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Timeless Thoughts

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Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

One thing I find myself missing a lot these days are the music from the 90s. I mentioned before that I’m a child of the 90s, and a lot of the music really made an impact on me. One of the artists that influenced my taste was the Backstreet Boys, and I was a humongous fan of them! I still remember being instantly hooked on “As Long as You Love Me” from one of the NOW albums, and that song was my gateway to my teenybopper squealdom of the Backstreet Boys. The Backstreet Boys album, pictured above, was one of the few CDs I listened to over and over again; I’m surprised I didn’t wore it out! This album was just so good, and I really did love practically all the songs on there. However, there were three songs from that album I really adored to the point where I could listen to them non-stop.

“As Long as You Love Me”

“I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Listening to these songs bring back so many memories for me. Heck, even the music videos, the corny 90s music videos, are taking me back. My love for them were huge, and I somehow convinced my dad to order me all these BSB merchandises. I recall having a VHS tape of their music videos, and I even ordered a Nick Carter pillow! That pillow eventually faded and I had to throw it out, and the VHS tape disappeared. I kind of wish I still had them, but I’m not going to shed any tears over them, haha! Still, though, all these recollections of the BSB is bringing a goofy smile on my face. The nostalgia is hitting me full force, so I really enjoyed this BSB marathon I had to prepare for this post! The marathon also made me realise that I’d now prefer AJ or Howie or Kevin instead of Nick, haha! Sorry, Nick, but my tastes have changed XD

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  1. I was more into *NSYNC than Backstreet Boys. ^.^ But either way, I loved 90’s boy bands! I feel like I was glued to MTV growing up, when it still had music shows and TRL!

    • *gasp* the rivalry! :D Over here (Australia) *NSYNC weren’t really a thing until Bye Bye Bye so know one really understood why people liked this unknown (lol) group more than BSB.

      • *wild UK resident appears*

        I’m just going to throw in another point for *NSYNC. Justin’s ramen noodle hair was my /everything/.

        • HOMG, Chynna. Thank you for reminding me of that hair, HAHAHAHAH! Ramen noodle hair!!! LMAO!

      • Yeah, I remember “Bye Bye Bye” being the song that sort of made me finally pay them some attention, hahahaha! XD

    • I was already deep into BSB, so I didn’t pay too much attention to N’Sync, but I did like some of their songs XD

  2. I LOVED the BSB more than any other band at that time! They had such catchy songs, and ‘As Long As You Love Me’ was certainly one of my favourites, if not my favourites. I loved the lyrics and the harmonies in it were just beautiful. I find myself singing it sometimes (… to Nick… LOL).

    I remember that Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of ‘I Want It That Way’ (called ‘Which Backstreet Boy is Gay’) and that made me want to listen to them again. I have a friend who is a huge fan of them, has met the boys in the band, and collected so much memorabilia. As a 90s kid I just wanted some good music!

    I didn’t care too much about the appearance of the boys, but I didn’t really like Nick Carter as much as everyone else! Having celebrity crushes was a new and weird thing for me back then.

    I love their dancing in the videos, it can be cheesy but I love it. Makes me want to dance too. :P

    • I find it interesting that celebrity crushes weren’t your thing, but it’s fine :) I’m sure that made you the sane one amongst all of us crazy fangirls LOL.

      Oh, man, you’re right about BSB having good harmonies. Re-listening to their songs, it’s making me appreciate that even more now than it did in the past for me.

      And yes! The dancing made me want to dance, too! Never mind the corniness, it was still fun to watch and their dances makes me want to get up and groove XD

  3. Backstreets back oh yeah!

    My friend and I both owned that album and we used to sit on the phone for hours (even though we saw each other at school that day) and listen to it together and talk about which song was best and which of the members was hotter :P
    She liked Howie, I liked Nick (Oh the 90’s blonde undercut. I had a mega crush on a boy with a blonde undercut at school) and we used to debate about it while listening to the songs.

