Photo Potpourri: Eight Photos of Happiness

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Photo Potpourri

Georgie tagged me to do the “Eight Photos of Happiness” post, where I write about eight photos that symbolises happiness for me. Thanks for the tag, Georgie! I had a lot of fun with this one, especially since I was able to make this post be a part of my Photo Potpourri column :)


TC in the Snow

Winter is my favourite season because I actually like and can tolerate the cold easily. Snow is one of my favourite things about winter, but thanks to global warming, Seoul hasn’t been receiving much snow :( What snow we get is so little lately, that I hope this winter we get a lot! This photo was taken in December 2009, and I wrote my name in the snow that year.


Rikugi-en, Tokyo, Japan

In October 2010, I went to Tokyo, Japan for about a week on my own. One of the places I visited was Rikugi-en, a lovely Japanese garden. This garden became one of my favourite places there, and I absolutely was enamoured by it. So tranquil and beautiful, remembering this place brings happiness for me. If I ever do go back to Tokyo, I’ll return to this place!

Halmeoni’s Birthday Cake

Halmeon's Cake

I made this birthday cake for my maternal grandma in March 2012. This was the very first cake I ever “decorated”. I wrote her name with a piping tube, and boy was it a challenge. Baking is one of the few things I like to do in the kitchen, and I enjoy baking for my loved ones. This cake was one of the few ambitious gifts I did for my grandma. I only wish I could do it again, but she passed away last year :(

Vintage Typewriter

Vintage Typewriter at a Cafe

I encountered this typewriter in August 2014. My friend and I checked out a cafe in Itaewon, and we saw this gorgeous decoration. I adore vintage items, and a typewriter also symbolises my love for writing and words. This photo also reminds me of all the fun times I have hanging out with my friends, especially when we go cafe hopping!

East Sea at Samcheok

East Sea at Haesindang in Samcheok, South Korea

My first encounter with the ocean and sea always occurred on the west coast of Korea. The water there were always yucky, and that made me believe that all oceans and seas were that ugly. But then in September 2014, I visited Donghae and Samcheok, which are on the east coast of Korea, and I first laid my eyes upon the East Sea. The water there was blue! Oh, my goodness. I was so shocked by its prettiness. Now I can see why people like the oceans and the seas. It has made such an impact on me that I find myself wanting to return to the East Sea in the future. And I will! I made plans to visit Sokcho area in November :D

Iced Latte at Chansbros Coffee Branch No. 2

Iced Latte at Chansbros Coffee Second Branch

I love this photos because I’m a coffee-holic :D Coffee and coffee shops in general always make me happy. This shot was taken at Chansbros Coffee shop branch no. 2 on November 2014. I much prefer the first branch of this shop, but the second shop is also great :)

Bomi the Maltese

Bomi the Maltese

Taken in June 2015, this is Bomi, my Maltese “cousin”, my aunt and uncle’s furry baby. This photo of Bomi smiling always makes me smile. How can anyone not be affected by this adorable doggy face? Bomi is a joy whenever she comes over for a visit. She really makes me want a dog of my own!

Pedal Organ at Chloris Tea and Coffee in Sinnonhyeon

Pedal Organ at Chloris in Sinnonhyeon

Here’s another vintage item I love, and it’s a vintage musical instrument :D This photo make the musician in me happy! While I cannot play the pedal organ, this still excited me when I saw it at the shop. I can play the piano, though! So that’s something XD;


Anyone who wants to do this! Seriously, I hope more people do this post because I would love to see photos that make you happy :)


  1. I’m more a summer girl, but I do love the holidays. We haven’t had any snow in ages, either! I’d love to have a white Christmas this year.

    Rikugi-en looks beautiful! Owning a typewriter is one of my goals in life. I love the look of the one in your photo!

    Bomi makes a reappearnce! Yaaaaaaay. She’s so cute. Look at that precious face <3

    • I actually have a typewriter! But I didn’t get it to use XD;; I got it as a memento, and I discovered that those things are HEAVY! And it’s the portable kind, too!

