Photo Potpourri: Cafes and Stationeries

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Photo Potpourri

Whew! Today’s the last day I’ll be working my summer hours. I’m off the next two days, so when I return to work on Monday, I’ll be back to my regular hours. I’m looking forward to hanging out and meeting friends the next three days :3

As for this round of Photo Potpourri, do enjoy the two cafes I visited recently and the stationery stash I sent to Amanda for winning the giveaway! I do apologise for the lack of photos in this post, but hopefully the next one will have more! Enjoy these, though!

Chloris Tea & Coffee

Pedal Organ at Chloris Tea Garden in Sinnonhyeon Iced Milk Tea from Chloris Tea Garden in Sinnonhyeon

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Chantelle to go on a mission (scroll down for my mission) in Gangnam. After we completed my mission, we went to Chloris Tea & Coffee in Sinnonheyon, and it was nice! I still prefer the Sinchon branch, but this branch amazed me because they had a pedal organ. In fact, we even sat next to it while I photographed my mission and drank some iced milk tea :D

House on the Hill

House on the Hill House on the Hill House on the Hill

A few days ago, I decided to check out this cafe in my area called House on the Hill. It was a gorgeous place. So airy with so many natural light! I also fell in love with their lemon and ginger sparkling tea, which is cold-brewed tea with sparkling water. That drink was such a new concept for me that I love it! In fact, this cafe will be a place I’ll return to on occasion because I really love its ambience :D

Mission Accomplished: Stationery Stash Shopping

Amanda's Stationery Stash Amanda's Stationery Stash Amanda's Stationery Stash Amanda's Stationery Stash

And this was my secret mission! Chantelle and I shopped together to buy Amanda’s stationery stash :D She won my Korean giveaway, and the package finally reached her, so I can share with everyone what I put in her stash! ^^ I bought her a good selection of notebooks, stationeries, pens, stickers, nail stickers, and a notepad :D Chantelle and I had a blast selecting things that we hoped Amanda would like. I hope to host another giveaway again in the future, so I hope this sample stash will give you all a better idea on what’s part of my giveaway :D


  1. The cafe is super cute! Looks like my dream cafe haha, most of the cafes here in England aren’t nearly as cute as the one you went to! Ugh, I love lemon and ginger together <3 I've recently been having lemon and ginger green tea and it's so lovely!

    I'm looking forward to your future giveaways, these are so cute and thoughtful!

    • Yes, Korea has so many awesome cafes, and the amount is ridiculous, yet I love the variety! ^^

  2. House on the Hill looks so open and bright. The view looks so pretty from the windows too.

    • The view is nice . . . sort of. It overlooks a five-way intersection, but the trees are all part of the US base XD;;

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