A Day in the Life: September 2015 ~ A Swamped Saturday

A Day in the Life

September 12, 2015 was one Saturday that truly kept me busy with way too many tasks and adventures. Normally, my days on a weekday or weekend isn’t that jam-packed, but the 12th is one I had to blog about for some experiences I do not want to forget. Plus, this entry is also for Georgie’s “A Day in the Life” linkup as an afterthought. Enjoy my very atypical day of busyness!

A Swamped Saturday (Photo from Unsplash.com)

Being a Water Girl

I began my day by going to work. My colleague and I had to work at this special event for the kids in our community. It’s sort of like a mini-carnival with bouncy houses, games, foods, and et cetera. Our booth offered face painting, and I was the designated water girl, meaning I’d switch out the painters’ waters and go get more water when we ran out. That’s what I did for four hours. In between, I had some free popcorn and a fried catfish sandwich that was truly not worth my money. When we finished, I was exhausted, but then I had to rush off to meet Chibi Toaster.

Quick Stop at the Thrift Shop

Chibi Toaster and I stopped by the thrift shop for a very quick trip due to us arriving there five minutes prior to their closing time. Oops. Still, we quickly looked around. I headed for the men’s shirt section to see if there were any long-sleeved plaid shirts to get, and I found two I liked for $12! Yay for that!

Painful Spa Day

After the thrift shop, Chibi Toaster and I went to Philo Nature Spa. I opted to get the . . .

1) Hydro Refreshing Treatment Facial
2) Acne Facial
3) Regular Manicure

This is the first time I ever had a facial, and I was in for some painful surprises. First, I had no idea I had to get naked from the waist up. Second, the acne facial HURT when the lady popped out like 102810 blackheads. Third, most of the massages were PAINFUL. I never liked massages much, so the pain did not allow me to relax at all. Fourth, who’d have thought I’d get an armpit and a breast massage?! Let’s just say I didn’t mind the experience much, but the pain were not something I enjoyed, haha! My entire spa experience cost me $78 — $70 for the actual spa and $8 in tips.

Disgusting Oktoberfest

When we finished our spa treatments, Chibi Toaster and I went to Dragon Hill Lodge to attend their Oktoberfest. We opted not to get the full platter. Instead we chose to buy one main dish, one side dish, and soda for $10. I chose to get the jaeger schnitzel, mashed potatoes, and root beer. It was quite bleh. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the food and neither was Chibi Toaster. We’d done this last year, which was not that great then either, so this year’s experience made us decide not to do this ever again.

Ice Cream and Comic Inking

I decided that after my nasty catfish sandwich and Oktoberfest meal, I needed some chocolate almond ice cream to get the tastes out of my mouth. We headed to Sundae’s in Dragon Hill Lodge, and we stayed for a while. I enjoyed that greatly, and I watched Chibi Toaster do some comic inking. I even helped her take some photos of her in action.

Snack Shopping and Home

Finally, Chibi Toaster and I parted. I walked home because the weather was so nice and cool (yeah, no more summer!), and I stopped by the local supermarket to get some snacks. Then I finally made it home. I read The Mark of Athena for a bit, and then I crashed at 10:00pm. Thus ended my super busy Saturday.


  1. I haven’t seen this linkup in a while!

    It’s good to have a busy day as long as it’s not too stressful on the mind and soul ;). The carnival sounded fun for the kids! Even though the work was exhausting and the catfish sandwich wasn’t all that great, at least the kids got a kick out of the event. I wish I had that back in the day XD. You got your plaids for a great deal! The last time I bought a plaid, it was $20 each @____@.

    Even though the spa was painful, I’m hoping it’s worth it. For some reason, I see it’s worth the pain XD. I would love for someone to properly pop blackheads.