    I cringe about it now, shortly after I moved into liking punk pop and punk rock and could never let my friends know of my prior love of BSB :P

    • YES, that 90s blonde undercut was so awesome back then. Now, I’m looking at that, and I’m grimacing, haha XD

      I also moved onto grunge and punk and alternative after my BSB love dwindled down. XD I was so into NIrvana and Green Day back then!

  4. Congratulations on the launch of Timeless Thoughts! I’m sure this will be a big hit!

    To be honest, I’ve heard of Backstreet boys before, but I never listened to their songs before ;o. same goes for *NSYNC or most songs/artists/groups before 2007. The guy with the blue eyes has nice eyes XD. I like how soft their music is, it’s not aggressive or passive aggressive. It’s trying to soothe you into their arms or something. Meanwhile, today’s songs are aggressive/passive aggressive and I don’t know why I like listening to them, haha. Meanwhile, their music videos look cheesy, but that’s expected for the MV quality years ago! Today, lots of stuff over the green screen with 3D action, WOW! (Last part is exaggerated ;)).

    • Girl, when you can, give 90s music a listen! They were awesome, way better than the music that are being aired today XD Well, that seems to be the general consensus amongst us 90s children and teens XD;

  5. BSB, all the way for me. :D I definitely enjoyed this entry. Oh the nostalgia!

  6. Chansoriya on

    Woah, major throwback! I wasn’t part of any fandom until late, but I definitely remember the hype about them! I think the coolest mv was “Everybody.” Looking back now I can agree to the corny, cheesiness of them haha! I haven’t thought of BSB in a while, looking at it now with the music of today, it;s like, woah, what a difference. I really love the idea of “Timeless Thoughts”!

    • I never got into bandom, but I still enjoyed their music and such :D “Everybody” MV is really cool compared to the others, but the CGi is cracking me up XD

      And I’m glad you like the idea of TT! I do hope you can join us! <3

  7. I still enjoy listening to music from the 90s. I don’t know what it was about that era, maybe growing up in it as well.

    BSB were so awesome. I was more of a Spice Girls fanatic, but I did love them as well. Did you ever get a little hooked to 5ive as well? xD

    • Spice Girls! i remember first listening to “Wannabe” :D And the kids I work with recognise that song, so you know that’s a classic :D

      And yes I’ve heard of 5ive, but I only remember liking just one of their songs, but I can’t remember the title LOL.

  8. I never listened to their music or even heard it but they were all over the place. I guess I just wasn’t into that sort of music. Weren’t they reunited recently by the way?

    • I don’t really follow them now, so I’ve no idea if they reunited or disbanded or whatever XD;;;

  9. Oh I love this! I’ll be doing this in my blog too ;)

    I love 90s music. I grew up with my older siblings listening to those songs and watching music videos on MTV so I still get giddy when I hear them on the radio these days!

    Backstreet Boys were really big and I liked a lot of their songs, but I was more of a Westlife fan. They’re a huge boyband from the UK (think One Direction of the 90s) and they were really hot, though I don’t think they tried to break through the American scene. Anyway, boybands were really big back then and I kinda miss the feeling of crushing on your favorite member and squealing when he sings!


    • I didn’t get into Westlife much because when they came around, I was transitioning from my teenybopper stage to what I called the EMO/Punk/Grunge stage LOL. I do miss crushing hard on my favourite members, though. Oh, man, did I do that hard LOL.

      • I still did it in my punk rock days :D

        I had a thing for Tom from Blink 182 and Mike from MxPx.. maybe I just liked lip piercings :D

        • Oddly enough, I didn’t crush on any of the non-boy bands group. With the exception of Mike Shinoda from Linkin’ Park XD;

  10. Literally, as soon as I saw the title post I screamed (no joke), “BACKSTREET’S BACK, ALRIGHT!” I have no life.

    This is such an awesome linkup. You might see a post from me :>

    I miss 90s music, so much. I have all the classics on my iPod: Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, UK boybands like Boyzone, Westlife, Take That and Spice Girls and Britney Spears pre shaved head. Those were the days.

