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Hi, my name is TC, and I have super oily hair :( Seriously, after one day, my hair looks like I’d gone and put on coconut oil or something. I’ve tried the no-poo thing with baking powder, but that didn’t settle my oil production. I haven’t tried limiting my hair washing for more than two weeks because the mere idea of it just grosses me out. I have to wash my hair every day to keep it from looking like a greaseball, but I know that’s not good for my hair. The one fix I found is to use dry shampoo in-between washing. By applying the dry shampoo overnight, the powder soaks up the oil, and it makes my hair look far less oilier compared to not using it. I am thankful for this fix! However, I am not so thankful for the actual dry shampoo “products” that are out on the market. Those things are a rip-off, and I learned that there are much cheaper alternatives.

Dry Shampoo

First, I tried the cornstarch method (from Wellness Mama) by mixing 1/4 cup of cornstarch or arrowroot with 3-5 drops of essential oil of your choice. I loved this method the most, and one batch lasted me for months! I’d apply the powder with a makeup brush. Next, I tried Lush’s No Drought dry shampoo only to discover that I hated its scent after applying, and I hated how difficult it was to get the powder out from its opening! Later, another friend told me that she uses baby powder in-between her hair washing when I’d complained about my constant hair washing. The baby powder method proved to be much better than Lush’s, and I liked the scent way more.

In the end, I liked the DIY method and the baby powder method because it was far more cheaper than constantly buying something like Lush’s! Here’s the breakdown of the price for each method:

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (115g): 18,900 won ($17.00 USD)
Johnson’s Baby Powder in Calming Lavender & Chammomile (425g): $3.92 USD
Argo Cornstarch (454g) + Now Foods Lavender Essential Oil (1 fl. oz): $1.42 USD + 9,260 KRW ($8.50 USD)

In the long run, the DIY method will be cheaper and will yield more. Lush and Johnson’s both include cornstarch in their products, so in essence, I may as well just make my own! Plus, I can customise the scents however I want! Honestly, I really cannot justify buying actual dry shampoo products when there is a much simpler and cheaper alternative. I really do regret buying Lush’s product.

Do you use dry shampoo? If yes, which products? Do you suffer from oily hair like me? Would you try the DIY dry shampoo?

Inspired by Jae’s “My Favourite Things” post.


  1. I used to use baby powder for my hair, and it worked well for the most part, except for the whitish cast it left on my hair xD
    I remember when I bought my first Stila dry shampoo, my friend read over the ingredients and was like “you know this is just nice smelling but overpriced corn starch right?”, haha.

    • That’s why I leave the powder on overnight or a few hours before I go out so I don’t look like I sprinkled powder on my hair LOL.

  2. I’ve been using dry shampoo for a while but after I got lazy to buy so I started using flour instead haha! It works well for me but I can’t do that 2 days straight ;o;

    • I can’t do more than two days either! So I’ll wash my hair Monday night, do dry shampoo Tuesday night, and then wash my hair Wednesday night XD

  3. My hair gets so oily after one day too @____@. I do the same thing, washing my hair every day even though it’s so bad for me…. But it’s worth it short term. Lush has great products but some of their products have a smell that I don’t like. However, they have awesome bath bombs! Expensive but it’s vegetarian.

    The DIY method usually proves to be the cheapest option and maybe the best since you know what’s in the product! I don’t use dry shampoo, I just stick with Herbal Essence. I’m not too fond about putting powder in my hair, but maybe my views will change some day ;6

    • I wasn’t too fond either, but I reached the point where I was willing to try because I was really getting tired of washing my hair on a daily basis!

  4. I need to try making some of my own dry shampoo at some point and try it out. My biggest worry about using the dry shampoos is that they leave your hair looking odd because of the fact that you’re sort of just… sprinkling some kind of white or off-white in there, but I haven’t seen many complaints about that over all, and yet still I’m spooked by the idea.

    I guess I can give it a shot, and the worst that can happen is I have to wash my hair anyway because I don’t like the results, haha.

    • That’s why I’d sprinkle it on overnight or a few hours before I leave the house, so it doesn’t appear white. Otherwise, some people use cocoa powder if they have dark hair so it’d blend better, but I’ll stick to cornstarch XD

  5. Dry shampoo was my savior when I had red hair! I couldn’t wash my hair as often as I could before, but after a few days, my hair was so greasy and it drove me nuts.

    I used baby powder when I was in college, but right now I’m trying to finish my Pantene dry shampoo. Now that I’m at a more manageable color, I can wash my hair more frequently.

    • I didn’t know Pantene had a dry shampoo XD

      And yeah, the greasiness after 2+ days on my hair would be seriously driving me off the wall!

  6. Woohoo! I’m sorry I failed to respond to your tweet right away. I was so caught up with my duties yesterday + I was nursing a very sore body from my workouts, so I didn’t bother so much with social media.

    Anyway, I’m surprised you had this post up sooner than I had expected! I’m going to try to make one before I run out with my Batiste dry shampoo. I never thought it’d be a necessity for me here in the US!

    • Aww! I hope your soreness went away!

      And if you do make your own and try it, let me know how that works out for you! ^^

  7. Dry shampoo intrigues me, but I enjoy taking showers way too much. It just wouldn’t be the same for me.

    • I just can’t stand washing my hair every day. X_X; No problems with showering every day, but washing my hair every day is just a pain! ^^;;;

  8. Oh, I feel you girl! My hair gets super oily, but my scalp gets dry and flakey. It’s super confusing. Luckily I’ve found this brand called Shea Moisture which is sorting out the problem, at the moment. We’ll see how it is in the long run.

    I’ve managed to cut down on washing my hair, but I did used to wash my hair everyday as well. Took me agesssss to cut down to like once/twice a week. The dry shampoos on the market over here are rubbish too!

    I’ve used the baby powder method before, but I find it difficult to blend it in because I have dark hair – maybe I’m doing it wrong, haha. I will definitely have to look into the DIY method!

    • It is difficult to blend, but that’s why I’d recommend putting it on overnight or a few hours before going out. That way the whiteness will disappear. Or, another option, is to use cocoa powder instead on dark hair. :)

  9. Oh man, I still haven’t found something that works for me. The stuff I’ve tried takes some of the oil shine away, but makes my hair really matted and it looks terrible.

  10. I don’t use dry shampoo. I used to have really oily hair though, but I actually never washed my hair more than once a week. I did it once a week on the weekends, and I did that for as long as I could remember. Even if my hair got oily I would just suck it up and tie it up if I was ever self-conscious about it. It wasn’t until recently that I started to wash my hair twice a week. I don’t remember what happened, but I didn’t change my routine and my hair became less oily over time.

    I use a natural shampoo with no artificial products so I think that helps keep my hair quite healthy. I have never even tried dry shampooing but I would agree that there is no need to buy a dry shampoo when you can make it yourself with products from your local supermarket! Maybe people are just lazy. :P

    • I could tie my hair, but I’ve got fringe and they really make my oily hair obvious X_X; And I hate wearing hats, so that’s not an option either. Plus, I grew up in a military/old-school environment where hats aren’t supposed to be worn in the building, so, uh, yeah. That’s something very well drilled into me! My hair just looks like a greaser’s hair, so I really cannot go without washing it for more than two days, even with the dry shampoo option! :(

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