    Hopefully you can find some new food places to make up for the gross food! At least you got some snacks and ice cream ;D. Time to have a relaxing Sunday!~

    • I am not sure if it’s worth the pain, haha! But it was still an experience, that’s for sure! XD

      My Sunday was way more relaxing than Saturday. It was something I craved after that busy day :D

  2. That would be a tiering job, handing the water all the time. What a bum that the sandwich was not nice. :(

    Nice score on the shirts! :D

    I have never had a facial, but I can’t imagine it’s supposed to hurt a lot? It would be so strange having to be that naked for a facial!

    How annoying that the food was not good. I can understand why you would not want to do it again.

    What a really busy day. Hopefully the rest of the weekend can be relaxing!

    • Yeah, being half-naked was required because they massage your chest, shoulders, and back XD;; I wasn’t expecting that because I didn’t know the massages were involved!

  3. I was looking forward to seeing some pictures!! Normally this specific one is supposed to have you know, pictures of your day & what not. But anyway, you did have a swamped Saturday. Too bad about the food not being that great.

    Acne facials are really painful indeed. My skin exploded a while back & I was flippin’ out so I went to my dermatologist to get all those nasty things extracted. Lots of nerve endings in your face, so…popping anything near my nose = tears. I’ve….felt your pain haha. But your face looks & feels nicer after!

    Massages are painful, but I ……like them? I know where I’m sore so I feel like the pain is a good thing. But it should be more relaxing for you!

    • Honestly, nothing was worth taking photos of XD; The food all looked disgusting. Plus, my phone’s battery was really acting up, so I had to limit my phone usage that day. X_X; I’ll try to do photos if I do this linkup again!

      I guess I’m the opposite in that I cannot relax with a massage. Oh, well XD;

  4. Wow, that’s a lot in one day! After working a mini carnival for 4 hours, I’d probably go home and be as lazy as possible, haha.

    I’ve never had a facial before either and had no idea that’s what it entails. That’s also too bad the massage was painful. I thought they were supposed to feel good!

    Jaeger schnitzel and mashed potatoes sound like it’d be good, so that’s unfortunate that it was actually mediocre. Ice cream is a good follow up to forget about that taste XD

    I hope your Sunday was more relaxing!

    • Yeah, I’d have gone home and be lazy, too, but I’d already made plans with Chibi Toaster XD;

      I guess massages are supposed to feel good afterwards, but I didn’t feel any different after my torture, haha!

  5. It seems you have a nice day! Hahah yes, nothing beats icecream. It just automaticaly makes anything better haha. Also, love that you’re reading mark of athena! I’m so hooked with that book, I actaully finished it in less than 2 days :>

  6. The carnival sounds like fun, but swapping water out for four hours…not so much. Free popcorn is always good, its a shame about the catfish sandwich though =[
    Two shirts for $12 is a great bargain! The facial sounds like an experience, who knew they would hurt so much? I’ve been wanting to get one for a while but I think you’ve changed my mind! Hopefully you’re feeling some sort of benefit from it now though – whatever that may be!
    The ice cream and comic inking sounds really fun! It sounds like Saturday at least had a good ending for you =] You packed so much into one day =]

    • You may end up liking the facial. Some people just naturally like them, and some people like me aren’t quite enamoured by it. XD So if you ever do get a chance, at least try ^^

  7. It definitely sounds like you had a busy, yet fun day. I adore carnivals – I’ve not been to one in years. Yay for getting 2 shirts for $12 – I love going to thrift stores as you never know what you’ll be able to find. I’m also glad to hear that it seems as if overall you had a pretty great day.

    • Thrift stores are a lifesaver, for sure! I go there for the cheap clothes, haha! XD I hate spending $$$ on clothes, especially when I can’t justify the high cost!

