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Timeless Thoughts

I had a real hard time picking a topic for this round of Timeless Thoughts. I floundered around various topics like sleepovers and 90s cartoons, but none of them inspired me to actually write about them. But then along comes Chantelle :D She and I started chatting on KakaoTalk about books she’s using at work, and that got us talking about what books we read as kids. I typed that I read books from the Scholastic book orders, and right after I sent that message to her, my brain went ZING! And thus, I’d found my topic for this month’s Timeless Thoughts!

Scholastic Book Order

As a child, I was a voracious reader, and I still am! I credit my love for reading to my third grade teacher who influenced me to love reading, to my parents for always encouraging me to read, and to the amazing Scholastic book orders that introduced me to so many books. I remember always being so excited when I had one of these book orders in my hands. I would happily browse through them and pick out the books that interested me. Then I’d tell my dad what I wanted, and he’d buy my selections. Now that I think of it, I don’t think my dad particularly liked them because he had to pay for them, haha!

Now that I am older, I find myself missing those book orders. Somehow, browsing for books on Amazon just doesn’t feel the same for me compared to these book orders. Something about those book orders just enticed the kid in me, and I find myself missing them. I cannot remember how often these book orders came out, nor can I remember when I stopped seeing them, but I do remember the excitement they always gave me. Back then this was just a way for me to geek out and buy more books, and I really do miss that feeling. I hadn’t thought of these in years, but now that I have, I find myself really missing them.

Have you encountered these when you were younger? Did you like them? Did you order from them? If yes, what were some of the books you remember ordering?


  1. Oh my gosh, I remembered those orders! I always wanted something, but my mom would say no. Somehow, I don’t regret it ;o. The way they arranged their ads always caught my attention. Though, I wonder if it’s still going on these days. Last I remember, Scholastic comes with a bunch of cases to school and sells to students in person rather than ordering through mail. I usually get the book from the library because books were too expensive @___@

    • In a way it’s good you don’t regret it LOL. I’ve bought so many books over the years that now I’m slowly converting my physical book collections to ebook version XD;; I will always love books, but I’m finding the ebook version to be way more convenient.

  2. I definitely remember Scholastic book orders! I would always come home and ask my mom if I could order a book to read. I loved ordering the books too! I remember getting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone through Scholastic book orders. -sigh- I miss those good ole days.

    • I didn’t get Harry Potter through book orders! By then book orders were bygone days of yore LOL. Still, though, I’m glad you got to experience it, too! :3

  3. Wow, I forgot about those book orders until you mentioned it XD I loved looking through those back then, but I don’t think I bought many books off of it. I preferred to borrow a bunch at the library!

    • Yeah, I hadn’t thought of them in years! It was only through conversation that I remembered them. I also borrowed from the library, too, but I also bought many XD

  4. I used to love them too but I can’t recall my parents ever actually letting me buy anything out of them. I think, for me, they ended when we finished primary school.

    These days I usually use Goodreads recommendations when I’m looking for new books to read and I also like going through book store catalogues (if you even receive them anymore) and see what looked good.

    Also there is Bookbub which sends a daily email on book recommendations, some of which are free.

    I really like your Nostalgia Notes, have you considered making it a link up at all?

    • Thanks for suggesting this column to be a linkup! You’re brilliant! This will began next month! ^^

  5. Whenever I hear Scholastic, all I remember was Harry Potter :( hahaha I don’t usually order books online like I do with clothes but I am with you on the part about loving books ’cause I consider myself a certified bookworm. Great post, have a nice day

    • Yay for meeting fellow bookworms! :) Reading has always been my number one hobby, and that will never change!

  6. Reading is life. I remember my teacher telling me I could only read three pages a night, and my mum came into school and told her off and told her she was an enemy of progress. Why would you hinder a child’s progress in reading?!

    I actually encountered anything like this when I was younger, but we did have Scholastic book fairs where the books were discounted and omg, I WAS IN HEAVEN. Honestly, being a place where there are so many books make me way happy. If I could live in a bookstore or library I would.

    • Three pages a night? Dayum. If I wanted to, I could read three books a night! That teacher of yours was nuts!

      And oooh! Book fairs! We had a couple of those, too, but I’ve got a bigger sentimental connection with the book orders XD

  7. Michelle on

    I remember those Scholastic book orders. I grew up wishing I had extra money to buy some of those books, because I was and still am such a big bibliophile. This brings back so many memories. Too bad they don’t do this anymore. It makes me sad. School used to be so fun and now, it’s not really. It’s all about learning how to take tests and there’s not much learning. Oh well.

    Still, I always looked forward to the Scholastic book fairs every year, every time. At least this brings back good memories for me.

    • I’m glad the book fairs bring back good memories for you :3 I’ve no idea if they ended them or not, but if they did, that’s a crying shame!

  8. HOLY SHIT. These things were my LIFE in elementary school! I probably ordered more books than anyone in any of my classes. My mom had to limit me because if she didn’t I’d buy all the books. I always read them all really quick too; I was such a fast reader that I actually got in trouble for it in class. (Weird thing to be in trouble for, really.)


    • MUHAHAHAHAHA! I’ve succeeded in making you go down memory lane with me! :D Good to know that there are others who feel the same way about these book orders! I’m pretty sure my dad had to limit what I could get, too XD Oh, man, Holland! Let’s go back to our childhood selves and re-live through these book orders!

  9. I don’t think we had book orders! I acquired books from the library and the bookstore. This sounds really interesting though! Reminds me of Avon catalogs. XD

    • I think these book orders were for US schools? Because I’ve yet to hear about anybody outside of the US experiencing these! And yeah, they were like Avon catalogues, haha! But they made them so enticing for us kids! XD

  10. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I LOVED THESE!!!! They’re still around, too! Whenever I see them I feel super nostalgic. Apart from the books, I loved some of the accessories and little trinkets you could buy. I remember getting the best friend necklaces and diaries.

    • Oh, I’m so glad to read that they are still around! Yay for that! ^^ I don’t recall the accessories, so my memories a bit fuzzy on that XD

  11. I remember this SOOOOOOO much, I was so in love with the Scholastic book club but my mum made me think long and hard about the things I wanted to buy. You are right, nothing can instil the kid in me like looking through those catalogues and gazing in awe at all the books, book packs, and free goodies that came with half the books.

    I miss them dearly and I remember once I hit high school, it wasn’t handed out anymore and that made me sad. I’ve no idea where to obtain a book club order anymore, LOL.

    • Yay! Glad to see someone else who encountered this as a kid! They were exciting, and they always made me want to buy everything in the order, haha! Good thing my dad limited me XD

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