The Bag Story Part II

The Bag Story Part II

Last fall, I did a “What’s in My Bag” post, and I figure it’s now time to do a new one since I’m using a different bag now! Three different bags, that is!

What's in My Bag

These are the three bags I alternate between, depending on my needs for the day. The one on the top right is my smallest cross-body bag, one of the bags I had custom made. The top left one is my Mini Diamond District bag from Thirty-One Gifts, and it’s my medium cross-body bag. The bottom one is the other custom made bag, and it’s my largest cross-body bag. I pretty much carry the same things in the bag, with a couple differences here and there.

What's in My Bag

I usually use this bag when I want to carry my essentials and nothing else. If I do need to carry larger things, I use my canvas shoulder bags and wear this cross-body. In this bag, I carry:

1. Wallet, which is the Perfect Cents wallet from Thirty-One Gifts, and gum
2. Ardium coin pouch
3. Hand sanitiser
4. Extra hair tie
5. Pill box
6. Ardium pencil case that acts like a nail and writing kit

What's in My Bag

In my Mini Diamond District bag, I carry a little bit more than my essential. In there, I have:

1. Ardium pouch with pads
2. Wallet and gum
3. Coin pouch
4. Umbrella
5. Hand sanitiser
6. Nail and writing kit
7. Kindle Paperwhite
8. Pill box
9. Extra hair tie

What's in My Bag

Lastly, in my biggest bag, I use it mainly to tote my Chromebook around when it’s not raining. On rainy days, when I need my Chromebook, I use my backpack, but on non-rainy days, I use this and carry:

1. Presto the Chromebook
2. Wallet and gum
3. Hand sanitiser
4. Kindle Paperwhite
5. Pill box
6. Extra hair tie
7. Coin pouch
8. USB mouse

Those are my three main bags! I didn’t include my backpack or my “field trip” bag, so perhaps they will be featured next time. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoyed seeing what I carry in my bags!


  1. I love the look of your chromebook cover!

    I’m too lazy for multiple bags, I usually end up just sticking to one.

    I also really like the pattern on your wallet. I wish I could get something like that but in a ‘mens style’ of wallet.

    • You’re not the only one who likes that Chromebook cover XD The lady who works at my favourite coffee shop is absolutely fascinated by it LOL.

      And I’m with you on wanting a men’s wallet. They are more pocket-friendly for sure!

  2. Wow, three bags! I can barely handle one, haha. I have the exact same hand sani!

    I love all your bags, they look so durable and I love the colours too. Love the pattern of your nail and writing kit!

    • Thanks! I’m a bag aficionado, so I can’t help but have more than one bags, hahaha! But I’ve tried to tone it down to only having about like 6 different ones, but even then it’s so hard because I want more!

  3. Michelle on

    I have two bags now: for school and home. I feel like I don’t need the extra weight of a big bag, so I use a cross bag one, but it’s Hello Kitty. Couldn’t resist.

    So, basically I do the same as you. Lol

    Nice bags you have there.

    • Thanks :) I love cross-body bags. They allow me to be hand-free, and I like that because it opens my arm and hands up for other things XD

  4. I love how organised you have everything!! It would make finding everything a lot easier. :D Plus they are also pretty and practical! :D

    • LOL. I may appear to be organised just by my bags alone, but my desk tends to be a paper bomb, as well as my room. So I am not 100% organised with everything, hahaha XD

  5. Gosh, it’s clear how organised you are based on this post – I have one bag that’s stuffed full of all kinds of rubbish! I’m forever forgetting to bring a spare hair tie, or an umbrella! The pattern on your bags and pouches are lovely too, I especially like your coin pouch.

    • ^^;;; Like I said to Kya, I am not always organised, but I try to keep some part of my life organised XD;;; But yeah, I need to bring certain things with me because otherwise I’d go nuts if it rains or if I can’t tie my hair, and et cetera.

  6. Ahh, how I wish I could be as organized as you are! :) Cute bags too!

    • Haha! Thanks XD It’s not too hard trying to be organised as long as you have the right bags, I think XD;

  7. You have some nice taste in bags!

    Its always interesting to see what people carry with them. Actually the pouches and what not are cute too.

    • Thanks! I like my bags to look nice and functional, so they are important to me XD;;

  8. I like how you have your bags custom made! It makes the bags more unique ;). It’s great to keep things simple, something I need to learn XD. Your Ardium pencil case is cute! It’s cool how each bag serves a purpose and for the type of outing you’re going. Market, take the smallest bag and going to a cafe, take the biggest one XD.

    • Yep! I like how I have bags that are perfect for my current needs :3 It takes a bit of practise to switch between bags, but since I don’t carry too much with me, it makes switching bags easier for me XD However, even though I still carry my smallest bag with me everywhere lately, I also carry a separate canvas bag to carry larger, non-essential items with me.

  9. Love all your bags!! I usually use one bag because I’m too lazy to rearrange my stuff. maybe i should try doing these :)) hihi

    • I used to just use one bags, but now I find that having multiple bags suit my needs better :D

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