  8. Swamped hmmmmm it sounds like a great Saturday! Though the carnival must have been tiring but it sounds fun if you were doing it so that the kids could have fun with face painting! And Chibi Toaster? Do you give your friends nicknames on the internet like I do? :D

    Haha we all think spas are more relaxing over painful but I have never ever found massage to be pain free, and we all know beauty is pain! I would say eyebrow threading counts into spa and it’s one of the most painful processes ever! Did the lady actually pop out blackheads? Ouch. I’m keeping a note of this Korean remedy for blackheads that actually let them fall out on their own. Jenny of Geekyposh wrote about it once!

    • Chibi Toaster is actually the name she came up with, so I’m just using that :)

      With the blackheads, it was more like she squeezed them out with a tool. No idea what tool it was, but I am not too keen on finding out!

  9. Wow, you too, had a busy day. I wish my days were busy really with the exception of school. Oh well

    Sorry that Oktoberfest wasn’t so good. I would think the food would be good, but you’re right to not go anymore especially after you pay good money for good food. Oh well.

    Thrift stores are love. My husband and I go to a lot of them in our area. You can find almost anything in them. That’s how we do our Halloween shopping and our clothes shopping.

    • Having a super busy day like that after a long week of work isn’t always a good thing X_X; I was so exhausted afterwards. Thankfully, this carnival thing is only twice a year, so woot on that XD;

  10. Facials have always been painful for me too! And I don’t enjoy massages very much. If they don’t hurt, they tickle. XD

    I’m sorry Oktoberfest wasn’t that great, but at least the ice cream afterwards made up for it! I haven’t gone thrift shopping in a while, but I definitely scored some designer clothes for much less. It’s worth it!

    • YES. Either they hurt or tickle LOL. And I’m super ticklish!

      Thrift stores are definitely worth it. I always go there to get my shirts now XD

  11. Grand Central Station!

    I love jam packed days, especially if you’re doing fun things as well! I especially like it when I’m at work and it’s busy, because then the day goes quicker :)

    That sucks that all you had was a fried catfish sandwich and some popcorn. Ugh.

    Thrift shops are cool! We don’t have any over here – just like charity shops, and they still quite pricey unless you’re really lucky and can find a bargain.

    Oooooh, ouch! For how much you paid, you definitely shouldn’t be in pain :( I like to massage my breasts myself XD

    I hope your Sunday was more relaxing!

    • Oooh, I didn’t know you guys have charity shop and not thrift shops XD I learned something new!

      And yeah, for what I paid, it shouldn’t have hurt, but oh well XD

  12. I have been so busy that I’m only commenting on this post now! Thank you for participating in the linkup, Tara! :)

    Sounds like you had a crazy busy day, especially for a Saturday. My Saturdays are usually full of relaxing!

    I have only one long sleeved plaid shirt and it’s red. It is getting quite old though. I don’t even think I have featured it in a Fashion Friday post yet, but it is one of my favourite pieces! I like the cut, and it’s hard to find a good plaid shirt these days…

    I’m sorry the facial/massage was so painful. I have been for a massage a couple of times but they asked me beforehand how I wanted the pressure. My mum does facials as part of her job but I have actually never really asked her what they are like. I do like massages though, and although they hurt they usually make me feel better afterwards. Hopefully the experience doesn’t completely turn you off massages and that you try one again and it’s a much better experience. :)

    The catfish sandwich doesn’t sound good at all, you deserved that treat! :D

    • Oooh! I hope you will feature that shirt in one of your Fashion Friday posts! Would love to see it!

      The experience hasn’t quite turned me off, but it has now made me aware what processes are involved in a facial/massage, so I can at least now know what to expect! XD

  13. I’ve never been to a spa before, but I’ve always imagine it to be nice and relaxing. I’m pretty sure I’ll also be disappointed in my first experience. But ouch, the acne facial sounds awful. My mom’s friend used to always want to pop my acnes when I was in high school. She would offer me something similar to an acne facial and she did it once, but never again!! I felt like it made my skin worse. T__T

    • Eeek! That’s not good. Was she a professional facial person? X_X Oh, man. Just imagining it getting done by a non-professional makes me feel quite ill.

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