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With Wantable out of the picture for a while, I decided to finally try a different jewellery subscription box. The sneak peek of the Crimson Mimosa Bangle from Your Bijoux Box enticed me, so I decided to give them a try. Your Bijoux Box is not a box that’s customised, and most customers receive the same set. However, they do honour the “no earrings” request. For my first box, I used a code to receive an extra piece of jewellery, with the box costing me $35 with shipping. I received four pieces, two bracelets and two necklaces.

Your Bijoux Box September 2015

This is the box I got, and it took a lot longer to get to me because USPS just let it sit in one of their facilities for five days. X_X; I wasn’t pleased by that delay! It eventually came in this pretty turquoise coloured box. Under all the contents, there were packing peanuts to ensure protection during shipping.

Your Bijoux Box September 2015

The jewelleries came in the organza bags, and they were also in another plastic bags. Along with the jewelleries, they included an explanation card.

Your Bijoux Box September 2015

This is the description on the back of the card that described the set of the month and some style tips.

Your Bijoux Box September 2015

And these are the actual pieces I received in my box. From left the right, the pieces are:

Gilded Posey Necklace ~ I really like the Gilded Posey Necklace — even better that the chain was long enough for me to just put it over my head. However, my mum liked it even more, so I gave it to her.

Crimson Mimosa Pendant ~ I didn’t like that its chain was so thin and delicate that it tangled up easily! I had to fight with it for a couple of minutes to untangle the chain, and after that trouble, I decided to not bother trying it on — though my mum did.

Simple bracelet ~ This also had a thin chain with a tiny lobster clasp. I didn’t bother trying it because I wasn’t in the mood to fight with the tiny lobster clasp.

Crimson Mimosa Bangle ~ This is the bangle I looked forward to, but I was super disappointed in it. First off, the metal was really malleable to the point that it felt super cheap. Then one of the red gems fell off the bracelet after my mum and I tried it on! It just fell off! That only made me really feel like the bracelet was cheaply made.

All in all, this was a disappointing experience. While, I felt like the quality of the jewelleries were slightly better than Sparkle Box’s, I am not sure if it was worth paying $35! Plus, I wasn’t enamoured by all the gold and red I got in this box, even though my initial reaction indicated I may like it. I think I’ll just stick with Helene Jewels. Theirs seems to be the best deal for my money and their jewelleries are much better quality!


  1. Ooo jewelry! I don’t think it was worth $35 for either. I feel like you could’ve gotten more bang for your buck at a Forever 21 store hahaha. But hey, at least now you know. The jewelry they sent you looks pretttty cheaply crafted too. Aw boo on the wasted money, but yep now you know!

    • I don’t mind paying a bit more for better quality jewellery, but not if the quality is poor! I now know to not go with Bijoux Box, at least!

  2. I wonder why USPS is having problems with your packages! Maybe they don’t have enough training that allows them to realize where the destination is supposed to go to? I wonder if there’s a more presentable way to pack boxes with something other than packing peanuts. They always throw me off @___@.

    It’s sweet of you for giving the posey necklace to your mom! That’s my favorite piece out of the 4. I hate it when the lobster clasp is so small! There needs to be a more user-friendly way. I like the clasp Pandora bracelets use, except there more expensive ;~;. Are you going to bring the quality problems forth to the vendor?

    Hope Helene Jewels doesn’t become a disappointment :D. It’s always good to try out new things ^___^!

    • I am not sure what’s going on with USPS, but these delays are just getting super annoying. :(

      As for letting Bijoux Box know what happen . . . I don’t know. I guess I should let them know, but I don’t want to go through the hassle of returning things if that’s what they tell me to do.

  3. What a shame that it didn’t work out so well, but I guess you know now. The items look pretty, but when the chains are so thin and you are not sure if the box is worth it, it’s best to move on. xD

    • Yeap! I am definitely moving on. I’m so glad one subscription box is worth it so far!

  4. I get antsy about boxes like this because you seem to get very few things for a high price, and I don’t wear jewelry nearly enough to constitute affording myself even trying one. It’s good to know I’m not missing out too much on this one, at least.

    I’ll stick to my loot crate for now and maybe figure out some other subscription services in the future!

