August 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

August 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

Since I was so pleased with my previous Helene Jewelry experience, I decided to extend my subscription service with them for three more months. For three months, I paid $71.25 total, and that included shipping, thus getting a bit of a discount than ordering a one-month box. For this round of subscription, I opted for bracelets that are good for social setting and yet still maintain a conservative style. My August box came a few days ago, and I’m here to share its content with everyone! :D

August 2015 Helene Jewelry Box

This is the packaging — very simple without any extra fuss. The content of the box was well-protected, and under all the items were the pink crinkly papers Helene Jewelry uses for their padding.


Helene gave me quite a bit for this month’s box! She gave me four bracelets, a Jolly Rancher candy, a Sally Girl nail polish, and a nail file :D I really like the extra treats Elena throws in her boxes. It really makes the box feel a bit more personal. However, this time there was no note explaining what kind of bracelets I received, so I had to guess on the bracelet material.


These are the four bracelets and nail file I got. All the bracelets are stretchy, and they are made of either woods or some sort of stones. I really appreciate the fact that Elena remembered my metal allergy and my horrible fine motor skills, hence these bracelets she selected!


This is me wearing the largest bracelet in this box. The “beads” remind me of Brazil nuts, so that’s what I’d been calling this bracelet, haha! I like how it didn’t feel very bulky or heavy. I like the natural look and feel of this bracelet :3


Finally, these are the other three bracelets. The brown ones feels like woods, but the other ones, the two marbled ones, don’t feel like wood at all. They are also heavier than the Brazil nuts bracelet. Regardless, I still like them, and I like they pair well with each other. I can wear one, or I can wear all three. I can also combine it with the Brazil nuts bracelet, so yay for mixing and matching!

If you want to try Helene Jewelry, use SHINE2015 to get 15% off your first box! If you’d rather buy something directly from her shop, then use SPARKLE to get 20% off your entire order. Remember, shipping is free for US addresses, and Helene Jewelry ships internationally for $5.00 more.

All in all, I ended up liking this box from Helene Jewelry, and I can’t wait to see what I will get next month!


  1. I really like those bracelets and I am glad that you did as well. :D Hopefully next month will have some great goodies too. :D

  2. You should take a picture of all of your jewelry collection if you haven’t already ;P. Ok, I am just curious to see because you have lots of cute pieces :D. I like the bracelets you got this month! It reminds me of the traditional Chinese bracelets or something, if we were avoiding jade or something. All of the bracelets look great in this box. Hope you’ll continue on with the awesome jewelry streak ;D

    • I may do that one day! Take a photo of my current jewellery collection. Thanks for the suggestion XD

      And yes! They do look very Asian-ish, and someone even mentioned Buddhist, and I agree :3

  3. I find it so interesting that you get such different pieces from me, and that Elena really considers our needs and preferences when she picks out what we like. Awesome that you got a set of bracelets! I would say that some kind of stone or glass was used for the other bracelets. I bought a similar lot in Hong Kong a couple of years ago and they had a bit of weight to them so I didn’t think they were simply plastic.

    I’m glad you liked what you received! I got a sparkly nail file in my August box :) I didn’t have a name for my bracelet but I think I will give it one like you have. :D

    • I think it’s great that Elena tries to personalise our boxes based on our preferences! That really makes a difference in which subscription boxes to try, and I love Helene Jewelry’s concepts so much! ^^

      And oooh! I can’t wait to see what name you’ll give the one you got in your box. In fact, I can’t wait to see your post!

  4. I like all of the bracelets in this one! My favorites are the two with smaller, circular beads. I used to collect a lot of bracelets in that style in different materials and colors. It’s because they remind me of Buddhist beads, and a few of mine are from Buddhist temples. I like the earthly look of the ones you got!

    • Yes! They do remind me of Buddhist bracelets, too! They aren’t something I’d have got in the past, but I am liking them now :D

  5. The bracelets are super cute, I really like natural looking bracelets too, although I don’t wear bracelets much!

    • I love bracelets and rings! They are what I mostly wear, and I’m thinking of even trying out the necklaces! :D

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying Helene! $71.25 doesn’t sound too bad, that’s about £46 over. here. For 3 months, that’s quite good. The extra gifts are cute, too!

    Oooh, I love all the bracelets. They look so down to earth and look like they’ll go with anything you wear which is good!

    • Yes! You’re right that it will look good in most outfits, and that they look down to earth :D

  7. It’s too bad there’s not a description included in the box this time, but the bracelets are really nice. They should go well with many things and look easy to take on/off. I’m glad you like them. :)

    • Yep! They are certainly easy to put on and off! So glad that’s not a frustrating thing! XD

  8. Those last three bracelets look awesome! Sort of gives out a bohemian vibe too no?

  9. Actually, I’ve never seen bracelets like that before. They are very interesting looking. I’m glad you love the Helene Jewelry Box. May the three months you have keep having treasures such as these ^^

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