Symphonic Selections: Final Fantasy XI ~ Ronfaure

Symphonic Selections

Final Fantasy XI is a game I’d never played because I’m not into MMO or doing any online gaming. I hadn’t even listened to the soundtrack because I didn’t play the game. So when I went to the first “Distant Worlds” concert in 2010, I heard “Ronfaure” for the first time. Named after a region in the game, this piece was completely new to me. Nothing about it was familiar, but it was a gorgeous, relaxing piece. The piece sounded super simple at first, but as I listened to it more, I discovered that it had its simplicity and complexities, and they were woven together beautifully by Uematsu Nobuo, the master composer of the Final Fantasy series.

Because of “Distant Worlds”, my first exposure to the song was its orchestral version, so I much prefer that over the original, which is heavy with guitar solos and all. No offence to guitars, but I’m more of an orchestra or band person. This version is from the second “Distant Worlds” album, and it’s a song I’ve been humming and listening to a lot the last few weeks. Like I said, the melody is simple, so it’s easy to hum, but all the harmonies and supporting parts add depth to this piece. It almost feels like a folk song of some sort, and it makes me curious about Ronfaure and its people, culture, and history.

Do give this song a listen! Unlike last month’s selection, this isn’t creepy and scary. This song does have a hint of sadness to it, but it’s mostly cheerful sounding with a majestic edge here and there. Enjoy and I’ll be back next month with another Symphonic Selections post!


  1. That is cool that you did find it and listen to it.

    It is a really good piece of music! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. This is super familiar seeing as I played FF all my life – I do miss it and this has really given me ~dem feels~ to want to go back and re-play it and just immerse myself in such a great little fantasy!

    • I need to play more FF games, too! Or at least beat the ones I’ve played XD I love FF, but finding the time and motivation to play them is so hard!

  3. I’ve never played any Final Fantasy games, except if you count Kingdom Heart which has Final Fantasy characters, haha.

    The song sounds pretty cool. It makes me want to march in the beginning, or something. Or like a queen. Queen Chynna… imagine that.

    • Queen Chynna! *bows to you* :D Yeah, it does have a bit of the majestic feel to the song, and it definitely makes me want to march, too!

  4. I will say this: Distant Worlds is awesome, and this piece is no exception. I quite like it, for it does feel folky and the melodies and added instruments do add depth to it. It feels so warm and I could see myself walking around to theme in the game. I bet that’s where it comes from. Or just an epic moment in that particular region of Ronfaure.

  5. Definitely sounds majestic! I listened to it because I am LOVING the music of Final Fantasy X though I haven’t gotten very far. :(

    • How far did you get in FFX? I loved playing it on my Vita, and it’s the only FF game I’ve beaten so far, haha! I love the OST, but then again, anything composed by Uematsu Nobuo is awesome :D

      • I am still in Dream Zanarkand when that monster destroyed it. So basically 10 minutes in. Haven’t had time to touch it since posting that screenshot last month. :(

  6. Though I never got to play XI I have friends who did (and I currently play XIV with them,) and while sometimes the music from the games is questionable, they’ve really raised the bar of late. There are some selections from the XIV soundtrack you might love as well! <3

    • I’ve listened to some tracks from FFXIV, and I like them! I’ll need to listen to it more, though XD

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