Starfighter: Eclipse Review

Starfighter: Eclipse

Last year, as a long-time fan of the Starfighter webcomic, I backed a visual novel that would be based on a comic. For those unaware, Starfighter is an 18+ webcomic, a space “smutmance” between two blokes and other side characters. Starfighter: Eclipse is a spin-off of the webcomic. The game came out about a year later, and I finally found the time to play it! Okay, to be honest, I also chose to hold off on it because I waited for walkthroughs to appear online. I know, I’m a lame gamer, but thanks to the walkthroughs, I completed the game in about nine hours.

My verdict of the game? It was fun. I enjoyed my time with it, and I especially adored seeing all of my favourite Starfighter characters. The writing was solid, the graphic was sweet, and the plot was interesting. However, it lacked something, and the new characters that were created solely for the games didn’t win me over as the webcomic ones did. Here’s a spoiler-free breakdown of the goods, the bads, and the uglies of the game.

The Goods

  • PRAXIS! ENCKE! *swoons*
  • The smut scenes were pretty hawt, but I still wanted Praxis/Abel . . .
  • I enjoyed the multiple endings of the games! Especially since your decisions affects who you end up with.
  • The fact that it’s a visual novel makes it good. I love visual novels, especially the BL/slash/yaoi ones.
  • The few things I’ve helped Kickstarted hasn’t always come through, so I’m very happy that this game came through.
  • I really liked that this was a browser-based game, so that means I can play it on any computer if I wished with all my data intact. My only concern with this option is that if the company and the website ever disappeared, then I’d have no access to the game :(

The Bads

  • I didn’t care for the characters that were made for the game. I think part of it is because I didn’t feel like they were very well-developed.
  • The characters I love weren’t featured enough.
  • The soundtrack — while decent — didn’t win me over completely.
  • The writing of the game was solid, but I felt as if some of the writing were kind of bland.
  • Seriously, without a walkthrough, I’d have spent like two months struggling to find all the right combinations to get all the endings and images for the gallery.

The Uglies

  • The game never did explain to us all that was going on in the backstory.
  • The mean choices made me feel like crap every time I selected it, haha! It was like going against my nature. Yeah, I’d make a pretty bad actress!


It’s a game I’d play again in the future if I wanted some epic space adventure with smut on the side. However, I find myself not as attached to it compared to Hakuouki, which is one of my all-time favourite visual novels. I didn’t feel like the game explained a lot of the plot points well, and I just wasn’t digging the characters that much except for the minor side characters. I also cannot really recommend the game because of its niche market to fans of the comics and fans of Bl/slash/yaoi media. However, if you are a fan of visual novels, BL/slash/yaoi, or Starfighter, it’s something I would recommend :)


  1. Yeah, all the bads you listed would have broke the deal for me. I HAVE to have a game with well developed characters. Heck, history is more entertaining because of that, because the players are all real and all have backstories and you can root for some while hating the bad actions of someone. Also, I have to care for the characters, too. That’s why I couldn’t get into GTA V. I liked no one and I found the game boring, luckily, it got better, but still.

    Still, that’s awesome you got a chance to play something you backed ^^

    • The game did have some character development, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. Like one of them had more development than the other, and I was just like, “Buh? Where’s the history on this guy?” Oh, well! XD

  2. Ah shoot, I was hoping for a lot of good story in the game. This reminds me I need to catch up with the comics.

    • It has some story, but it left a lot of questions unanswered and the development of the characters weren’t consistent. Otherwise, it’s a solid visual novel, but it could have been better, in my opinions XD

  3. Aahh, I’ve been meaning to look into Starfighter ever since I did a Starfighter photoshoot for someone. This entry reminds me to check it out again XD

    That’s great that you enjoyed the game! That’s too bad about the characters that weren’t well-developed. That can really ruin a game sometimes. Also, I can never go the “bad” route in video games, haha. It makes me feel way too guilty, and I always had to do the paragon route in the Mass Effect series because of that.

    I’m glad something you backed on Kickstarter actually made it through though!

    • Do check out the comic! I hope you’ll like it! :D The first chapter’s a bit iffy, but it gets better! ^^ And yeah, the bad routes sucks, but I do it to complete the game, and some games require you to get the bad endings before you can get the true endings, haha! XD

  4. That is good that you enjoyed it in some ways, but a shame that it had some points you didn’t like. Maybe if they have a future release of it, it might get better (if that is a thing)?

    • No idea if they’ll do like multiple releases, but that’s a good idea! But then again, if I were to re-play it over and over again, I may actually get tired of it LOL

  5. Haha, the walkthroughs! I used wait for walkthroughs too but I started loving figuring everything out by myself, it took longer but it felt good finding stuff out like a locked door under a carpet in a burning house or something.

    The game sounds awesome though, I’ve never heard of Star fighter before though ;_; But it does look like my kind of game!

    • I don’t have the patience of the time to figure things out myself. When it comes to games with plot/character developments, I just want to get the plot moving so I can find out what happens LOL. I agree that it’s more rewarding to figure out yourself, but as I get older and my time gets sucked up with work and all, I’m willing to take some short cuts with gaming!

  6. I’m a walkthrough gamer, as well. I seriously cannot be bothered when I get stuck on a level, so I’m like.. YOUTUBE!

    I want to read the Starfighter webcomic, now! Might just do that after…

    Oooh, I’m not a fan of not well-developed characters. I need a character with backstory and meaning and I need to know their flaws, etc. Like I want to be one with them (jk), but you know what I mean.

    • YES! I’m glad I’m not the only walkthrough gamers out there! Like I mentioned previously, I just cannot be arsed to be spending all my time figuring out the next step X_X; I play games that are heavy with plot, and my thing is to find out what happens next because of my burning curiosity. Plus, my time is limited, so I appreciate having a walkthrough XD;

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