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Blogger Dossiers

It’s the last Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for the very first Blogger Dossiers post! I’ve asked Chantelle of to be my first featured blogger, and she agreed! Chantelle is a super sweet, lovely person, and she’s also graduating today as a valedictorian! I am able to attend her ceremony, and it’s an honour to do so. Do check out her blog, as well as her Instagram! She also has a Twitter, but she much prefers Instagram. Enjoy this post and enjoy getting to know Chantelle!


Hi! I’m Chantelle. I live in Korea. I’m intensely curious, so I’m always trying to learn something. I’ve just finished a Master’s program, but it isn’t the end of my formal schooling. Besides history and legal studies, the two subjects I take most seriously, I also adore music, the hard sciences, math, languages, biking, teaching, photography, wandering my city, purchasing stationery, mailing letters, reading, writing, cats, the color green, etc. Thus, I typically have several huge projects running at once and a very full schedule.

Personifying Photographs

Chantelle's Photos Chantelle's Photos Chantelle's Photos

Remarkable Recollection

Snow days. They were magical. As a child, I absolutely loved them. If I had them as an adult, I’m sure I would love them too. I also love my job, but since I haven’t had a single day off in over a month and since the weather has been horribly humid and hot, the idea of a random and cold off-day really excites me. As kids, my friends and I would always wish so hard for snow and do our “snow dances.” Snow was always amazing: it meant no school and it never stayed long enough to get dirty.

Musical Moment

It’s a Kpop song. It’s not a favorite, but I think it’s sweet, cute, and fun. It’s GOT7’s “딱 좋아 (Just right)”.

Coffee Break Conversation

If you could meet Henry David Thoreau what would you discuss with him and why that particular subject?
Honestly, I would be very shy or simply terrified at first, because he’s someone who died before America’s Civil War concluded…I don’t like ghosts! Joking aside, I wouldn’t know what to say to him. I wouldn’t even know how to greet him. I do think that we could probably get along, but I can’t imagine things not being incredibly awkward. As a historian, I might like to get some information on his contemporaries, learn some things about daily life during his time, and clarify some factual issues, but I doubt that I would want to discuss anything with him. I admire him as a historical figure, but generally I think that a meeting between people from different periods would be traumatizing for both parties. Also, I imagine that he’s traveling to the future to talk to me as I would NEVER wish to visit his era, so I might try to help him understand what life is like in the twenty-first century.

On a final note, I would be more willing to have “discussions” with historical figures I’m not that fond of as opposed to those I truly admire so I would really like to have a “discussion” with Thomas Jefferson.

Of all the independent cafes you’ve been to in Korea, which one is your favourite and would recommend others?
This is perhaps bad, but I don’t have a favorite independent cafe. When I go to a cafe alone, I want to be productive, so I want there to be lots of space, light, and excellent wi-fi. In my area, the independent cafes tend to lack space and outlets, so I visit the chains: Angels-in-Us, Coffee Smith, Hollys, Caffe Bene, Starbucks, etc.

Among the chains, I don’t have a favorite because I’m also a fan of change. I like for the cafe to be new. None of the ones that I regularly visit have been in existence for more than a year or two.

Regardless, when I’m with friends, I want to go somewhere comfortable and slightly fancy or weird. That’s when I go to independent ones. However, since there are literally more than 100 cafes within 20 minutes walking distance of where I live, we don’t visit the same one twice. Visiting new ones is too much fun.

If you could hop on a plane right now (or a boat, flying carpet, teleporter . . . ) where would you go and why?
I would go home and see my parents because I haven’t seen them in years.

If you could create a board game, what kind of concept would it be? Explain in details, even down to the kind of player pieces you’d create!
Conceptually, I’d probably go for the classic “defeat all of your opponents, take over the world, and establish a monopoly” type of game, but I don’t play many board games so it’s hard for me to imagine creating one. Still, if I were to design a game that I wanted to truly enjoy, it would be super complicated. It would somehow involve math, some kind of calculations, perhaps like some of the fantasy sports leagues do. It would also involve making alliances with other players, lying, and intrigue like Mafia. Ideally, it wouldn’t be a physical board game but a digital one because games life Mafia are best with a lot of people. It’s hard to fit a bunch of people around a board on a table. Certain groups may also need to have secret conversations with one another that wouldn’t be possible in a room with a regular board game setting. I’d also want the game to last more than a day or two, to give players time to ruminate on their decisions.

