Helene Jewelry Stash from Zulily

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Several weeks ago, I saw that Helene Jewelry was having a sale at Zulily. I checked it out and found some great steals on some of their jewelleries. I really liked some of the rings and bracelets I’ve been eyeing at Helene Jewelry website, so I took the opportunity to order some. I finally got the stash and here are my thoughts on the pieces.

Helene Jewels Stash from Zulily

This is my entire stash. Two bracelets and two cocktail rings. From left to right, they are:

  • Olive & Gray Leather Interlocking Bracelet ~ Which I got for $12.99.
  • Dilan Blue Adjustable Gold Bracelet ~ Which was marked down from $70.00 to $19.99
  • Taner Blue Double Floating Stone Cocktail Ring ~ Which was marked down from $70.00 to $14.99
  • Eda Blue Three Stone Cocktail Ring ~ Which was marked down from $85.00 to $17.99
Helene Jewels Stash from Zulily

I really like the rings! I worried that they’d be heavy and bulky, but they are not. They appear lighter than they are, and they fit comfortably on my fingers. I even don’t mind the gold much. As for the bracelets, I love the interlocking bracelet so, so much. The leather is so light, and the colours are muted but perfect for me. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the Dilan bracelet. I mean, it’s nice, and I like it, but I don’t like how it feels so awkward on me. Unlike the Bijoux Box bangle, this one didn’t feel so cheap and as malleable when I bend the metal. Also, I notice that the glass stone on the Dilan bracelet and the Taner ring are wriggling in its spot. I do hope those stones won’t fall out! The other stones aren’t loose, but those two are. So quality-wise, they seem good to my untrained eyes, but I’m a bit wary about the loose stones. I’ve no idea if it’s normal for stones to start getting loose in jewelleries like these.

Helene Jewels Stash from Zulily

All in all, I like three out of four pieces, and I got all of them cheaply. I’m really pleased with this stash, and I hope to wear them more often when I can. I may just give the Dilan bracelet away, but the others I’ll be keeping for sure!


  1. These are all really lovely! Gold, on me, always looks very pronounced, but I have a gold ring that was my mother’s that I wear once in a while, and it’s one of my only real jewelry pieces since… I have to wear real jewelry because I get bad rashes from fake stuff? And my sizes are all weird because my fingers are both fat and just big boned because of my height, it’s all very wonky, but it has left me not wearing much jewelry in my adult life. :(

    • I have to wear real or sterling silver or stainless steel jewellery, too. I get horrible allergies! It’s so annoying :(

      I generally wear only bracelets and rings, usually in silver tones. I rarely ever wear gold tones!

  2. That’s so great that you were able to get them at such a reduced price and that you like them. :D I hope that the stones won’t come out, that would be slightly worrying. I think they look really nice. <3

  3. Jewellery sales are my jam~ I remember I went to this little boutique in New York and they were having a sale and I got SO excited. It was like 2 rings for $5 or something. It was only fashion jewellery, but man.

    Goddamnn, $70 to $19.99 – that’s a bargain! All of the jewellery are bargains! Good on you, girl! I’m not a fan of bulky rings, but I quite like the look of yours – they’re so pretty. (Ayy, I spot Time Out – my favourite free magazine)

    Glad to know you’re pleased with your stash! :) x

    • YES! It’s a great bargain that I couldn’t resist! You got some good steals, too! 2 rings for $5.00? That’s great!

      And I didn’t know you know TIme Out! Do you get them in the UK?

      • We do indeed – every Thursday! One of the best magazines to find out what’s going on in LDN, and all the fun free stuff to do, as well :)

  4. Nice haul! Those are great sales, and I like how the gold rings and bracelet match each other. The look and color of the leather bracelet look very versatile too. Hopefully the stones won’t fall off though!

    • Yeah, they all do match well! It’s like a set, but not sold in a set, haha! XD

  5. I really like the rings! The colors are perfect, and I feel like you could wear them with a variety of outfits. And everything is better when it’s on sale! A good find is hard to come by, but I always feel so much better when I get something I like and it’s on sale! I’m not sure about the stones – I’d be wary about that, too. Hopefully they don’t fall out!

    • You’re right that the rings would go well with so many outfits! Even when I just wore my usual casual outfit, they went well together ^^

  6. I remembered that sale! You got a lot of nice deals out of it! I like how the blue bracelet and rings match each other! You can definitely sport it all out at once and be uniformed XD. It’s great that you like the rings :). Even though you don’t like the bracelet as much, at least you got it through a good deal. It’s good to have jewelery that doesn’t feel cheap :). Take some outfit pictures with the jewelery pieces if you can ;D

    • I don’t wear outfits that are photogenic, hahaha! So I don’t think I’ll ever do a full shot like that XD;;;

  7. The bargain you got for these beauties are amazing! I like how you can actually match them to a lot of outfit ensembles.

  8. Omo so pretty! and the sales is no joke I would have gone crazy buying loads with such discounts! I love the Cocktail ring with 3 stones the most.. it’s so pretty and I like how those beauties are suitable to be worn with almost any kind of outfit style ^^

    • I do adore the rings the most! And the leather bracelet XD I’ve been wearing the leather bracelet a lot these days!

  9. J @ Wild Thrift on

    Love the rings! I hope they hold up for you. Of all the short-sale shopping sites, Zulily is definitely my favorite. They have such good, affordable stuff.

    • Yes, Zulily seems to be awesome! I’ll definitely use them more often. :3

  10. They are some wonderful bargains you picked up! Though I know the blue and gold pieces wouldn’t suit me, I’m very envious of them! They’re beautiful! It’s a shame that the bracelet isn’t quite as comfy as you’d hoped, and hopefully the stones won’t fall out! They’re great pieces though, I hope you get a lot of use out of them.

    • Blue is my favourite colour, but not yellow/gold. But I think I’m sort of warming up to gold, but I’ll always prefer silver! ^^

  11. On my Asli bangle, the glass stone was sort of loose as well but I think that’s because the gold couldn’t quite mold itself around it tightly. I don’t think it will fall out. :) I also loved the bangle but similar to the Dilan one, it felt a bit awkward after a while. I think the stones held too much weight so that part of the bangle kept sliding to go under my arm rather than on it. I didn’t like wearing it tightly as some kind of cuff, either… so I didn’t like it as much as I said in my review. At least I liked the design and how it looked, just wasn’t the best one for comfort/wear.

    The interlocking bracelet looks cool! Absolutely and definitely in your style :D

    I loved the look of the rings but I have the tiniest fingers so I doubt, though adjustable, that they would fit comfortably on me. :P

    • Yeah, the bangles do look sweet, but it’s not exactly comfortable. Good to know that I’m not the only one who experienced the loose stones. I hope they don’t come out!

      The interlocking bracelet is really my style! I’ve been wearing that a lot!

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