’m pretty okay with a face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I have pretty sensitive skin and my mom often throws all these things at me that I don’t know a thing about. I do want to exfoliate my skin though so I have to figure that out.

    • I’d recommend a scrub of some sort to exfoliate your face. :3 I just tried this new black sugar scrub from Skin Food last night, and my face felt amazing afterward!

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