    I am literally swaying along to As Long as You Love Me. My preteen girl is swooning all over the house.

    • *high fives* YES! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who’d scream that part XD

      I really do hope I’ll see a post from you! I’d totally would love to see what you write about!

      And oh, man, I’ll sway with you together in “As Long as You Love Me”!

  11. I saved a Spotify 90’s Playlist a few weeks ago and it had Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) on it. It brought back so many memories! I wasn’t really into them when I was young, but I can certainly appreciate the nostalgia they provide! I sometimes do get their music mixed up with Westlife, which sometimes got a bit awkward in school =p I might have to rush off and find more 90’s playlists now!

    • Yayyyy for the 90s music revival of some sort, haha! I hope you have a blast listening to all the 90s music you can find ^^

  12. Okay, I admit it, my love for boy bands came from the ’90’s and I never looked back. Thank you BSB and plus I had a crush on Kevin.

    Oh Kevin…<3 Just kidding.

    Now, I'm hooked on listening to this. Darn you, Tara. Just kidding. I love this type of music. It makes me remember my childhood and the good parts of it. I love it.

    • Yeah, Kevin did not appeal to me as a kid, but now I find him very handsome XD Yep, tastes can definitely change!

  13. I was more of a Westlife gal than a Backstreet Boys gal. I was still a young kid when I was introduced to these bands by my dad. He used to blast music by his favorite music artists and bands at home every time he could! Every weekend, it was almost like there was a band or artist having a live concert at home. XD

    • I like what your dad did! That’s a great way to expose someone to new music every week! :D Your dad’s awesome, haha!

  14. The only boy band I was ever really in to was Super Junior. ^^ I can’t name the members of any other group, but I did prefer BSB to NSYNC and I really liked Everybody. It’s the only BSB song I know/remember, but I loved it! I liked some of NSYNC’s songs too, but then I wasn’t that interested in pop music.

    When I was a freshman in HS, the senior girls in my orchestra class fangirled so hard for these groups. Their devotion may have scared my friends and I a bit.

    • Yes, some of the devotion fangirls show can be really scary ~___~ Like the fans that send death threats or something. Just, damn.

      Ah, I remember my KPop days. I’ll have to blog about that one day XD

  15. Oh gosh, I remember when the Backstreet Boys were big! :) I also remember the whole Boyband war: NSYNC vs Backstreet Boys.

    However, I remember being in pre-school/kindergarten during the time they got really popular so I didn’t really listen to their music- I was mostly listening to Disney stuff at that age (late ’92 baby). And most of the kids I knew preferred NSYNC (or Westlife).

    But still, you made me listen to “I Want it That Way”. XD Now I can’t stop singing it in my head. Plus, I just totally remembered Weird Al’s parodies: “Which Backstreet Boy’s Gay?” and “I Bought it On Ebay”. Those were so fun!

    • I love Weird Al’s parodies! They’ve always cracked me up :D

      I remember the war, too, but I didn’t give a fudge about it because I figured why couldn’t you like both? Why did liking one or the other had to be a competition LOL.

  16. I am not sure what else to say but these timeless thoughts series, this one just trumps all. I am sorry. No other post will top this. I went to their concert, and was like dying. I still listen to them at work sometimes, just to reminisce.

    • LOL. You’re lucky you saw them in concert! I think if they ever come to my neck of the woods, I’ll have to go to them to re-live my teenybopper days! XD

  17. Oh, BSB! I especially loved their Black and Blue album, together with A1, Westlife, and N*SYNC before. So much memories and nostalgia whenever I play their songs!

    • I stopped listening to them after the Millennium album, so I am totally not familiar with the Black and Blue album XD;;;

    I am a huge BSB fan starting from 1999. You have good taste my friend! I love all the songs that you mentioned and I still groove to them. I am more familiar with their old songs than the new music. Yay to being 90s babies.

    • Yeah! I’m definitely more familiar with their older songs XD They were my gateway to American “boy band”, haha! High fives to you for being a fellow 90s child!

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