    So sorry for your disappointment, though. Perhaps if you contact them and tell them the gem fell off they’ll replace it; other box services can be kind of good about things like that!

    • I haven’t tried Loot Crate, but it looks neat :) I haven’t ventured out to trying non-jewellery boxes yet, but it’s something I may try in the future. :)

      The thing about the bangle — I don’t know if I’d want a replacement. It just feels super cheap, so it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth it.

  5. I’m always split on boxes like these; it’s always fun to get them in the mail, but I don’t like that you can customize them. These do look a little cheaply made, so I would be disappointed too if I paid $35 for it. :/ I do really like the Gilded Posey Necklace. I love long chained necklaces that I can just throw on!

    • Yeah! Long-chained necklaces are much more convenient! I just hate dealing with clasps, so no clasps is always a win-win for me!

  6. I love the quote written inside the box :3

    I also like the little style tips they give. That’s cute! Aw, that’s sweet of you to give it to your mum. I do like that necklace. I like the look of the seocnd one, but yeah that chain looks hella thin!

    I’m sorry you had such a disappointing experience :( Have you complained about the bangle? Because that’s super shady!

    • I am not sure how complaining about the bangle will do me any good LOL. Because I don’t want a replacement and I don’t want to return it . . . so yeah :/ I may just let them know about the gem falling off, but I don’t really want to go through the steps I just mentioned. XD

  7. I too, agree with you Tara. It wasn’t worth 35 dollars either. Another disappointing experience. I hope you have it better next time with another subscription box.

    • I am currently planning on just sticking with Helene Jewelry; I think I’ll try out different boxes in the future, but not any time soon!

  8. What a shame that the box, effectively, sucked. :P I am not surprised that the quality is not that great though. The pieces are so delicate, they look like they could break easily – and what a shame too that they did.

    As I said, I love the bangle style, but that’s terrible that it fell apart so easily!

    Does the 18K gold overlay mean it is plated? I have no idea why, but a lot of gold-plated fashion jewellery tends to make a massive sacrifice for the quality of the item overall. I think plating jewellery must surely be cheaper because a lot of fashion companies are doing it to make the jewellery seem better quality, but the base materials are so crap (excuse my language in this comment!) that the pieces just fall apart. What a disappointment. At least you got to try the box and now have a valid opinion on it. :)

    • No idea about the 18k gold overlay. I wouldn’t even know the difference with plating ^^;; I am not a jewellery expert, haha.

      And yeah. Now that I’ve tried the box, I can at least have a valid comment about it. It really is a shame that I didn’t experience a good box. Boo, but it’s a lesson learned!

  9. Aw that’s too bad that it didn’t work out. I haven’t liked any of the subscription services that I’ve tried so far (NatureBox and Fabletics) either. From that, I think I’m done with monthly item subscriptions.

    • I’ve never heard of those boxes! I’ll look into them to see what kind it is. The only box I really like so far is Helene Jewelry. I should branch away from jewellery and I may in the far future XD

  10. JEWELRY!! Ahhh! I really don’t like it when the clasps are the size of a skin cell though. Nonetheless, the necklaces and bracelets are really nice!

    • Yeah! Clasps, especially tiny ones are just difficult and annoying. My fat, clumsy fingers cannot operate them!

  11. Hold on! I must’ve skimmed through the $35 dollars part. They do look nice in the photos, but I agree. I don’t think that is $35 worth.

    • Yeah, they do “look” nice, but they do not feel like it’s worth $35! Maybe $25 or $30, but definitely not more than that!

  12. That’s too bad this box was disappointing :( Definitely not worth $35 if things feel cheap and break. I actually like the pendants on both necklaces, but I agree that thin chains can be annoying. I tend to replace them with better ones I already own. Oh well, at least you’re figuring out which subscription services you do and don’t like!

    • That’s a good idea to replace them! Why did I not think of that? LOL Thanks for the suggestion! ^^

  13. I envy you guys. Huhu. Sucks to be in the Philippines sometimes because there’s no abundance of subscription boxes. Also, I love all the contents of the september box!

    • Awww :( I hope they’ll start doing subscription boxes there. It’d be nice if they would!

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