Other than the piano, is there any other instruments you’re interested in taking up? If yes, what is it and why that instrument?
Violin! I adore old violins; I used to play the violin. I wouldn’t say that I was obsessed with violins because I don’t have one in my possession right now, but that’s hopefully only a temporary problem; I like them very much. They’re awesome and there’s a lot of music written for them. As an adult, when I was deciding what instrument to study, the piano, the violin, and the gayageum were battling for my attention. My first choice was actually the gayageum. Once I saw an amazing koto performance and my mind was completely blown. I was determined to find and play it, but given that the koto is a Japanese instrument, the most practical solution for me in Korea was the gayageum, which is similar. However, it ended up being a bit of a pain (literally and otherwise) so I quickly gave it up and later switched to the piano, the most practical of the three. Finding time to practice the piano is hard enough, but with the violin it would have been almost impossible… With a digital piano, practicing at 3AM is no problem, but with the violin I’d be disturbing my neighbors because I can’t plug it in and wear headphones.


  1. Yay! Glad to see your new column is up! It’s awesome that Chantelle is the valedictorian! Major congrats to her! Keeping yourself busy is definitely a good thing, you keep on gaining experience ;D. I thought the background of the laptop is pretty cute and simple. Same goes for the journals ;). I can imagine how awesome the snow can be (haven’t seen it in person before)!

    New cafes are awesome because they’re usually on the hip side and you might see something interesting on the menu. I wonder if the board game is similar to “The Resistance”.. That was pretty fun ;D. A digital violin would be awesome; we would be able to practice anytime of the day or night XD

    • Yes, Chantelle is amazing for being a valedictorian and doing so well with her studies despite her busy life! She’s quite inspiring XD

      And ugh, SNOW. I could go for some of that now. So tired of the summer heat!

  2. Michelle on

    That kpop song is rocking and popping as I can say, but I enjoyed this new column from you. This is a great idea to get to know someone a little more intimately. I can’t wait to read more of these blogger dossiers files. Chantelle seems like a cool person :D

    • Chantelle is amazing! :D And yay! I’m glad you like this column! ^^ I can’t wait to feature more bloggers in the upcoming months!

  3. Yaya, a new series! I was really excited when you first announced this – can’t wait to see who else you have coming up.

    Congratulations on graduating valedictorian, Chantelle! I hope the ceremony is awesome. That’s so cool that you get to hang out with a blogger friend IRL, like regularly. Would love to do that. I may be meeting a Twitter friend in September for the first time, so I have that to look forward to.

    I absolutely adore that camera in the third photo, btw.

    Snow days were definitely the best because of no school. Unfortunately, they don’t happen all too often in the UK anymore – despite it getting super cold, we haven’t had proper snow in ages!

    Cute song :) I need to check out more of GOT7’s songs; I quite like them.

    I really, really, really want to visit Korea because the cafes you guys go to look shoooooo awsum~ (I would also like to stalk some kpop stars, but that’s another story)

    Thanks for this, Tara. Awesome post :)

    • Thank you for reading! I’m so pleased that you’re liking this column! ^^ It’s been fun meeting up with blogger friends! I wish I could do that with all my blogger friends, but oceans and landmass makes it difficult to travel XD

      And girl, come to Korea! We’ll show you all the awesome cafes and places here!

  4. Congratulations again, Chantelle! It was awesome getting to know you a little better. I love the pictures you chose! I’d love to hear you play the piano someday. <3

    • I want to hear her play the piano, too! Would love to also show her my limited skills XD

  5. It was really interesting getting to know Chantelle! I’m listening to the song now, it’s very catchy =p I played the violin for a few years, and it really is a rewarding instrument – but my fingertips bend backwards on themselves so it became very difficult. I love the three personifying photos, particularly the beautiful camera!
    Snow days are the best! I wish we got them in the Uk more often!

    • I never played a string instrument, and now I wish I have, but I find myself wanting to learn the cello instead XD Maybe one day . . .

      Snow days. I wish we had more of those here, too! They’re so nice to have!

  6. This is such a cute idea! It was lovely to get to know Chantelle, I’d love to go to Korea one day, it’s on my bucket list! I miss kpop so much – used to be such a big fan. The songs not bad!

    I love the snow and colder weather, I used to be a summer girl but I’m really missing the winter and cant wait for it to be colder again. Snowy pictures are my favourite!

    • I was never a summer person, so I’ve been missing winter since the time it got so hot that I could no longer tolerate it XD

      And I hope you’ll get to visit Korea one day! If I’m still here, we should so meet up! :D

  7. Thanks so much for letting me do this. :D Also thanks a ton for your sweet comments and for coming to the graduation. I look forward to reading about the next blogger featured.

    • Thank you for participating! I am really enjoying this column, so I look forward to posting more of it as time goes by! ^^

  8. This is an absolutely adorable idea and post! I always find it fascinating to get to know other bloggers whether it’s through their own or just featured posts like this one.

    This was a pleasure to read! Even the music is pretty catchy! I’m currently playing it right now as I type this out ;)

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re liking it! I wasn’t sure about doing this column at first, but I’m glad I am doing it now :D

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