  2. Awww Bomi is cute, I recognise the green throw in the background.

    I feel like I may have seen the cake on your blog before, maybe around the time you made it? Not sure if you did post it, but it does ring a bell. Despite your grandmother’s passing, at least it does remind you of something lovely you did for her. :)

    The East Sea looks beautiful, I know that sometimes our first encounters with places are often horrific until we revisit them. A colleague told me that he went to Keukenhof in the Netherlands when he was thirteen, he ‘begrudgingly went’ after his parents made him, but he said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

    Thank you for sharing your photos with us! :)

    • Actually that’s a scarf my mum’s working on. She’s just using the same yarn as the one I used for the throw XD

      And I did post the cake photo years ago when I’d made it, so you’re correct!

  3. It’s so cool how you have snow in Korea too! I haven’t seen snow here in LA and probably never will thanks to the warming temps! You’re awesome for going through solo trips! It’s much better in a way where only your opinion matters XD. You’re such a sweet granddaughter! It’s always better to do things handmade when possible like this cake :).

    Samcheok looks really nice!!! I like how clean the water looks! There are some places where the ocean water is gross, but there are others that have really nice water! One of the interesting ones is the one with red water.

    Bomi is so adorable!!! :3

    • Solo trips are my thing apparently, haha! I love them because I can go at my own pace and such XD

      Red water? Whoah, that sounds different. I’ll have to look up that!

  4. Oh my God! Bomi is the most cute thing on Earth! I have a soft spot for animals in general, but dogs are so adorable they make me wanna squeeze them all xD
    I also enjoy winter very much, but mainly because in Brazil it’s always so hot, a good breezy vibe is good sometimes. Althought there is no snow, so bummer!

    • I’d go nuts if I lived in a place that was super hot all year! Tropical weather and I are not compatible at all! So yeah, I am really looking forward to winter!

  5. Aww, this is so cute! Thank you for sharing your post, I recently just posted mine too!

    Rikugi-en looks absolutely lovely and peaceful, I’m so jealous you went there. I’m planning to go to Japan in a few years, looks absolutely wonderful. As does Samcheok – you don’t see many places like that here in England.

    Love the piano – it looks lovely, I also love vintage items :’) I used to play piano myself but haven’t done so in such a long time.

    • Awww! You should play the piano again :D It’s good having a musical hobby! One of my co-workers and I have discovered we both play the piano, so it’s been fun talking about it and all with him!

  6. What a beautiful garden! I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo and I had imagined it to be a very urban city so it’s nice to know that there are still tranquil gardens like that in its midst :)
    Bomi is adorable!! She sure knows how to pose for the camera! :D

    • Tokyo has a lot of these gardens, and they are just so tranquil and beautiful. It’s really a great getaway spot in amidst all the urban life!

      Bomi is adorable, but it took me forever to get good shots of her XD

  7. Hahaha, I tagged you without knowing you did this too! ^^ These photos are so awesome! I still love Bomi!

    I just posted mine, too! ^^

  8. All your photos look amazing! I love vintage things too. Especially buildings (although they’re probably not “vintage”…. I’m so bad with words haha!~)

    I love the piano! I’ve never seen one quite like it!

    • It’s actually not a piano. It’s a pedal organ. XD But it’s really neat looking! I wish I could try it out.

  9. This is such a great tag. I love looking at the images and hearing the story behind them and the memories that mean so much. :’)

    • Yeah :) It’s also interesting to see what makes us happy — we all define it differently, after all!

  10. Great photos Tara. I love the Japanese garden and obviously, Bomi :D

  11. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on these before. Your photos are lovely. Like you, I’m so happy that the hot summer weather is over. The pictures of Japan and the East Sea have me wanting to travel spontaneously to Japan–like just disappear for a weekend. I’m starting to feel wanderlust, I guess. I’m also a huge fan of Bomi’s cuteness.

    • Yes. I’m feeling that wanderlust. I was tempted to go back to Tokyo, but because of funding, I decided to just go somewhere in Korea I haven’t been to yet XD

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